Lolita Blog Carnival: Music Inspired Coordinates

Hello, my lords and ladies!

Today's Lolita Blog Carnival topic is music inspired coordinates. I love music theme in lolita and own a couple of music print dresses, but as I don't have any music themed accessories to complete the looks, I chose a different way of approach. So, instead of just getting inspired by music in general, I chose some songs to draw inspiration from! (From this post you can also see, how many different types of music I listen to...)

Okay, I admit; for this look, I obviously also took inspiration from Disney's Tangled. But I can't help it, I really liked the movie. x)

{Dress - Innocent World, shoes - Minna Parikka, socks - Angelic Pretty, blouse - vintage, roses - H&M}

I always imagine Perhosten yö ("The Night of The Butterflies") to take place during a warm, still Summer night, so I made this look very summer-y and of course included some butterflies into it.

{Dress - Innocent World, bolero - Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, roses - H&M, shoes - Ebay, butterflies - can't remember}

A simply love The Last Unicorn book to pieces, and the animation movie wasn't bad either. Especially the opening theme to the movie has one of the most beautiful song lyrics ever written, at least in my opinion.

{Dress - handmade by Mimi, blouse and roses - H&M, unicorn horn - handmade by Hanna, shoes - Friis & Company, belt - second hand}

For this look, I tried to achieve the feeling of a sunny and breathtakingly beautiful, but freezingly cold day in February, that kind of day when the snow glitters like millions of tiny diamonds. If you have been to Finland in February, you know what I'm talking about. (Although if you have been to Finland during this year's February only, then you still don't know.)

{Dress - Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, blouse - Dear Celine, shoes - Friis & Company, earrings - Essin maailma, headdress - self made}

A bonus pic - I also tried to do a coordination based on the song Swanheart - Nightwish with my Rose Melody JSK, but it didn't work that well... I wish I had a blue blouse in a softer shade. :P

That was all this time. Does music inspire you, my dear lords and ladies? Have you ever done or considered doing a coordination based on your favorite song? Do share your thoughts in the comments!

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8 kommenttia:

  1. Mulla o nyt koko aamu soiu perhoste yö päässä :D

    Ihania asuja, voi vitsi olisin halunut nähdä kokonaan tuon Nightwish-koordi, mut ehkä joskus myöhemmin ;) Musiikki inspiroi minuakin, varsinkin dramaattinen ja synkkä musiikki.

    1. Minullakin on viime aikoina soinut Perhosten yö aika paljon päässä, varmaan kun oon miettinyt sitä tän postauksen vuoksi... :D

      Ei se Nightwish-koordi vaan oikein onnistunut, siitä ei tullut sellaista, kuin olisin halunnut. :/

      Minua inspiroi hyvin monenlainen musiikki, ja kuuntelemani musiikki riippuu mielialasta. Väsyneenä kuuntelen kaikkea ylipirtsakkaa, virkeänä ja hyväntuulisena taas synkempää. Eli menee juuri päinvastoin, kuin ehkä olettaisi, mutta ainakin se toimii! :D Jos surullisena/väsyneenä kuuntelee synkeää musiikkia, tulee vaan entistä surullisemmaksi.

  2. These coords are all so dreamy and lovely!

  3. Oh my, all of the outfits are so beautiful! I especially love the first and second, I'd wear them as such right away myself! X3

    1. Thank you! It's nice to hear that you like them so much that you would wear them yourself! :3

  4. The Unicorn one with the horn is very cute ! :-o

    Your coords are all so delicate !

    For "Ice Girl", I would have imagine something less "innocent", because this song is quite... freezing eheh ;)

    1. Thank you!

      I wanted to make the inspirations... well, not so obvious, just to be seen through the colour choises etc. I can understand what you mean, but I didn't want to make ero lolita or something like that, but I wanted every outfit to be wearable. :P