The Bunny Party

Hello, everyone!

Lauren wanted to meet my bunnygirl Odessa, so I invited her, Tiia and Sari over for some tea and bunny petting. It was a great excuse to wear my new Jane Marple dress. I love it, it's so easy and comfy to wear! *-*

Kalevala Jewelry's Heart of the House necklace  matches this dress perfectly.

We got this table cloth from my fiancé's grandmother. She has embroidered it herself and it's so beautiful I could almos cry. (By the way, I did iron the table cloth but not enough, it seems, because soon after it got its old wrinkles back!)

Here's Lauren and Tiia with my Odessa! Needless to say that Her Royal Bunnyness was most pleased to have two ladies in waiting who petted her and bribed her with treats. ♥

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