Hellocon 2015: The Carnival of Decadence Fashion Show & My Outfits

Good evening, everyone!

We came home from Rome yesterday, and it was a wonderful trip indeed. I'll post pictures from Rome later - there's so much of them it will take some time to sort them out.

In the meanwhile, we shall return to Hellocon 2015 for a moment! I'd like to show you my outfits and the fashion show me and Mimi organized. Let's start with my con outfit. I decided to wear my Magical Etoile JSK by Angelic Pretty, as it suits both the circus theme and the guests of honour. I also got to meet Maki and Asuka briefly. They were very cute and kind and had prepared a special message for the lolitas of Helsinki - adorable!

Here's a better picture of my outfit.

{Dress - Angelic Pretty / purse - Baby, the Stars Shine Bright / shoes - Minna Parikka / star hairclip - Essin Maailma / the rest - offbrand}

And then on to our fashion show, The Carnival of Decadence! I really love how balanced it turned out - all the outfits were equally amazing  on their own, but they also really worked together nicely. I'm so proud of all the models, too - they did great! ♥ (Do watch the video in HD, please!)

Here's all of our lovely models in the order of appearance.

 Lauren, our fabulous pirate. She is wearing Alice and The Pirates.

Alice, playing the role of the Carnival guest, also in Alice and The Pirates, if I remember correctly.

Nita, she was a magician. Her outfit was self made - amazing job there!

Inka, the chocolate seller. She threw chocolate into the audience and wore Innocent World and Angelic Pretty.

Cheetahbird, the Carnival guest disguised as a cat! She wore Juliette et Justine.

Elfie the snakewoman, wearing a lovely dress by Victorian Maiden.

Lydia Toivo, the flower girl. She gave pink roses to the audience and looked absolutely adorable in Angelic Pretty.

Veera the swan princess and her epic prop, Teppo the Swan! Veera wore Moi-même-moitié while Teppo rocked a pretty crown.

Me as Ursula the mermaid. My dress is from Cloudberry Lady, and the octopus in my hair is called Inky the Pinky.

Mimi as the dramatic gothic vampire queen. Her dress and parasol are also self made - the parasol especially was astonishing!

Hanna and Karakuri as the circus pony and its trainer. Their outfits are selfmade. The print on Hanna's dress was designed by me.

In the end, all of us together. Thank you so much, all of you lovely ladies and lords, for making this fashion show not only possible, but very special, too! ♥

Well, my dear readers, I guess that's it for now. Did you find a favourite amongst the fashion show outfits? If you did, please do share that in the comments! I might do one more post of Hellocon 2015, so stay tuned for that, too! ;)

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  1. I love the blouse with your co-ord, turns a usually sweet dress into classic. All of the outfit photos are great!

    { sparklesideup.com }

  2. Your coordinate with Magical Etoile is so beautiful ♥

    I've enjoyed reading your reports about Hellocon, I am particularly enjoying the swan outfit, and dear Teppo!

    1. Thank you very much! I'm glad to hear you liked my Hellocon posts - I'll be sure to them in the future as well. ^^ Veera's outfit was fabulous indeed, and Teppo was epic! :D