Yep, it seems I'm not able to give this blog a rest, busy though I may be.
So have a casual outfit from Friday when me and bf visited The Helsinki Zoo. Gundis had little pups and oh my gosh they were so cute, like little hamsters! ♥

I have been wearing this Kalevala necklace a lot, almost daily. 

Right now I'm reading The Secret Garden by F. H. Burnett. It's one of my childhood favourites and I love to read it during the Spring, it's even more lovely that way. This book used to belong to my Mother when she was a child, and the countless reading times have made it a little untidy, but that only makes it more special to me.

And lastly - my daffodils have gone crazy. During Easter they were just little buds and then, in just one day it seemed - bouff!


7th of June 2014: Creme de la Garderobe returns!

Creme de la Garderobe palaa kuvioihin. Kutsumme viettämään hetken Petit Triaonin hengessä Lahden kauniissa Jugend-salissa.

Tänä vuonna ohjelmassamme on muotinäytös, esitelmä, arvontoja ja kilpailuja ja tietenkin shoppailua ja sosialisointia! Pidä silmällä facebook-tapahtumaamme uusimpien tietojen varalta.

Pääsymaksu tapahtumaan on 5 euroa.

Creme de la Garderobe makes a return! We invite you to have a moment with us in the spirit of Petit Trianon at the beautiful Jugend Hall of Lahti.

This year our programme includes a fashion show, presentations, raffles and a competion, not to mention shopping and socializing! Keep an eye on our facebook event for newest information.

Admission to the event is 5 euros.

Creme de la garderobe julistaa ensimmäisen arvontansa! Saadaksesi mahdollisuuden voittaa suloisen yllätyspalkintomme, tee vain mainospostaus tapahtumasta blogiisi, Tumblriisi tai Facebookisi ja linkkaa se Päivänvarjon alla -blogin kommentteihin sähköpostiosoitteesi ja nimimerkkisi kanssa. Arvonta suoritetaan Creme de la Garderbessa 7.6.2014.


Creme de la Garderobe announces its first raffle! To get a chance to win our cute surprise prize simply make a post about the event in your blog, Tumblr or Facebook and link it to the comments of Päivänvarjon alla -blog with your email address and your nickname. The winner will be chosen at the Crème de la Garderobe 7th of June 2014.


Easter Holidays


Happy Easter, Ostara or whatever it is you are celebrating! I'm mainly celebrating the fact that I don't have school on Monday. :}



I painted this stool's legs white some time ago, but only now got around to taking some pictures. I'm not that handy when it comes to painting furniture (or My Little Ponies), but I like it anyway.

Also - I would like to let you know, that this blog might be going through a minor hiatus during this Spring. I'm going to both study and work in a demanding job, and I rather fear I'll be awfully busy as a result. But I'll try to update here if I have time to do anything worth updating for, and it will be easier in the Summer when I'm only working. So, see you (hopefully very) soon, my lords and ladies! :}


Heart of the House

A gift, nay, the gift from my boyfriend. And it's even one of my all time favourites from Kalevala Jewelry, so I'm very happy. He said he thought this was the most beautiful piece of Kalevala Jewelry and he also thought it would suit me very well - and I totally agree. ♥


1 & 2

# 1 For Ballet

Went to see The Beauty and The Beast ballet. It was wonderful. Magical. Fantastic. To put it short, I loved it. *-*

{Earrings - Accessorize, dress - H&M, shoes - can't remember}

# 2 For Tea 

I'm stuck with these brown shoes, it seems. You may call me paranoid if you wish to, but I don't think it's safe to wear light colored shoes just yet. One does not simply wear designer shoes in Finland.

{Dress - Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, blouse - Seppälä, headbow - Innocent World, shoes - same old}