Some Recent Shoppings

Here are my recent shoppings, it seems like a lot of stuff but I bought most of it from second hand market. :D

A lace blouse/bolero. I like how the sleeves puff when worn, but I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it. Maybe it could be worn with Innocent World...

A pink Baby, the Stars Shine Bright headbow. 

A lace dress for everyday wear.

A full length mirror with white, ornate frames! I love white in home decor. I also found white curtains with a delicate, pale pink and blue flower pattern but didn't bother to take picture of those with this bad camera of mine. :P

A scarf with lace and rose pattern, pearls, over 100 years old photos, new fragrance (Japanese cherry blossoms) and couple of Schleich feline figurines (I collect actually Schleich horses, but got these really cheap and thought, why not. I already have bunnies, dogs and birds besides horses too).

Another lace dress, I think this one's more for summer wear.

A close up of the laces, they are really beautiful.

And the best find ever! Minna Parikka shoes, worn once by the previous owner, from second hand market also. I have these same ones in red, but I've always wanted them in powder pink colorway too! May I just say: YAY! ♥


Sugar, Spice, Everything Nice - And Ice...

Today I met with Sanni and Kata for some... candy and macaron shopping, it wasn't planned but that's what happened. XD

I wore pink after a long pause! Instead of basics (screw those) I go back to pink. I counted all the pom poms in this outfit: there are nine of them. That's whole lotta poms. (Dress & purse Angelic Pretty, shoes Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, blouse vintage.)

I even had pink glittering eye shadow.

Here's a picture with Kata. Besides all the sugar shopping we also did a little photoshoot. Sanni was the photographer, or course, and she requested we wear something that makes us match together. So older AP dresses with similar prints it was.

Comparing the prints.

And here's our frighteningly massive sugar haul! A dentist's nigtmare! My best find was a tar flavoured lollipop (and I'm definitely going back to Sweetheart candy shop for more of those!). Tar flavour, like salmiac and liqorice, are Finnish things - many Finns love tar, but usually foreigners can't even understand how you can eat something tar flavoured. But I'm telling you, it's yummy! So if you ever visit Finland from abroad, I really recommend you try tar or salmiac - just for the experience, if nothing else. ;)

In the end, have a teaser. More coming soon...

P.S. Helsinki got its first snow today. I don't know how I exactly feel about it. I love white Christmas, but I hate cold... never too easy, this life.


Layers and Layers of Lace

Today I met with Kata, Sanni and Ninni to have some tea and too much cake.

This time I wanted to try a littlebit different look, taking inspiration from otome and layering more than usually. I really like how it worked out!

Here's the outfit with my coat and scarf on, even more layers! Lately I have been working my "regular" coats into lolita for more casual look, and I can tell I really felt comfy in this outfit. I think people were staring me a lot less than usually. (The dress is from Innocent World, shoes are vintage and jewellery gifts from my friends.)

In the end, have an obligatory food picture. Cakes and black citron tea. Now I won't be going for Kakkugalleria's cake buffet for another year... it's an annual thing, once in a year is enough and after that I don't even want to see cakes for two weeks. :D

All in all I think we had really great time, it was so nice to get to know Ninni a little better! She doesn't live in Helsinki so we don't see that much in real life. :3


Lavender, Pink and White

Just an outfit from today. It was raining cats, dogs and old ladies so I didn't do much to my hair. My hair got so fluffy that I look - once again - like a cocker spaniel. And this is the time we hadn't even left our home! Imagine how it looked once I actually had walked outside for a bit. =_=

Dress, headbow: Innocent World
Purse, shoes: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Blouse: vintage
Bracelet: made by my friend Hanna (it has Swarowski crystals in it!)


Wall Flower

Today I visited the Ateneum art museum with Kata and Ninni to see the paintings and drawings of Helene Schjerfbeck (a Finnish artist).

This first picture is here just so you can see how beautiful Ateneum is inside; I had forgotten that myself. It's been years since I last time went to Ateneum! As you can see, my white outfit was a bad choise for Ateneum. I am a wall flower, disappearing in the photos, blending into the background of Ateneum.

Anyway here's my outfit: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright dress and purse, Dear Celine blouse, vintage shoes - and finally I wore my feather hairpin, I think it goes very well with berets.

I love my new earrings, they are an early birthday gift from my darling Hanna! The earrings have text saying "J'aime le chocolat" ("I love chocolat") and believe me, that's very fitting for me. Lately I've been graving for (and eating)  chocolat way too much. :D

Also, I bought a tea called "IHQ" (I suppose you could translate that as "fab" or "lovely" but it doesn't quite sound as stupid as IHQ does). It's black tea flavoured with marshmallow! And it matched my outfit. x)


Let Them Eat Donuts

Hello everyone! Just a quick outfit shot and some recent shoppings (bad me, there goes my "I'll try not to shop" -promise).

Let's start with the outfit shot. Dress and hairbow are from Innocent World (this dress has donuts in its print!), the painful shoes are my souvenir from London and the bracelet is handmade by my friend Hanna.

So, the shopping part. First, this beautiful doll print dress by Juliette & Justine. It is so long it reaches my ankles! I don't have any petticoats that are long enough for this one, but I'll figure something out. This is my first dress ever from Juliette & Justine.

And a new teapot and a reflector by Aarikka (Finnish design brand). I really love my new teapot, and the reflector I really needed - it's getting very dark here. Also, it's shaped like a bunny, how cute is that.


Another Rainy Day

Yesterday me, Sanni and Kata met for another informal teaparty at my place. This time we tried to eat even a little bit more healthy. Find all the vegetables & spot my new teapot! x)

It was seriously raining so we decided to stay strictly indoors. What is it with the constant rain this Autumn...?

Anyway, my outfit: dress by Victorian Maiden, blouse from Dear Celine and hat is vintage.

For once my hair looked actually rather nice. A rare occasion, that is.

Picture with Sanni, our colours matched so nicely! She is wearing Juliette & Justine. Also messing around with bunnybears from Baby.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to introduce you to our new family member. Everyone say hello to Dominick, the 3 months old baby budgie! I can tell that we are absolutely charmed by him. He's such an adorable little birdie! ♥