Lolita Blog Carnival: Music Inspired Coordinates

Hello, my lords and ladies!

Today's Lolita Blog Carnival topic is music inspired coordinates. I love music theme in lolita and own a couple of music print dresses, but as I don't have any music themed accessories to complete the looks, I chose a different way of approach. So, instead of just getting inspired by music in general, I chose some songs to draw inspiration from! (From this post you can also see, how many different types of music I listen to...)

Okay, I admit; for this look, I obviously also took inspiration from Disney's Tangled. But I can't help it, I really liked the movie. x)

{Dress - Innocent World, shoes - Minna Parikka, socks - Angelic Pretty, blouse - vintage, roses - H&M}

I always imagine Perhosten yö ("The Night of The Butterflies") to take place during a warm, still Summer night, so I made this look very summer-y and of course included some butterflies into it.

{Dress - Innocent World, bolero - Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, roses - H&M, shoes - Ebay, butterflies - can't remember}

A simply love The Last Unicorn book to pieces, and the animation movie wasn't bad either. Especially the opening theme to the movie has one of the most beautiful song lyrics ever written, at least in my opinion.

{Dress - handmade by Mimi, blouse and roses - H&M, unicorn horn - handmade by Hanna, shoes - Friis & Company, belt - second hand}

For this look, I tried to achieve the feeling of a sunny and breathtakingly beautiful, but freezingly cold day in February, that kind of day when the snow glitters like millions of tiny diamonds. If you have been to Finland in February, you know what I'm talking about. (Although if you have been to Finland during this year's February only, then you still don't know.)

{Dress - Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, blouse - Dear Celine, shoes - Friis & Company, earrings - Essin maailma, headdress - self made}

A bonus pic - I also tried to do a coordination based on the song Swanheart - Nightwish with my Rose Melody JSK, but it didn't work that well... I wish I had a blue blouse in a softer shade. :P

That was all this time. Does music inspire you, my dear lords and ladies? Have you ever done or considered doing a coordination based on your favorite song? Do share your thoughts in the comments!

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I ♥ Unicorns

Hello, everybunny!

Yesterday I met Tiia for - you guessed it! - some tea at The Ounce. :D Lately I've been really stuck with these same accessories; the sequined headbow, the tassel shoes and the diary purse. I wear them with every outfit... and I'm not even bored. :O

Lumene's Natural Code nail polish, shade 59 Blue Galaxy, didn't quite work out as I would have hoped for... but at least the result's very winter-y. (I have one thin layer of white polish underneath the blue one, so that might be why the blue doesn't look intense enough.)

{Dress - handmade by Mimi, blouse - Bodyline, the rest - second hand}


Lolita Blog Carnival: Something In Your Life That You've Lolita-fied

Good evening, lords and ladies!

Today's Lolita Blog Carnival theme is "Something in your life that you've lolita-fied" and for me, that would be our bedroom. I've shown you our bedroom before, but just a couple of days ago I got a mirrored table that I've dreamed of having for so long, and our bedroom looks much prettier now than it did before! There are still some minor things I'd like to change, but as a whole I'm quite satisfied with this room already.

View from the door.

I have this habbit of keeping one of my lolita dresses at a time on display. On the wardrobe door I've been collecting cards that inspire me, mainly lolita or travelling themed.

The pictures above the drawer. "The Super Bunny" painted by me and the real bunny is my darling Odessa.

Here's one of the things that I want to change: my friend who owned this table and the matching stool before me painted the stool's legs black, so I'll have to paint them back to white. Isn't that table adorable?  It looks like it's from some old granny's home and yes, I love that. XD 

The blushies and the pile of boxes.

The carousel shaped music box, and the heart shaped jewelry box that's a gift from Mimi.

The Essin maailma box, the box painted by me and another gift from Mimi. I keep my favourite jewelry in these boxes so it's easy to find them for everyday wear.

The table's mirros have these pretty decorations on them.

The bed. That green pear pillow is made by me and even though it doesn't match the rest of the decor I still keep it here. I'm quite attached to it, you see.

And finally, the painting above the bed, painted by me. 

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A Doll?

Hello, everybunny!

Today me and bf went to The Ounce for tea, and then to see the Frozen movie, and gosh it was beautiful! Simply wonderful! *-*

rant// But on our way there, a random passer by asked my bf, did he "steal a doll or something". I know it's supposed to be funny (hah, hah), and these people think they are oh so clever for coming up with jokes like these - but sadly it never occurs to them, that maybe someone, nay, like 25 others have come up with the same joke before... it does get tiring, and I really don't like my bf being bothered because of the clothes I happen to be wearing. I do wish people would stop to think a little bit before opening their mouths. //end of rant

Other than that, we had a really lovely time, once again. :3

{Dress - Juliette & Justine, shoes & headbow - second hand, blouse - Dear Celine}

I would also like to introduce you to a new hobby of mine. Or rather, a new approach on a very old hobby. This is my "tea book". It's just an old notebook, but now I'm writing in it details (the name of the tea, the brand/tea shop, ingredients, country of origin, colour, smell, taste, my opinion...) of every tea I taste. I got bored of not remembering if I had tasted some particular sort of tea before, and only after buying it realizing that yes, I had tried it before and nope, I still don't like it.

P.S. If you haven't yet seen Frozen, I really recommend that you do! On advance I thought that I'd dislike the snowman character Olaf, but I liked even him, he really was funny. :D My favourite scene was definitely Elsa's Let It Go song and her creating the ice castle... actually I liked all the scenes that took place in that castle. *-*

P.P.S. I have a new laptop with super sensitive touch pad, and the cursor keeps jumping this way and that. I'm trying to be very careful and triple check my spelling while trying to het used to this, but if there are some really weird typos, it's propably because of this darn thing.


Valentine's Day

Hello, lords and ladies!

I hope you all had a fun Valentine's Day! My day certainly was very nice. Me and my boyfriend went to The Ounce to have some tea, and later we got takeaway food from our favourite Chinese restaurant. The perfect, relaxing day! ♥

I wore Innocent World's Chandelier OP for the first time. I really love this dress, it's pretty and very comfy, too.

It has the most adorable rufflebutt.

It was also my first time in these shoes. Gotta love those tassels.

 My boyfriend gave me a selfmade card, a bottle of my favourite white wine, blueberry black tea and these delicious chocolates as the Valentine's Day gifts. I feel quite spoiled.

Because of the gift pictured above, I decided to wear my J'aime le chocolat earrings. :D

Outfit details:
Dress - Innocent World
Shoes, headbow, purse - second hand
Blouse - Seppälä
Earrings - a gift from Manchester


Lolita Blog Carnival: Romantic Coordinate Ideas

Happy Valentine's Day, lords and ladies!

Today's Lolita Blog Carnival theme - Romantic Coordinate Ideas -  is very suitable for today, of course. Since I don't own any heart printed lolita dresses, my romantic hues in these coordinates are more subtle. And since the weather here in Helsinki is not inspiring - not at all inspiring - my coordinates have more Spring/Summer feeling to them. Seriously, right now it's just cold, wet, dark and depressing outside. It's not even cold enough for the world to look pretty...  Well, anyway, here we go!

Outfit # 1

This is my only dress with a romantic print, so I think it might suit today's theme the best! It's also one of my personal favourite coordinations in this post.

The coordinate includes these L'amour earrings. 

The print itself has letters that say "I love you" and "my darling" in multiple languages. Sadly, not in Finnish! I always hoped this dress would also have "minä rakastan sinua" written on it. But then again, they propably wouldn't have spelled it correctly anyway.

{Dress, headbow, bolero, bag - Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, shoes - Minna Parikka, earrings - can't remember, sorry!}

Outfit # 2

 So, red is obviously a romantic colour, but I also threw some heart motives in for good measure.

{Dress, bolero - Angelic Pretty, blouse - H&M, heart headdress - selfmade, shoes - Ellos}

Outfit # 3

Well, this coordinate is romantic just in a countryside-inspired/super girly kind of way. But if it were warmer outside, I'd definitely wear this one for a date with my boyfriend!

{Dress - Angelic Pretty, hat - self customised, shoes - Minna Parikka, purse - Baby, the Stars Shine Bright}

Outfit # 4

Because all the other coordinations I came up with were so pastel coloured, I also wanted to try and make an outfit, that had a little bit of dark romance in it.  So I treated this black, wonderfully detailed OP as a little black dress and accessorised it with all things sparkly: sequins, pearls and patent leather. And yep, the purse is heart shaped also!

{Dress - Innocent World, jewelry - second hand, souvenir from Vilnius & Accessorize, purse - H&M, headbow - second hand, shoes - Stylesnob}

So, that was it. Which one of these is your favourite? Would you wear any of these for a date? Or do you simply dislike them all? Feel free to tell in the comments! 

I hope you all have a lovely Valentine's Day! I already know I will have. ♥


It Has Happened

I finally have jeans. Well, almost jeans. Sort of. And they have rose print on them! I haven't worn pants for five years now (except for training of course) so I'm pretty excited about these almost-sort-of-jeans. And yes, I also bought some more roses for my hair.


Tassels and Tiny Paws

Good afternoon, lords and ladies!

I found these beauties from the flea market yesterday. They cost me only 5 euros and are originally bought from a small shoe shop in Tokyo, or at least so the seller said. Wether that is true or not, I don't know and don't really care, either. :P

Also - this lovely little lady is the newest resident to "Caramea's Dog Daycare". Her name is Royalette's Piece of Diamond, or less formally Hilma, and she's such a little lapdog! I'm taking care of her for the first time ever while my little sister is at a cruise, and so far everything has gone very well. ♥


Hellocon 2014: My Purchases

Good afternoon, lords and ladies!

Last weekend I attended Hellocon (Helsinki Lolita Convention). I was also organising "The Fairy Forest" fashion show, Essi's memorial corner and the Hellocon Tea Party event. I will do several posts about this event, because there will be so much pictures and videos, that there's no point exploding your screens with all of them at the same time. :P

So first, some purchases. I didn't shop that much, and I'm happy about that. But I did purchase this Rose Melody dress:

It's quite lovely even though up close you can tell it's not brand quality. (That's why I usually prefer brand or handmade dresses to offbrand.)  I really like this dress, though. Especially the upper part, which looks somewhat underwearish - and yes, I like that. I know it's wrong to say this about a lolita dress, but it does look a little bit sexy!

I also like the colours and the hem, it's of good lenght and the embroidery is lovely. The only thing that bothers me about this dress is the lace on the waist. I'll have to see if it can be removed.

And this Baby, the Stars Shine Bright bolero. It's so cute, soft and very versatile. I'll be wearing this one a lot during next Summer!