Brown Boots

Hello, lords and ladies!

Today I ran some errands also. Lots of errands to be run for. Too many, really. Well anyway, here's what I wore, my brown second hand boots finally got some action!

And so did my new ribbon earrings, too. They are proving to be quite versatile, they can be used both in sweet and classic. Please feel free to ignore my vacant expression - I didn't sleep well, and when I don't sleep, I can't function. Makes me wonder how on earth did I ever survive at my job at the Helsinki-Vantaa airport...

Also - today I saw a little bit of sunrise, I actually saw sun, can you effing believe it, sun, sun, sun...?! :O

Outfit details:
Dress - Victorian Maiden
Blouse - Seppälä
Roses - H&M
Earrings - Bijou Brigitte (a Christmas present from my lil' sis)
Shoes - second hand 


La Dance de la Dollhouse

Good evening, everyone!

I've got two outfits to show you this time: one from yesterday and one from today. Sorry about the crappy pictures - it is so dark here all the time, it's like a curse. The picture from today was taken 11 o'clock in the morning, but you'd never guess that.

So, yesterday I wore Angelic Pretty's Dollhouse for tea at The Ounce and then The Hobbit - Desolation of Smaug movie afterwards. I think that Smaug was cute and beautiful in a wild way, whereas Beorn the skin changer was so scary in his bear form. I am weird that way - at least my boyfriend says that Smaug was no cute, nor beautiful. Well anyway, back to the outfit; I aimed for a sweet-classic look, even though this dress itself is quite sweet.

I wore these ribbon earrings that I got from my little sister as a Christmas present.

And here's my outfit from today: La Dance de la Dame JSK by Juliette et Justine.This was for running some errands with Kata...

... and also for some white tea and chocolates afterwards. We got crazy amounts of chocolate as Christmas presents, so it's just good that Kata helped to eat some of it. :D

Outfit details

Outfit 1:
Dress - Angelic Pretty
Blouse - Seppälä
Headbow - Innocent World
Bag - Accessorize
Shoes - bought them in London

Outfit 2:
Dress - Juliette et Justine
Blouse - Bodyline
Headbow - Innocent World
Bag - Second hand
 Shoes - Dinsko


Lolita Blog Carnival: New Years Resolution for Lolita Fashion 2014

Hello, everyone!

Today's theme for Lolita Blog Carnival is New Years resolutions regarding lolita fashion. So let's see what I will promise...

Promise #1: Try to wear more lolita. 

I suspect this will prove to be quite difficult - I know I will be very busy with my school next year also. But still, I love lolita and would like to wear it more often. Even if I only have time on weekends, at least then I should try and wear lolita.

Promise #2: Try to find more time for your (lolita) friends.

If I succeed in promise #1, then this shouldn't be too hard to accomplish, either! Of course it is more fun to wear lolita with ones darling frilly friends.

Promise #3: Try to improve your lolita style.

And by this I don't mean that I must shop more, oh no. I mean that I should try to make most out of my current wardrobe; find new ways of wearing my old favorite dresses, and try to wear more those dresses, too, that aren't so dear to me. I would also like to play with my style a little; try something new, be miss-matchy, wear lolitadresses in non-lolita coordinations, or wear lolita dresses without petticoats (how radical!).

Promise #4: Have fun with your hair and makeup. 

I should stop being such a lazy ass and try to put more effort into these things. Try something new. Maybe even learn to keep my hair down! :D

Promise #5: Shop less. 

This also links to promise #3. I will try to shop less and when I do shop, I will consider very hard do I really, really need this product. I will also try to purchase only those things that are of high quality. And if I succeed in this one, well, that is a very good thing for my wallet also.


So those are my New Years Resolutions! How about you, my dear readers? Will you make any resolutions this year? Please share them in the comments!

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NVC Christmas Calendar 5: Christmas Photoshoot

Hello, my lords and ladies!

For the final post in Christmas Calendar series, I want to show you some Christmass-y pictures. We made this photoshoot for the Christmas cards, and though only two pictures made it into actual postcards, the rest of the pictures are quite nice too. The photography and retouching is by Sanni, and the models are me, Kata and Mimi. We also had two assistants for makeup and hair -  a big thank you for them also for making this photoshoot possible! :}

All the pictures are © Sanni S. 2013 - please do NOT use them or repost them without her permission.

♥ Happy Christmas to all of New Vogue Children's lovely readers! ♥

P.S. Now that the Christmas Calendar series ir complete, I would like to hear your thoughts on it. Did you like it? Or do you have some constructive feedback to give? Share it in the comments!


NVC Christmas Calendar 4: Inspiration

Hello, lords and ladies!

For the fourth Christmas Calendar post, I decided to find some inspirational pictures to help you get in a Christmas (or Yule, or whatever it is you will celebrate) mood. At least here in Helsinki it's just rainy and dark, so some inspiration is in order. I hope that where ever you are, my dear readers, there will be some snow for Christmas! ♥

P.S. Pay attention to that nail polish tuto and those ginger bread cookies that look like adorable chubby reindeers - I chose to post them because they are so wonderfully easy to make! I'm very lazy when it comes to nails and  I don't even like baking that much, so this kind of simple solutions really appeal to me. :D


Home Sweet(er) Home

Good evening, my lords and ladies!

During this Autumn I have purchased a couple of new things for our appartment, and also changed some things.

Some of you may remember from my previous home decor post  that at that time I didn't have a proper work chair. But some months ago I found this chair from Ikea, and I think it fits the bedroom rather nicely! And it's also a lot more comfortable to sit in than the kitchen chair. Also, the mirror is finally on the wall.

The chair has two cute bows to cover the zipper - the lining is removable so if it gets dirty, I can easily wash it.

Since taking those pictures, I have also changed the paintings above the drawer. These photoframes or pictures in them are not new, I just haven't had them on display for a long time, so they seem fresh.

We also have new curtains on the livingroom/kitchen area.

And finally, a new teapot! It's about 1 litre big and I found it really cheap from Tiger. This will look especially beautiful with tea flowers inside.

P.S. My Christmas holiday starts tomorrow, yay! Hopefully I will be able to wear more lolita from now on. Lately I've been so busy (and stressed out!) with school that I haven't got any time or energy to dress up. I'm very glad to have a break. :D


NVC Christmas Calendar 3: Hair Tutorial (+ Announcing The Giveaway Winner)

Hello, lords and ladies!

I've been asked many times for some hair tutorials - so here's one, finally! This hairdo is quite easy to make (though it does require some practising to perfect it). It is also very versatile; by changing the size of the hair bun and the hair accessories you wear, you can make it fit lolita, vintage-inspired styles, or just ordinary fashion. You can make it casual or festive, just according to your wishes. As it is Christmas time, you can of course wear this to Christmas parties of all sorts! ;D

I hope you find this tutorial useful - and good luck, everyone, if you try to do this hairdo!

1. You will need:
♥ Lots of poppy pins (20-50 pins, depending on how much you have hair)
♥ Flowers, feathers etc. to decorate the hairdo
♥ 3 bigger hairbands
♥ 2 extra hairbands (to be used during the making process only)
♥ Hairspray and hairbrush, obviously.

2. Brush your hair, if necessary.  Part small sections of hair from the front. Tie with hairbands, so they don't get in the way.

3. Part the remaining hair in three sections and tie with the hairbands. At this point it doesn't matter if they are slightly uneven.

4. Wrap each section of hair around your hand as many times as it goes.

5. Pin each of the three sections with a poppy pin. It still doesn't matter if it's uneven, we will fix that later.

6. Take the hairbands away from the two front sections of the hair.  Twist the section with your fingers, and loosen it a little bit near your face. You can also make the front sections into loose braids, if you wish.

7. Pin the two front sections of the hair to the back of your head with rose corsages (or some other hair accessories you wish to use).

8. Start working with the rest of the hair. Always stick the poppy pins  upwards, hiding them carefully under the rose corsages and locks of hair. Continue to apply poppy pins until you reach the desired shape. This is the point where you want to try and make your hairdo as balanced as possible; here you will correct the earlier unevenness. Remember to apply some hairspray to secure the hairdo, but don't spray too close - at arms length is a good distance.

9. And voilà, you are ready!

All the pictures are taken by Sanni. (Thank you very much for your help, dear!)

Also, the giveaway from previous week closes now. My boyfriend acted as the unbiased assistant and chose the winner randomly:

So the winner is Natsu! Congratulations for the winner, and thank you for everyone who partivipated! Natsu, I will contact you via e-mail. :)


Gingerbread Cards (+ reminder of the giveaway)

Hello, everyone!

I've been so busy with my studies lately that I've had no time to make too many Christmas cards. But I did manage to do a couple of them - for example these cards with a gingerbread theme. I especially like the ones with the gingerbread unicorns (obviously). ♥

Also - don't forget to take part in the giveaway! It will close after tomorrow, so hurry up. ;)


International Lolita Day 2013

Good afternoon, lords and ladies!

Last Sunday was, if I'm not terribly mistaken, International Lolita Day! I just didn't remember it at the time, but happened to still wear lolita. I think this might be my first time ever actually wearing lolita on ILD. All the previous times, during all these years I've missed ILD - I've been at work, or ill, or else too busy to wear anything special. But now I finally made it, yay! :D

My outfit was quite casual, and I didn't do anything to my hair either, because I didn't sleep well the previous night and was feeling lazy. But I love this unicorn dress so much, I want to wear it all the time... ♥

Outfit details:
Dress - handmade by Mimi
Blouse, beret, flowers - H&M
Purse, shoes - second hand

Last Sunday was also the Ofelia market. I only bought this Spring/Summer hat.

P.S. Don't forget to participate in my Christmas giveaway! It closes on the 14th of December.


NVC Christmas Calendar 2: Giveaway Time!

Hello, my lords and ladies!

This time I have a special treat for you: a Christmas Giveaway!

The prize includes two lolita themed Christmas cards printed on a good quality carboard (Munken Lynx 400g/m²), so you can post them even without an envelope (if you don't want to keep them yourself, that is). The models for the cards are Yours Truly and our lovely Kata, and the photography is by our talented Sanni. The prize also includes Metamorphose Temps de Fille ribbons in pink.

How to enter the giveaway:

♥ You must be a public reader or New Vogue Children.
♥ Leave a comment saying that you wish to participate. You must post a link to this giveaway in your blog, Tumblr, Twitter or something like that. Leave a link to your post on your comment. Don't forget to leave your e-mail address so I can contact you, should you happen to win!
♥ For +1 vote: for extra votes, you can post the link to this giveaway in more than one place. Every extra place equals one extra vote. Leave links to those on your comment also. (For example, if you post the link to this giveaway in your blog and in your Tumblr, you will have two votes in the giveaway.)
♥ The winner will be chosen at random.
♥ The giveaway will close the 14th December.
♥ The winner will be announced on the next Christmas Calendar post (the 15th December).
♥ Good luck, everyone!


Lolita Blog Carnival: Who Inspires You in Lolita Fashion?

Hello, my lords and ladies!

This weeks Lolita Blog Carnival topic is a really interesting one, at least for me, because inspiration is simply essential to my style and life in general. I love to get inspired, and hope you do too, because here we go!

Marie Antoinette

Marie  Antoinette's tragic fate inspires me endlessly. And even today, she is the victim of the propaganda spread of her, e.g. many people still believe that she actually said "Let them eat cake" (which she did not do). But besides that, she was also a beauty icon of her own days, her elegance and sense of style vastly admired in France and abroad. She will always have a special place in my heart.

Madame de Pompadour

 Another icon of the Rococo era, ans she is, like Marie Antoinette, too little appreciated. Madame de Pompadour became the King's mistress with her amazing beauty, but also with her wit. She was really intelligent  lady who loved litarature, music and arts - and is therefore often pictured with a book or music sheet in her hand. Such was her influence over the King and the country (at one point she practically ruled the whole France!), that her tastes and preferences shaped the Rococo to be what it was, and is. Her fate was a tragical one, too - she was exhausted by always trying to please the King and to keep her position, and so she died, just 43 years old, hated and blamed by all the people for France's poor situation.

Elizabeth I 

Elizabeth I was also a great beauty of her time - her elegance by no means lessened by the fact that she was the Queen of England, a very powerful woman indeed. Even today, she is considered to be one of England's greatest monarchs of all time. Her journey to the throne is a very thrilling tale, full of dangers, death and conspiracies. In the end, she ruled as well - or even better - than any man, and lead England to a Golden Era. Like in all great stories, there are some sad elements in her story as well. The love of her life was found out to have plotted againts her. Elizabeth let him live to remind her never to trust a man again. She didn't want to share her power with anyone, and so she never married, and never had an heir. That was the end of the Tudor dynasty.

Audrey Hepburn

When you look at Audrey Hepburns's huge, bambi-like eyes, it's hard not to love her. She was such a beautiful, talented and kind woman. Besides her films, she was also known for her work for charity. Her childhood dream was to become a ballerina, but she suffered hunger and could not train ballet during the Wold War II, and she fell behind in her studies and was never able to catch up with other girls of her age. She never forgot what she'd been through, and wanted to help other children suffering from hunger, and so she became Goodwill Ambassador of UNICEF. Audrey also has some very inspiring thoughts about beauty and life. Here's one of my favorite quotes from her: "For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone."

Misako Aoki

Well, she is by no means my idol or anything, but she is the only actual lolidol who inspires me. Misako is known for her modeling to the lolita brand Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, and recently she got into music business with artist name Lolitina - and with one very dull song, that's been autotuned to Hell and back again.  But still, Misako's style is very lovely and sweet, she's a very traditional lolita and yet her outfits never seem boring. They, like her hair and makeup, are always fresh and trés chic.

My Frilly Friends

Last but not least, all of my friends, who also dress in lolita, are so inspiring! They all have their unique styles, talents and wonderful personalities. They love what they do, and you can clearly see it in the amount of effort they put into each of their outfits. Also, without them I don't think I'd even be wearing lolita anymore. Without them, lolita would not be the same for me - or at least it wouldn't be so much fun! (So, to you my dearest frilly girls I say: thank you! ♥)

Who inspires you, my dear readers? Please share your thoughts in the comments!

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