Summer Perfect

Couple of days ago I bought yet another white lace dress. There is something about white lace that I can't resist.

This one is from Lindex's Party Perfect -series. It doesn't look like much when laid down on floor, but when I wear it, it looks very pretty. I'm not that tall, so the hem reaches just under my knees without a petticoat. I think this length is very feminine and flattering.

It is incredibly hard to find mainstream fashion dresses that reach longer than midtigh! And all those lovely maxi dresses are out of the question, because they would be far too long for me. So that's yet another reason why I was happy to find this one.

I already planned ways to wear this dress during the Summer, and here's one idea. When coordinated with romantic accessories like this, the dress has kind of an old fashioned feeling to it even though it is brand new. Now I'm all inspired for Summer, let's hope the weather warms up quickly. I want to wear this and go to The Ounce to drink some ice tea! :D


Bunny Perspective

Odessa sends her greetings and wishes you all have a lovely Monday! ♥


Tomorrow Spring Is Here

Yesterday we had our traditional Talventappajaiset ("Winter Killing") party.

First, my outfit. I wanted to wear something Spring-y. Though I prefer classic or sweet-classic nowadays, I still have a soft spot in my heart for the older Angelic Pretty prints. Magical Etoile was one of my dream dresses in this exact colorway - and it still is, in a way. I'm glad I have it. ♥

A close-up of the hairdo. I really don't like to keep my hair loose, it always comes in the way and bothers me. This time I kept it half-loose - and it still annoyed me so much I tied it up later on. x)

My wallet accidentally matched my shoes. :D

And then lots of pictures of the party! There were flowers...

... delicious salad...

... cats...

... green tea...

... home-baked cookies...

... and strawberry sparkling wine.

Outfit details:
Dress, headband - Angelic Pretty
Blouse - Bodyline
Shoes - Dinsko


The Last Unicorn of This Spring

Good afternoon, my lords and ladies!

Yesterday me and Hanna-darling went to see Audrey Hebpurn's movie Sabrina to a local culture centre. I simply adore Audrey, and Sabrina is one of my favorite films from her, so it was really nice to actually see it on a big screen!

I decided to wear my unicorn dress while I still can. Soon it will be too warm to wear it, as it is made of velvet and cotton twill.

Also have a picture of my heart shaped sunglasses. They are funny, aren't they? They don't take themselves too seriously - a skill we people should also learn. :}

P.S. Today we are having our annual Talventappajaiset (Winter Killing) party, yey! Maybe I shall wear something nice today also.

Outfit rundown
Roses - H&M
Earrings - gift from a friend
Blouse - Bodyline
Dress - Handmade by Mimi
Stockings - Stockmann
Shoes - Ellos


Of Boots and Pots

Hello everyone!

I did just a little bit of shopping today. First, I finally bought this Irbis-teapot from The Ounce - I've wanted to buy it for so long time and now it was on -20 % discount, so yey! Isn't it just beautiful? I love how you can see the colour of the tea. I also plan to use it with tea flowers, then it will be even prettier. Today I made Théhuone's Marie Antoinette green and white tea blend in it.

Second, I found these beauties from UFF. They were far too expensive for a second hand product,  as UFF's prices always are, but I thought these will go so well with both lolita and my regular style, that I decided to get them anyway. Also they are very comfortable to wear!


Polkadots and Cosmetics

Good evening, my lords and ladies!

This time just an outfit from today. Rather sweet this time. 

My hair looks messy because it is messy, but at least it's big. :D

Outfit details
Headbow - second hand 
Blouse - Seppälä
Dress - Angelic Pretty
Bracelet - self made
Shoes - Ellos


Tea Tasting at Théhuone

Hello again, my lords and ladies!

Today me and dear Hanna  went to Théhuone, a very good Finnish teashop, for a tea tasting event.The event was truly wonderful! It was so nice to just dedicate the whole evening for enjoying tea. The hostess of the evening also told us about the history of tea and the different cultural aspects it has. I already knew most of the things she said, but still it was nice to listen and I even learned a little bit new. So yes, I warmly recommend this to anyone who loves tea. Maybe the best part about it was that I got to taste many teas I haven't tried before, and that kind of teas also that I wouldn't really want to purchase.

We tasted Chinese white tea "Silver Needle", which was my favorite, and Japanese macha and sencha (which I really didn't like, they were too bitter to my taste), then some milk oolong and lots of different pu'ers. And then some pictures!

Japanese sencha called "Kura", very pretty colour though the taste wasn't so good.

Green tea chocolate. It was yummy, I also bought this to take home with me. 

This is a tea set used in a traditional Chinese tea ceremony for enjoying oolong. I didn't even know Chinese have their own tea ceremony, so this was very interesting piece of news! Also this teaset was too cute - teeny tiny, the tea pot is the same size as my fist. On the top there sits a little frog on the lotus flower, and the frog's eyes also move if you turn the botle in your hands. So adorable.

Pu'er cakes.

With pu'er they also served these treats. They were delicious and I'm definitely going to make something like this myself in the future.

For this occasion I wanted to wear something simple and toned down, as I didn't want to draw too much attention away from the tea itself. So I wore quite casual classic. 

My Grandmother gave me this clock when I was small. It doesn't work anymore, but it's so pretty I sometimes still wear it.

And then to the exciting news! I just got eye glasses to wear at school lessons and other occasions where I need to see far. The optician recommended I don't wear them all the time, as my eye sight is still quite good - which means that I get to wear them as a nice accessory! I really like my glasses, and they seem to go pretty well with at least classic lolita. I'm already planning an outfit to go with these... x)


Outfit details
Dress, headbow - Innocent World
Glasses - B&G
Clock - used to be my Grandmother's
Blouse - Seppälä by Paola Suhonen
Bag - same old Accessorize
Shoes - got them from my friend's Mother x)




I don't usually post pictures of my pets only, put this time I couldn't stop myself. They are just so cute together, Chico and Odessa. ♥

Also, Odessa has the most beautiful eye lashes. ♥

And that's all. Bye now. :}

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 Hello, my lords and ladies!

As you might have noticed, Google Reader is being powered down during the Summer.

I've registered New Vogue Children on Bloglovin and you can follow my blog trough it in the future.

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Good evening, lords and ladies.

I want to show you the photoshoot that my blog's new banner is also taken from. For this outfit, I was simply inspired by this excellent music video.

These pictures are taken by Sanni. Do not use or re-post them without permission.

Please click the pictures to see the larger versions! I have a feeling that Blogger might do bad things for the quality.

Outfit details
Dress - Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Flowers - H&M, Ninja
Rose Bracelet - self made
Underskirt - borrowed from Sanni
Shoes - bought in London, can't remember what shop though.