An Everyday Outfit

I'm thinking that maybe I could start posting my "everyday" outfits here on my blog also besides my lolitaday outfits. Of course I wouldn't post literally everyday, but maybe sometimes? What do you, my dear readers, think of this idea? Nay or yay? Please share your thoughts with me! Of course my everyday style is quite far from lolita, but it's still girly and I only wear skirts or dresses.

Anyway, here's what I wore today for shopping with my boyfriend. We mainly shopped curtains, pillows etc.

...But I also bought these georgeous lace thights. Just look at them, they look more like real lace and less like a net with pattern (and the patterned net kind of lace thighs are also very cute but still, just look at these *-*).

And that was all for today. :}



My rare visits to Tallin go always the same way. Every single time I fall in love with the Old, medieval city of Tallin - the narrow cobblestone streets, the colorful buildings, the athmosphere from a world that no longer exists. And later, after hours of walking, my feet are dying slowly and I swear never to visit Tallin again (well, not for a couple of years to come, at least). x)

Our original travel plan was to visit the Kadriorg Palace. I've dreamed for so long of seeing the Palace from inside also, but of course they closed it for restoration for the whole July. So instead, we (meaning me and my boyfriend) just walked around the Old city, without heading anywhere in particular and even without a map. It was actually very nice; not having to rush anywhere, just going where your feet take you, not minding to get a little bit lost.

Here are some pictures, taken with my poor little camera, so no high quality here, but I still hope you can get a glimpse of Tallin's athmosphere from these.

P.S. My original plan was also to wear lolita to Kadriorg Palace - but not going there after all and also having to wake up at five o'clock killed my desire to dress up. :(


Happy Birthday, Dear Kata

Yesterday was Kata's birthday party, held loli style. A perfect opportunity for all of us to get dolled up!

My inspiration for this outfit came from the movie Coco Chanel which I watched a little while ago. My original plan was to wear this Angelic Pretty dress like a loli version of the famous little black dress, but I ended up looking far more sweet than planned. (It's the bigtails - but I didn't want to wear my hair in a bun, because I just did that on previous day.) Parasol and purse are Baby, headbow Innocent World, pearls Chocomint and shoes Stylesnob.

These shoes look so lovely, but they kill my feet. x_x "Suffering is the Mother of all beauty", it truly is in this case.

Kata said she had spent hours baking! And you could really see (and taste) that! Every food was so delocious, and they even looked cute! My favorites were the bunny cookies and star cupcakes. :D

And in the end, have some soap bubbles.

Happy birthday, Kata! ♥


Wearing Lolita to a Wedding

There are of course many opinions about wearing lolita to a wedding. In this case, I trusted the bride's opinion; she said it was okay for me to wear lolita. And so I did. Naturally I wore something very casual.

The dress is Innocent World's and shoes Minna Parikka, the purse is a gift from my Mother. ♥  (In the church I also wore a white bolero to cover my shoulders.)

I did add a few simple details to my outfit, though; the little white roses in my hair...

...And a rose bracelet (made by yours truly).

And now we are done with the outfit pictures. The wedding was absolutely beautiful - I almost cried. Many times. Here are some detail shots from the wedding.

(The card on the top is made by me also!)

P.S. I wish I could show you how handsome my bf looked in a Hugo Boss suit. ♥


Casual Cuteness

I found this dress for a very good price on sale. The fabric is quite thick (good for Autumn & Winter!) and really soft. It's a perfect dress for my "everyday wardrobe". This dress also reminds me of Wednesday Addams which is only a good thing, because Wednesday's style is really inspiring. :D

A detail shot. I really adore the cute round collar. ♥


My Inspiration Book

I've kept an inspirational book for a couple of years now. I like to collect there all sorts of pictures that inspire me with fashion or home decor. I'd like to show you some of my favorite pages.

First, can you spot Minna Parikka's Raquel shoes? When I glued this picture on my book, those shoes were just a dream for me...

I simply love Miss Dior Chérie's commercials. They are so pastel colored and pretty.

My book has two pages dedicated for Audrey Hepburn, my beauty idol.

And of course, some pages dedicated to perioid drama pictures and old time's elegance.

A little bit of something darker.

Finally, some home decor inspiration and more Miss Dior Chérie.

I hope that these pictures inspire you also. ♥


Tea and Cookies

Me, Sanni, Kata and Hanna were supposed to go for pique-nique today - so naturally it was pouring rain. Yep. That's what happens when we try to hang outside.

So instead we went for plan B, which was a tea party at my place. Both Kata and Sanni had baked delicious cookies!

And here's my outfit for the day. Let us ignore my face and hair - I tell you, it was raining. One can not fight the rain. Sigh.

Anyway; dress, purse and parasol (= umbrella) are Baby, blouse Angelic Pretty, headbow Innocent World, rose bracelet self made and shoes Minna Parikka. (Yes, they are waterproof nowadays. I have good stuff to protect them!).


International Meetup

Today we had a little meetup here in Helsinki, organized by Laura and Kata, for our international guest; Elena, a lovely lolita from Russian Federation. It was really exiting to meet a foreign loli! Elena seems to be very sweet girl. Laura and Kata gave a Moomin mug to Elena, I think that was just wonderful idea!

Here's a picture of all of us: Laura, Mimi, Elena, Laura, me, Susanna and Kata.

This was my first time to wear my new Innocent World dress. I simply adore this! It's made of charmeuse, and it's really soft and light. And the best part comes here; the wrinkles from this dress actually disappeared during the night it hung on the hengar, no ironing done whatsoever! The purse is Baby, shoes Minna Parikka and the necklace is Chocomint.

This dress has couple of really lovely details, like this bow on the back side and the matching belt.

And here's closeup of my accessories (and face, of course).

P.S. I'm using a bigger picture size now - do you think it's better this way? :3


It's a Jungle Out There

Today I met Mimi for the first time in ages! She is staying overnight at our place, and tomorrow we will attend a small meet up together.

When I arrived at the Central Railway Station to meet Mimi, I was surprised; there was an urban, "Finnish jungle" there. It's absolutely amazing, I wish that the Station could always look like this!

My outfit for the day was quite sweet (tomorrow I'll be classic!). Angelic Pretty's Powder Rose dress, star purse and blouse with Metamorphose headbow and Minna Parikka shoes. It was awfully windy today, so my hair looks equally awful. :(

On the way back home we met this little fellow. S/he seemed a little bit lost, maybe s/he had just left the nest.

And I bought this cute apron, now I can cook/wash the dishes wearing a lot nicer apron than my previous (hideous) one! Yay.

And lastly, our very healthy afternoon tea.



We (meaning me and my boyfriend) had our anniversary today and celebrated it at Linnanmäki (an amusement park in Helsinki).

Here's a view from the wherris wheel. Helsinki is so beautiful city, very green. 

I simply love this old carousel, made in 1896 and still working. All the details and colours are amazing. I will never be too old to ride this, never.

All in all the athmosphere in Linnamäki is so nice! There are lots of beautiful, colorful or else just funny, Alice in Wonderland-esque things, like these big "pinecone cows".

And in the end, here's my outfit for the day. We had to leave in a hurry, so I just threw something on and didn't really have time to do anything to my hair - but then again, my hair would have looked like a total mess after a few spins on the rides, so maybe it doesn't matter. No time wasted! :D

Dress is Angelic Pretty's Ichigo Millefeuille (lovely, but so seldom worn by me!), the hat is decorated by yours truly, purse is Baby's and shoes Minna Parikka's.