Prague (Part 1)

Good evening, my lords and ladies!

So, me and fiancé were at Prague 28.8.-1.9. I took gazillion pictures and have been very busy with school and work, but now I got some of the pictures sorted out. There might be a part 2 somewhere in the future, if I can get through the rest of the photos.

We arrived to Prague at evening, so we were able to see the sunset from above the glouds. 

The famous Astronomical Clock of Prague. We didn't even know that at every hour, the figures around the clock move and statues of saints come out and wave. We wondered why there was such a huge crowd when we got there, and after the clock had done its thing, everyone applauded! It was strange, yet awesome. x)

The whole city was full of pretty, pastel coloured buildings.

Food was cheap and delicious so yep, we ate a lot. I regret nothing. 

The Mirror Chappel of Klementinum. The mirrors represent the sky and infinity. They are very rare in religious buildings.

The view from Klementinum's Astronomical Tower. We were there near the sunset and it was stunnig, the city was at its most beautiful.

Of course we drank (and brought home with us) some tea. The tea rooms in Prague were more of a Moroccan style.

A huge soap bubble - I like this picture a lot, and that's why it ended up here.

Can I get these in my bathroom too? Pretty please? :D

I didn't shop that much in Prague - I just bought some luxurious underwear (that's not going to end up in this blog, for obvious reasons) and tea. But my fiancé bought me this, a white gold engagement ring. It reminds me a little bit of the elven jewellery in The Lord of The Rings and I couldn't be happier with my engagement ring. ♥

These pictures were taken mostly during the first two days of our trip. On the third day we also went to the Old Castle of Prague - I'll post pictures of that later, or at least I'll try. :3


Madron Party Outfit

Good evening, my lords and ladies!

No travel pictures yet, because it's really hard for me to find time going through them all, what with being busy with both school and my last work shifts this year.

On Friday, how ever, my darling friend Sari hosted her annual Madron party. I love Autumn, and that's why Madron is my favourite Wiccan sabbath right after Yule. Madron is actually tomorrow, but Sari thought it best that we celebrated a little bit in advance.

Well anyway, parties are a great excuse to wear lolita! I was so happy to wear it at last, even though my hair is getting a little bit too wild - if only I could find time for going to the hairdresser. And those travel pictures.

Outfit details:
Dress - Innocent World
Purse - Minna Parikka
Shoes - KMB
Headbow - second hand
Thights - H&M


The Last Day of Summer

Hello, everyone!

I wore this outfit on the last Summer day. It was surpricingly warm and sunny. The last chance to wear my black Summer hat, and so I did! Me and Hanna-Katariina visited Ateneum for the Tove Jansson exhibit - it was really great - and then we went to The Ounce for tea.

I've had this coat since... what, 2011? I bought it when we were in London, and I love it to bits. I wear it every Spring and every Autumn, every day, and somehow it never ended up on my blog. Since I bought this coat, I haven't bought any other Spring/Autumn coats. I like this one so much it's hard to find a replacement. They only sell boring coats in Finland. I don't know what to do when I have to let this coat go - the colours are beginning to fade a little bit...

Then on to something new: Minna Parikka's bag! It's so cute, yet practical for every day use.

The clasp is shaped like bunny ears. Can't resist anything with a bunny motif. ♥

I'll post the Prague pictures when I get them sorted out - there's sooo much pictures that it might take a while... But I can tell you now that it was a great trip indeed. ^^