Prague (Part 1)

Good evening, my lords and ladies!

So, me and fiancé were at Prague 28.8.-1.9. I took gazillion pictures and have been very busy with school and work, but now I got some of the pictures sorted out. There might be a part 2 somewhere in the future, if I can get through the rest of the photos.

We arrived to Prague at evening, so we were able to see the sunset from above the glouds. 

The famous Astronomical Clock of Prague. We didn't even know that at every hour, the figures around the clock move and statues of saints come out and wave. We wondered why there was such a huge crowd when we got there, and after the clock had done its thing, everyone applauded! It was strange, yet awesome. x)

The whole city was full of pretty, pastel coloured buildings.

Food was cheap and delicious so yep, we ate a lot. I regret nothing. 

The Mirror Chappel of Klementinum. The mirrors represent the sky and infinity. They are very rare in religious buildings.

The view from Klementinum's Astronomical Tower. We were there near the sunset and it was stunnig, the city was at its most beautiful.

Of course we drank (and brought home with us) some tea. The tea rooms in Prague were more of a Moroccan style.

A huge soap bubble - I like this picture a lot, and that's why it ended up here.

Can I get these in my bathroom too? Pretty please? :D

I didn't shop that much in Prague - I just bought some luxurious underwear (that's not going to end up in this blog, for obvious reasons) and tea. But my fiancé bought me this, a white gold engagement ring. It reminds me a little bit of the elven jewellery in The Lord of The Rings and I couldn't be happier with my engagement ring. ♥

These pictures were taken mostly during the first two days of our trip. On the third day we also went to the Old Castle of Prague - I'll post pictures of that later, or at least I'll try. :3

10 kommenttia:

  1. Those taps are adorable! Seems like you had an awesome trip.
    Also, congratulations on getting engaged! The ring is gorgeous. ^^

    1. We had a pretty awesome trip. Thank you! ^^

  2. Wow, I never saw such an amazing cloud picture from the plane! Never! :D Also my plane pictures usually turn out very bad.
    And great pictures you took in Prague. Next year in March I plan to go there, too, and your photos really motivate me to really plan! :D

    1. Thank you! :3

      Prague is a wonderful city! I really recommend that you go to Klementinum - that was the most amazing place we visited! Also, it pays to plan beforehand where you are going to eat; we found some really nice places just by googling. Check out Imperial Café, for example. ;) I hope you'll have a wonderful trip!

    2. Thanks a lot for these tips!

    3. No problem! If you have any questions about Prague, I'm more than happy to discuss them with you. Travel is my (and my fiancé's) great passion - we are already planning our next trip... x)

  3. Prague is such a beautiful city... !
    I'm glad for you and your fiancé ! The ring is beautiful :)

    1. Yes, both Prague and the ring are beutiful. :3 Thank you! ^^