I Could Live Here

Hello, lords and ladies!

Some time ago was my good friend Hanna-Katariina's bachlorette party. It was not a very wild one, but I had lots of fun and so did the bride! We did a lot of things and ate a lot and laughed a lot, but I'm only going to share a few pictures for now.

When I saw this wardrobe, all I could think if was... Narnia?!


Lolita Blog Carnival: 3 Things I Could Never See Myself Wearing In Lolita

Hello, my lords and ladies!

It's finally Lolita Blog Carnival time, after a long pause of not participating! Today's theme was almost too easy, so why not? Three things that I will never, ever wear with lolita, or any other style for that matter.

Un-naturally large split wigs, in pastel colours and with those enormous pigtails

This might very well be the only thing in lolita which I actually detest. Un-natural looking wigs make lolita look too costume-y. Also they tend to cover the beautiful details on the upper part of the dress; why would I wear a luxurious dress only to cover half of it in fake hair? To this day, I have not seen a lolita outfit with this type of split wig that would not look better without it, in my opinion. On the other hand, more natural looking split wigs can look very cute.

Tea party shoes

I don't detest tea party shoes. Actually I think they do look good in some outfits, on some people, but I would never wear them myself. They wouldn't fit my style and I find them to be too infantile looking. And on top of all that, I know these shoes would totally kill my feet. I only wish they would make some more delicate and elegant shoes in as wide colour range, as they do tea parties! I'm a little bit jealous of all those delicious candy colours that I'm missing out.

Big, floppy bonnets

Same thing, as with the tea party shoes; some they fit, some they won't. I personally find stiffer, smaller bonnets to be more elegant and old-fashioned, so I adore those. Big, floppy bonnets I shall leave to Misako, who even manages to look adorable in those.


Easy Recipe: Home Made Ice Tea

Hello, everyone! One of my readers asked if I could do a tutorial about making ice tea yourself, and since I made ice tea anyway today, I thought that why not? I hope you'll like it! This recipe is super easy, yet the result is very tasty and refreshing on hot Summer days.

For home made ice tea, you will need:

♥ A jug (preferably with a lid)
♥ Good quality tea of your choice
♥  A brewing pouch (paper or cloth)
♥ Ice cold water
♥ (Honey, sugar and/or lime/lemon juice/slices, ice cubes)

How to:

Put the tea in the pouch, and the pouch in the jug. Pour as cold water on top of the pouch as you can possibly get. Put a lid on the jug, and put it in the fridge for 1,5-2 hours. After that, take the tea pouch away and stir the ice tea with a spoon. If you like, you can add some sugar, honey, lemon or lime juice or slices into it. You may also add some ice cubes. Now all that's left to do is to enjoy it!

Other tips:

I personally like green tea as ice tea the most, however this is of course a matter of taste. In my opinion, green tea tastes the most fresh. Green teas spiced with flowers, berries, lemon or lime are my favourites, although coconut ice tea is surprisingly delicious too. I have also made "ice tea" with red grapefruit roiibos, though of course roiibos is not tea and it was technically not ice tea, but rather ice infusion. There are no limits to what teas you can make ice tea from; you'll find your own favourites by trying.


The House-elf Dress

I playfully call this dress "The house-elf dress", because it looks like a dish towel and house-elfs wear those in Harry Potter books. Despite the not-so-glamorous nickname, I still like this dress a lot and have been almost living in it during the hot days. It's super comfy and cool.

{Purse, dress - H&M / Shoes - Ellos / Jewelry - Kalevala Jewelry}


Ice Tea, Witches, Violets and a Bird

Hello, lords and ladies!

Yesterday I visited The Ounce. Tiia was kind enough to accompany me. If no one would have wanted to go with me, I'd taken a good book with me and gone anyway. :D

 {Headbow, dress - Innocent World / blouse - Ellos / shoes, purse - second hand}

It's been very hot and humid since Sunday. We were supposed to get thunderstorms but so far they have not come. I wish it would rain and thunder very, very much and after that we'd get rid of this awful humidness. But, as the weather is what it is, I drank ice tea. I make ice tea at home all the time also, it helps a little bit. This weather better be done with before I get back to work. The thunderstorm could actually come then! I'd love to watch the planes in the pouring rain...

I've also been reading a lot lately. Right now I'm reading three different books at the same time. One of them is about the witch hunts of the Reneissance time, a subject that's long fascinated me and now I decided it's time to educate myself on the matter. Tiia was ever so lovely and gave this book to me! It's also about witch hunts, in Finland particularly, and I just can't wait to get to read it! I'm trying to keep my paws off it until I finish my three other books, but I don't know if I can resist the temptation that long! Four books at one go, weeell, that's not too much, is it...?

Violets have gone quite wild. They are the flowers of the early Summer, but I won't let bf tell them that, and thus they don't know and flourish still. I love them, they are like a little meadow on our balcony. ♥

My awesome bf got me this Kalevala necklace as a anniversary gift. I adore it, of course. It's my name bird.

Besides working, that's pretty much what I've been up to lately. 


A Little Bit Something New

Good afternoon, everyone!

It's been ages since Creme de la Garderobe (held in Lahti this time), but here's what I purchased there. Cloudberry Lady's Adella, Arista and Aquata JSK. I've been admiring this collection for a long time and couldn't resist it...

The print is gorgeous. It's nice to see a little bit more realistic (mer)people on a lolita dress. I don't always like the manga-like prints that are seen more often.

This purse I got from my little sister, as a thank you for taking care of her dog Hilma during their trip. It's very cute and goes both with my regular and lolita style - I like my accessories fitting all of my styles so this is very good gift for me. :3