Barcelona, part 2

Hello, everybunny!

Here are some more snaps from Barcelona.

Casa Mila by Gaudi.

Casa Batlló, also designed by Gaudi.

The medieval gothic quarter.

The gothic quarter's cathedral.


There's a unicorn on the roof!

We visited Parkl Güell too, which is also designed by Gaudi. There were little monk parrakeets flying free, they were so cute. ♥

In Park Güell, we climbed all the way up to the highest point of the park. There was this little stone hill or tower structure, and we climped on it to see the view better. It was very scary, because the top was so crowded and there was no safety railings. I wonder how nobody fell off. :D But anyway, from that tower thingy we could see the whole Barcelona.


Here you can see one of the few pictures taken of me during our trip. Everyday was so hot and humid that I looked too horrible for pictures. :'D

 In the end, some random pictures. This little fella, apparently waiting patiently for his owner...

...and a fountain that flashed in all the coulours of a rainbow.

We also visited Gaudi House Museum, but I'm too lazy to post pictures from it. And it wasn't that great museum, either. Sure it had some interesting pieces of furniture, but I thought there would be more to see. :P And naturally we went to the Čaj Chai Teahouse also, and I purchased quite many lovely teas, but again I'm too lazy to show any pictures. Anyway, all in all we had a very great trip. We even found some very nice restaurants to eat in, and got to taste some great tapas. I'd say we ate here a lot better than we did in London. I'd also say that I might like Barcelona a bit more than London. It might be simply because of the better food. Food is very inportant. :}


Barcelona, part 1: La Sagrada Familia

Hello, lords and ladies!

We came back from Barcelona yesterday. I started to sort out the pictures I took, and there are very, very, very, very, very (etc.) many of them. So I decided to split the Barcelona post at least into two parts. We'll see if there will be even more parts, because the amount of pictures is huuuge.

So anyway, first on the list: La Sagrada Familia cathedral. It is even bigger than my amount of pictures, which makes it pretty enormous, really.

This was our first glimpse of La Sagrada Familia. We just came out from metro station and I was looking around in the wrong direction. My boyfriend said: "Turn around 180 degrees." So I did and... the it was! For me, this was the best moment on our trip. My expression was like this: *O*, and I literally gasped aloud. I knew the cathedral would be big, but I could never have imagined it was this huge. It surprised me and took my breath away.

We also went inside. It was marvelous. Everywhere I looked, everything was just bursting with complicated details.

And those windows with painted glass! In all different colours imaginable, everywhere around the cathedral.


The columns spread at the ends, like trees with their branches.

The outside walls, where they were finished, were full of details also.

One more picture. This isn't a great shot, but you can really see how enormous the cathedral is from this one. See how tiny the people look, and how high the ceiling is.

To get inside the cathedral we had to queque about 45 minutes or so, and the visit inside costs 13,50 euros. But if you ever go to Barcelona, I really recommend you go inside the cathedral as well. There is so much to be seen and it's so beautiful. It's totally worth it.


Vive la révolution!

Good evening, my rebels and royalists!

This post is about our dear Mimi's surprise bachelorette party. I'm going to be super boring and start with my revolution themed outfit, so those of you who do not wish to know about the party itself can skip the rest of this post. But I'm telling you, by skipping you will be missing a lots of  food pictures awesomeness! ;D

So as stated above, my outfit's theme was the French revolution (which was also the theme for the party itself). Even though I'm most certainly a royalist myself, I got to admit that the rebels' colour combo was quite fetching! I wore my chemise inspired dress (the upper part is quite historically accurate), because the rebels really wore this kind of simple dresses. Even though the fashion was originally invented by none other than the queen Marie Antoinette herself, the rebels took liking to it. When wore by Marie Antoinette, the chemise was seem as immodest and decadent - and when by rebel women, the very same dress symbolized modesty and purity. Pardon my babbling about history here, but that had to be said - it's so ironic.

Outfit details:
Chemise dress - handmade by Mimi
Belt - handmade by me with Kata's help
Earrings - a gift from Tiia, I believe they are from Accessorize
Roses - H&M, Ninja, Accessorize
Shoes - Minna Parikka


Okay, now to the party pictures, yey! Me and Kata organized this together, and others helped with sewing the rosettes for everyone who participated. We all wore rebel colours - ecxept Mimi, our poor unfortunate queen, who wore of course the royalist colours.

So, we started the party with a trial. Here I'm making Mimi swear with her hand placed upon a Gothic & Lolita Bible, that she will speak the truth only.

No matter how she tried to defend herself, the jury found Mimi quilty of spending more than France could afford. So we tied her title "Queen Mimi Elizabetha I" to a balloon.

And of to the sky her tittle went!

We also played this little game called "The Rococo Race" that I made.

The pawns were Petite Ponys, because that's cute and we didn't have anything more suitable to the theme. XD But at least the game board had some Rococo inspired pictures made by me.

Casually and very Rococo-esquely hanging out with Hanna.

For som reason Sanni took a picture of my beloved Raquel shoes.

And on to the part everyone has been waiting for - food! There was lots of it, and it was somewhat Rococo themed.

We had cupcakes decorated with the French lily.

We had handmade chocolates.

We had macarons, plenty of them.

We had baquettes, croissants and cheese. 

And in the end, have a lovely picture of our former queen and bachelorette girl, Mimi! 

All in all, I think this might have been one of our most memorable tea parties ever - even if I do say so myself! Everyone was laughing quite a lot, so I dare assume that they enjoyed themselves. Atleast I had so much fun. Thank you everyone! ♥


The Ballet Bunny

Hello, everybunny!

Today I want to show you a little birthday present I made for Susanna. A bracelet from freshwater pearls and a couple of Swarowski crystals, and a card with a dancing bunny ballerina picture.

The ballerina's skirt is made from a see through paper with silvery dots on it. The bunny's anatomy is not remotely correct, but I wasn't aiming for realism. I just wanted to draw something cute, yet also funny. I think I succeeded in that. :D


White Lace Dress - Again...

Hi there, everybunny!

Today just a quick outfitsnap from last Thursday. Nothing too special, but I do love this dress to bits. :D

Outfit details:
Headbow - Innocent World
Dress - Lindex
Belt - Seppälä
Shoes - from London


Hearts and Treats

Hello, lords and ladies!

This time I've got just a quick outfit snap for you. Quite casual, too. Also my face looks so chubby in this picture, how weird. o_O

Outfit details:
Headbow, dress - Innocent World
Blouse - Ellos
Bag - Accessorize
Bracelet - self made
Tighs - H&M
Shoes - might be Ellos, not sure though.


Beautiful Island

Good evening, lords and ladies!

Couple of days ago I decided to do a little day trip to Kaunissaari, which literally means "beautiful island" in English. The one hour long boat ride was very enjoyable, and the island itself lived up to its name. In my opinion, Kaunissaari is breathtakingly beautiful in a rough, wild way. It's a really lovely place.

Of course I took lots of pictures, and I wanted to show you some of my favorites. Please click the pictures to see the larger versions. :)

I'm still not a very good photographer, but maybe I'm getting just a tiny bit better... well, at least I like taking pictures. :3