New Layout!

New Vogue Children has a new layout! It is completely different to what I had in mind (I was thinking about chocolate brown, or maybe light green), but I do love it anyhow. It's so fresh and light, and I was starting to get bored of the old one. :}

What do you think?


Just for Fun

Good afternoon, lords and ladies!

Today I'm not going anywhere - well except for taking Chico for walks, and for those, I assure you, I'm wearing something very different indeed - so I decided to wear something I would freeze in if I actually went outside. I really miss Spring, Summer and being able to wear all my lovely pumps!

My mom's dog Chico has been staying with me most of this week, because mom is down with the flu. I have really been enjoying the sunny weather and long walks with Chico. I'm dreaming of my own puppy more and more... some day I want to have a dog of my own! Untill then, I can borrow Chico and dogsit him. ♥

I also want to show you my "multicolored headdress"! By changing the size, number and colour of the flowers, I can make it match (or missmatch) with many different outfits. I must say I really like this idea. :}

Outfit details:
Headdress - made by me
Dress - Innocent World
Blouse - Bodyline
Stockings - H&M
Shoes - Dinsko


Tea... and Everything That Comes With It

Hello, lords and ladies!

This time I'm going to talk about my tea drinking hobby, and everything that came with it.

You might have noticed already that I (and luckily most of my friends too) love to drink tea and arrange teaparties. For a while drinking good tea was enough. Then I figured out I'd like to enjoy my tea aesthetically too. And so I started to collect all sorts of pretty equipment for making and drinking tea. Now I'm going to show you some of them.

Here's a picture of my Official Tea Cabinet. I keep my favorite teasets, and of course all the teas, in here. 

Then on to the sets. This one I bought from Tiger a little while ago. It was quite cheap, and thus it is not the best set I own when it comes to quality, but the bright colours really cheer me up. Also it's of perfect size for 2-4 people. Usually two means me and my boyfriend, so whenever I make tea for the two of us, I like to use this set.

Here you can see some of my teapots. The yellow one was my first teapot ever, and though I don't use it that much anymore, it holds some dear memories. The flowery and the white one are my favorite teapots. The flowery one is good for 4-6 people, and the white one is 0,5 litres only, so it's perfect for drinking tea alone.

And here you can see my favorite teacups. I have six of these. They are Lomonosov's vintage hand painted porcelain from Soviet Union, made in the 60's or the 70's. They match very well with my favorite teapots.

A sugar pot and a cream jug. I don't like to drink cream or milk with tea, and neither does anyone of my friends, but we have used the cream jug for holding vanilla sauce. :D

And then a couple of sets I don't really use, but have bought them anyway because they were so pretty. I believe that these are meant rather for espresso coffee than tea.

This one has really bright colous, flowers and butterflies. It's simply adorable. I have six of these, and though they are too small for regular teaparties, they could be used in an event for tasting many different teas. One day I want to organize such an event.

This one is made in Japan and has dragons. I have no idea why I ever bought it. It's very beautiful, but not really my style at all. I prefer flowers.

These cups are teeny tiny, and I only have two of them. I bought them because it's very rare to find completely pink cups. I think these might be quite old, but I don't really know. The stamps only say "IMPORT", so I don't even know where these came from.

This Arabia's Little My pot is perfect for selfmade ice tea. I got it from my boyfriend's parents this Christmas. It's adorable! I love Arabia's Moomin dishes.

This one is also a second hand find. I had wanted one of these forever! Our kitchen table is quite small, so this is very handy. I love how British this seems, and would like to organize a traditional British style afternoon tea some day. The treats would of course be placed upon this.

And finally a tea strainer that I also found from a flea market. I don't know how old it is, but atleast it looks pretty old to me. I don't use this one much either. The handle has a tiny engraving of two people having tea.

How do you like to drink your tea? Or do you prefer coffee? Please share your thoughts in the comments! :}


Horses and Unicorns

Good evening, lords and ladies!

Today I went to the stable with my friend Hanna. It was my first time at the stable after I don't even know how many years. We didn't ride, because the finnhorse we went to see, Lenni, is too difficult for us. But we brushed Lenni very carefully and took him for a little walk. Today the weather was so sunny that I truly enjoyed spending some time outside.

It was also so relaxing to brush Lenni; with horses one has to concentrate to one thing only, the horse that is, and one can not think other worries. Very therapeutic, and Lenni seemed to enjoy it too. I truly miss riding and hope that someday I'll be able to start this hobby again. But from now on I have hopes to visit Lenni-boy every now and then with Hanna!

Here's Lenni the handsome finnhorse. He is so fluffyyy. ♥ (Picture taken by Hanna.)

From horses to unicorns. After I got home from the stable, I did a quick makeup and clothes change and headed for the city centre. I didn't really have time to do anything for my hair though.

I like this bag very much, but can't use it that often because it is so darn small. My life can't fit inside. :D

And Susanna found these awesome sun glasses from Bijou Brigitte! I simply had to get them too! For a very long time I've dreamed of sun glasses just like these. They won't look too out of place with a lolita outfit, either, and that is good because my eyes are quite sensitive for sun.

Now all I need is Summer! I am prepared. :}

EDIT: Oops, forgot the outfit details...
Dress - handmade by Mimi
Beret, flowers, the feather clip - H&M and Seppälä
Purse -  Primark
Blouse - Bodyline
Shoes - Dinsko


Decor Dreams

Good day, lords and ladies.

I decided to do a post about our bedroom. I have agreed with my boyfriend, that I can decorate the bedroom as I wish, but I must keep my girly stuff away from the rest of the appartment. So far it has been a very good arrangement, and I think it's only fair that the rest of our home is a little bit less feminine.

But anyway, I have been working on the bedroom a little by little. I don't have endless amounts of money, so I can only purchase couple of things at time. I have also made some great finds at the fleamarket, and of course customized some things myself.

Here's a view from the door. The white dresser used to be my mother's when she was a little girl (it was bought when my mother started school and my uncle painted it white), so I think it's safe to say it's vintage already. It opens up to a work desk also, and usually I keep my laptop on it. This dresser is without doubt my dearest piece of furniture; I've had it in my room since I was 10 years old. ♥

The mirror is a flea market find. I would like to get it hanging from the wall some day. But as it doesn't bother me that much on the floor either, I've been lazy. x)

Here's a closeup. I like to keep one of my lolita dresses at a time on display. They are so pretty, so why wouldn't I? I also like to collect cards and pictures on the closet door.

Here's rest of the room. The side curtains with flowers are a great find from a fleamarket. They are in mint condition, cost only 3 euros in total, and they are made by Finlayson. To my foreign readers this doesn't say much, but I tell you; Finlayson is a high quality, and quite expensive Finnish home decor brand.

The pictures above my dresser. The one on the left is painted with watercolours by yours truly. I call it "La Cortile des Lapins" ("The Court of Bunnies") and it features several bunnies that I or my friends own or have owned. There's Pippuri (the black one), Lady Jane Grey (the grey one), Odessa (the toffee colored one), Spike (the spotted one) and Atsalea (the dark brown one). The dame on the right is Marie Antoinette.

My candle cups and the pretty key hole of the dresser.

The nightstand and the blush toys. The two ponies on the left are part of my My Little Pony collection. There are also my two bunnybearbags by Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, a few toys from my childhood and rest of them are presents from my friends. For some reason people tend to give my blush toys. (For my next birthday and Christmas I shall make an announcement that I wish to have no more blushies. :D)

The nightstand's drawer has yellow stripes in it! I find it rather lovely.

My jewelry boxes. From left to right and back to front: Essin maailma, vintage, gift from Mimi and self painted.

And a carousel music box I bought from Joensuu. It plays "My Only Sunshine".

This white wooden box is painted and decorated by my mother. She gave it to me as a house warming gift. ♥ I keep some of my jewelry making equipments in there.

Bed cover and decorative pillows. The pear shaped one doesn't really match with anything, but it is the only thing I have sewn that didn't go horribly wrong and therefore I'm really attached to it.

This painting hangs above the bed. It's also made by me, with watercolours. It's my favorite painting from all the paintings I've ever made, because I love unircorns. I also painted the frame white myself.

All in all I'm very pleased with the bedroom already. There are still few little things I'd like to change (e.g. to get  new lamps and a new carpet). But even as it is, I really like this room. ^-^

Bonus pic: my My Little Pony collection. I keep them in the living room because there's no room for them in the bedroom. You can see closeup pictures of the Ponies here.


Helsinki Lolita Convention: Fashion Show Picks

Good evening, lords and ladies!

Our talented and all around lovely friend Sanni just finished the pictures from Helsinki Lolita Convention.  

In this post I'm going to show you my favorite outfits from the fashion shows held at the Convention.

Let us start with "Ehdotonta eleganssia" ("Absolute Elegance" in English) fashion show, which featured the darker styles.

This outfit has simply lovely colours. White and red look so fresh together, and are more often seen in sweeter styles.

These next to I love because they have lots of dirrerent textures (e.g. lace, taffeta, chiffon...). Textures make the outfits interesting even though they are all black. And of course Sari's purple hair looks amazing with all black clothes!

And here is a reare sight to be seen in Finland: we don't have that many kodonas, I believe.

This one I like because of the multible layers, and of course the awesome walking cane with a massive "diamond".

This outfit is very elegant, but what I like most about it is certainly the crow on the corset! I love almost everything bird themed.

This outfit has also lots of different textures, and it also features a fake owl skull on the headpiece; macaber, yet cute!

The next pictures are from indie brand fashion show. I think these are all from Cloudberry Lady, but I'm not sure.

This outfit I like because of the vintage-y feeling it has.

And this one because of the antiquetad feeling. That dress, words can not describe how awesome it is...!

This one I liked because of the soft colours and the rose theme.

And then there was the "Only Sky Is The Limit" fashion show, which featured more over the top coordinates.

This one was my absolute favorite from this show! I simply adore the colours. 

This one had a chocolate theme. Chocolate is always a good thing.

In this outfit I loved the slightly miss-matching colours. We need to see more outfits like this, it seems so care free but is in fact greatly coordinated.

And the last set of pictures is from the offbrand fashion show.

This rose themed print again! And the colours are sweet like macarons. So pretty!

And more macaron colours, Susanna in lavender!

This one was my last post about Helsinki Lolita Convention. Thank you everyone for making it a great experience! ♥ I can't wait for the next Finnish Lolita Convention.



Hi everyone!

Since the Convention  I've felt really inspired to wear lolita. How ever my inspiration really goes towards Spring coordinations... and well, there's snowing out there. All the time. Almost everyday. Around the clock. Snow, snow, SNOW. I'm so bored of all this snow. Spring, please come here already.

I'm also gettin bored of wearing the same winter shoes with every coordinate, but what can one do. There's snow, and cold, and wind, and snow, and oh did I mention snow, so sturdy boots are in order. Plahhh.

Anyway, here's my boring outfit from today. Me and Sari went to Kakkugalleria, and then to the movies to see the Anna Karenina.

Usually I battle against my naturally curly hair, but today I was feeling fluffy, so I let my hair be its fluffy self. I even brushed it to make it more fluffy (usually I do the brushing at the end of the day to avoid the fluffiness).

And seriuosly this is my last cake buffet. Ever. No, never again. I just can't do it anymore. I couldn't even eat three pieces of cake. I must be getting old(er). I used to love cake buffet. :(

My outfit:
Dress - Juliette & Justine
Blouse - Bodyline
Bag - Accessorize
Shoes - Wonders

P.S. I'm considering making a post about our bedroom, which I have been decorating gradually. It's still not quite finished, but it's getting nicer and nicer. Would anyone be interested in seeing it? :}