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Good day, lords and ladies.

I decided to do a post about our bedroom. I have agreed with my boyfriend, that I can decorate the bedroom as I wish, but I must keep my girly stuff away from the rest of the appartment. So far it has been a very good arrangement, and I think it's only fair that the rest of our home is a little bit less feminine.

But anyway, I have been working on the bedroom a little by little. I don't have endless amounts of money, so I can only purchase couple of things at time. I have also made some great finds at the fleamarket, and of course customized some things myself.

Here's a view from the door. The white dresser used to be my mother's when she was a little girl (it was bought when my mother started school and my uncle painted it white), so I think it's safe to say it's vintage already. It opens up to a work desk also, and usually I keep my laptop on it. This dresser is without doubt my dearest piece of furniture; I've had it in my room since I was 10 years old. ♥

The mirror is a flea market find. I would like to get it hanging from the wall some day. But as it doesn't bother me that much on the floor either, I've been lazy. x)

Here's a closeup. I like to keep one of my lolita dresses at a time on display. They are so pretty, so why wouldn't I? I also like to collect cards and pictures on the closet door.

Here's rest of the room. The side curtains with flowers are a great find from a fleamarket. They are in mint condition, cost only 3 euros in total, and they are made by Finlayson. To my foreign readers this doesn't say much, but I tell you; Finlayson is a high quality, and quite expensive Finnish home decor brand.

The pictures above my dresser. The one on the left is painted with watercolours by yours truly. I call it "La Cortile des Lapins" ("The Court of Bunnies") and it features several bunnies that I or my friends own or have owned. There's Pippuri (the black one), Lady Jane Grey (the grey one), Odessa (the toffee colored one), Spike (the spotted one) and Atsalea (the dark brown one). The dame on the right is Marie Antoinette.

My candle cups and the pretty key hole of the dresser.

The nightstand and the blush toys. The two ponies on the left are part of my My Little Pony collection. There are also my two bunnybearbags by Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, a few toys from my childhood and rest of them are presents from my friends. For some reason people tend to give my blush toys. (For my next birthday and Christmas I shall make an announcement that I wish to have no more blushies. :D)

The nightstand's drawer has yellow stripes in it! I find it rather lovely.

My jewelry boxes. From left to right and back to front: Essin maailma, vintage, gift from Mimi and self painted.

And a carousel music box I bought from Joensuu. It plays "My Only Sunshine".

This white wooden box is painted and decorated by my mother. She gave it to me as a house warming gift. ♥ I keep some of my jewelry making equipments in there.

Bed cover and decorative pillows. The pear shaped one doesn't really match with anything, but it is the only thing I have sewn that didn't go horribly wrong and therefore I'm really attached to it.

This painting hangs above the bed. It's also made by me, with watercolours. It's my favorite painting from all the paintings I've ever made, because I love unircorns. I also painted the frame white myself.

All in all I'm very pleased with the bedroom already. There are still few little things I'd like to change (e.g. to get  new lamps and a new carpet). But even as it is, I really like this room. ^-^

Bonus pic: my My Little Pony collection. I keep them in the living room because there's no room for them in the bedroom. You can see closeup pictures of the Ponies here.

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  1. I can see why he'd want the girly-ness contained in one room. The pony collection is enough to make me run screaming and I'm of a girly minded nature myself :P

    1. Oh, you don't like Ponies? Each to their own; I simply love MLP. x)

    2. I'm not a pony person at all. But I do like the fresh colour scheme and the idea of hanging your dress as a piece of art like the pictures is genius

  2. I love it how harmonious everything is, the atmosphere is just so calm and lovely! I think that your decoration ideas really go nicely with your personality. But I also must say that I absolutely adore that huge green pear -it's so wonderfully out of place. xD

  3. owwwn your room is so cute!!!
    Love my little poney collection! And your table!

  4. I think the room is really pretty, and I love the decoration. I totally understand the fact that you don't own a lot of money so can't make huge changes at once, it took me years to decorate my room the way it is today, so I know how to appreciate the effort you put into things. And that green pear is amazing <3

  5. I've always wanted to see your room/house ^^ I am thinking about moving with my boyfriend and I think we're gonna fight about the deco, I prefer white and cute furniture while... he has no tastes in deco and doesn't want something "lolita" T_T

    1. Maybe you could suggest your boyfriend a similar arrangement that we have here? That you can decorate one room as you like, and the rest of it will be more neutral? In our home it has worked very well and I believe we are both happy with the house. :)

  6. I adore what you've done with your room and its very sporting of your boyfriend to be on board with it.

    the ponies! Oh my gosh, I'd adore seeing detail shots of those - do you collect the old school or all generations? Which ones are your favorites? [I collected them when I was little and started slowly re-collecting them as I got older - my absolute favorites are the first generation Sparkle Ponies, the perfume puff ponies and eery one of the Flutterby ponies. I still haven't been able to find good flutterby vintage ponies with their wings intact that don't cost a billion dollars u_u]

    1. Thank you very much! He is very supportive of my hobbies. He lets me decorate the bedroom, lets me keep my MLPs on display and even encourages me to wear lolita. He's the best! ♥

      You can see close ups of my Ponies here: http://caralovelies.blogspot.fi/2013/03/laumani.html it's my blog for my MLP hobby, though I'm too lazy updating it. u_u

      My dearest ponies are also from G1: Great Hair Ringlets, Melody, Baby Licorice, Confetti, Baby Surprise and Flower Bouquet are my absolute favorites. But I like G3 and G4 Ponies very much, too! The only generation I really, really, really can't stand is 3,5. And I don't like G2 that much either, but I do have couple of Ponies from it in my collection.