Daily Knees

Good evening, lords and ladies!

Last Saturday was Kata's doll themed Halloween party, but we also had our traditional Kesänkuoppajaiset the same day. I decided to pop in at Kata's quickly before our own party. Thus my outfit had to be somewhat doll themed, but also comfy. Shirring was an absolute must as Kesänkuoppajaiset had a lot of awesome food - the menu had crepes, pancakes and such! The dress would also have to be machine washable in case I would accidentally drop orange marmalade on it. Luckily that never happened, though, but that's a lot of requirements for one single outfit!

{Dress - Innocent World / blouse - Seppälä / headbow - second hand / stockings - Lock Shop / shoes - KMB}
I didn't take any pictures at Kesänkuoppajaiset (I was too busy eating and having fun with my dear friends) but have some adorable pictures of Chili, Kata's kitten instead. Mimi also has wonderful pictures of the other "dolls" at Kata's party.

I'm actually a little bit afraid of cats, and could never have a cat of my own, but I must admit they are cute when they are just small kittens! :D


The Bunny Party

Hello, everyone!

Lauren wanted to meet my bunnygirl Odessa, so I invited her, Tiia and Sari over for some tea and bunny petting. It was a great excuse to wear my new Jane Marple dress. I love it, it's so easy and comfy to wear! *-*

Kalevala Jewelry's Heart of the House necklace  matches this dress perfectly.

We got this table cloth from my fiancé's grandmother. She has embroidered it herself and it's so beautiful I could almos cry. (By the way, I did iron the table cloth but not enough, it seems, because soon after it got its old wrinkles back!)

Here's Lauren and Tiia with my Odessa! Needless to say that Her Royal Bunnyness was most pleased to have two ladies in waiting who petted her and bribed her with treats. ♥


Rose Red

My fiancé has always given me white roses. I've been asking him why white, why doesn't he give me red roses sometimes for a change? Red roses are a sign of love, after all. But now that he gives me red ones, I find myself missing the white roses. I guess I got used to them! We women are never happy, it seems. :')


Oops... x 2

Hello, lords and ladies!

Lately I've been trying to sell some of my lolita dresses for two reasons. Reason # 1 is that my (lolita) style has evolved during the years, and my tastes have changed towards more classic, so some of the dresses I have simply do not fit my style any more. I never use them, so why keep them? Reason # 2 is that my closets are simply so full I can't fit all my dresses there properly - and this means I have too many of them and some of them have to go. (And yes, even a lolita fashion enthusiastic can have too many dresses.) It is really hard to let dresses go, but I'm trying my best.

Well, not hard enough, it seems, because I slipped. Twice. What else can I say, than "Oops"? But in my defence I have to say that Mimi, that cunning girl, made such a good offer for me that I couldn't find it in my heart to refuse. I already promised to myself that I will sell at least two dresses to make room for these, but really, I'm in the starting point again. Oh dear. Mimi, it's all your fault! :D

But will you just look at them? They are beautiful. Especially this Jane Marple dress. It's olive green, but all over the facric there are golden threads, so the whole dress shimmers. The dress is embroidered with gold also, picturing a Russian style church with flowers in front of it and little clouds over it. The hem is quite narrow, which makes it ideal for comfortable (only one petticoat required!), yet elegant outfits.

The second dress is by Innocent World. It is a quite basic black JSK - the type I have been looking for a long time. I will be able to wear it in lots of different ways, and even though it's a wardrobe basic (in lolita standards at least), it also has lots of details that make it interesting.


Mint x Red

Hello, everyone!

Sanni visited our place today and that gave me a good excuse to dress up. I have wanted to coordinate this dress with dark red forever, and now I finally did it.

I accidentally saved the wrong picture on my computer and deleted the rest - and now this is all I'm left with. It really saddens me because I liked this outfit a lot. ;_;

Closeup of the jewelry I wore.

{ Dress - Angelic Pretty / Roses - H&M / Shoes - Ellos / Jewelry - vintage, souvenir from Vilna }


The Crazy Bunny Lady

Good afternoon, lords and ladies!

Yesterday I visited Lahti for some tea party-ing and scrapping with my frilly girls - it was like a little lolita road trip, as we went all together by car.

Every one is always talking about the crazy cat ladies, but when I'm old, I will be a crazy bunny lady for sure. Maybe I already am, actually. I can't resist anything bunny themed. :')

Mimi has a bunnybear too! Her name is Lareine and she is bigger than my bunnybears. She was so lovely that I'm actually wondering should I have a black bunnybear, too - then I'd have the whole set of them.

My bunny stockings. I also had Minna Parikka's bunny ear bag but I forgot it from the pictures.

{Dress - Innocent World / shoes - Minna Parikka / headbow - second hand / blouse - Seppälä / earrings - Kalevala Jewelry / stockings - Luca}

There was lots of food, of course. We also got to taste Mimi's own tea blend, "Mist Over the Hills". It looked a little bit misty in the cup, like it had a drop of milk in it, and it was delicious!

We also did some scrapping for a notebook that is going to be sent to Misako Aoki when it's complete. I drew this unicorn for the book. It's not that good, I hardly never draw anymore and my skills are rusty (and they were never that good to begin with) but hey, it matches my outfit. :P

And in the end, here's every one! On top row Kata, Hanna and Lauren, on the sofa me and Mimi.


Bunny in Boots

Good evening, lords and ladies!

My fiancé gave me two equally wonderful options for my birthday present. After a long and agonizing consideration I ended up choosing...

...Minna Parikka's Bunny Vic ankle boots in cream and black. 

My birthday isn't till November, but Minna Parikka store was running out of small sizes in this colour option, so I got my present a little bit early. :3


Lolita Blog Carnival: How My Style Has Evolved

Hello, everyone!

Today's Lolita Blog Carnival theme is as the title says. I first got interested in lolita in 2005, and the year 2006 saw my first attempts in this tricky fashion. My blog, however, only goes back to 2009, and that's where this post will begin from. Actually I'm just glad I don't have any proof of my early "lolita" outfits, because to be honest they were Awful with a capital A. Those were different times; not many brands shipped abroad, and thus we had to make do with whatever almost-but-not-quite-lolita clothes that we could lay our hands on, and even those sad items were such treasures! Oh, all the memories! But, anyway, the purpose of this long babbling was to warn you that yes, this post will be as long as a year of famine (as the Finnish saying goes). So be warned! And here we go...


I started my lolita career as a gothic lolita - and so did everyone else. Back in 2006, gothic lolita was all the rage and I still occasionally dressed in it in 2009. I guess it also fitted my dark teen years very well. This h.NAOTO Frill dress was my very first brand dress ever, and how I loved it! I also wore dark lipstick, a big mistake. Don't get me wrong; I still adore dark lipsticks but I just can't wear them myself, because my lips are so tiny. But in 2009, I am yet to learn this.

 In 2009 I also got my very first dress from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright. I still own this dress and wear it every now and then. My style was not that polished back then, as you can see.


In 2010 I started to like some of Innocent World's sweeter designs, as well. I was getting more into sweet lolita and the dramatic gothic days were finally behind me. I got my bunny bear bags and though I never used them much in daily wear, I sometimes dared to. I also wore over the knees with prints - a thing that I don't really do anymore, but then it seemed like a good idea.

I also fell in love with Angelic Pretty. During those times, sweet lolita was The Thing and I kind of went with the flow. I think it also had much to do with the fact that I was just bored after so many years in black and white, and sweet lolita seemed so fresh, so full of colour options!

But I never lost my love for Baby (still haven't, after all these years!) and sometimes I even wore black, mostly with lighter colours though.


During the year 2011, my favourite brands were still the same: Baby, AP and IW. For some time, I was very loyal towards these brands and didn't even consider buying a dress from any other brand. 2011 was also the year I finally got Minna Parikka's Raquel shoes - shoes that I had long lusted for and shoes that I still have, and still love. Later I got more Minna Parikka shoes and liked to wear them with lolita a lot.

I also started to get interested in classic lolita. My first attempts were not so good.

I also bought these winter boots from Baby; they were and still are my only lolita brand shoes. Usually the price and quality just aren't a match, I've always thought it's ridiculous to spend that much on fake leather shoes. But I had long wanted proper lolita winter boots, something that isn't so easy to find from regular shoe stores, and so I got these and wore them a lot during that year.

Sugary Carnival was once my dream dress, and 2011 was the last time I wore it. I just recently sold it away and it did hurt to part from it, even though it no longer fits my style at all.


But in 2012, I got another dream dress - Baby's Marie Antoinette OP, a dress I had admired from the very beginning of my lolita hobby. This dress, when I first laid eyes upon it, seemed to be everything I loved in lolita, the ultimate lolita dress. And now it was mine!

 I would still wear Angelic Pretty occasionally, but in 2012 I wore mostly Baby and IW. My style was going more towards sweet-classic and pure classic. My outfits were also getting more delicate; I would wear airy lace thights instead of printed socks. Actually, somewhere during this year I made the decision to never wear over the knees with lolita again, and never again I did. I decided that I was officially too old for them, and that outfits were more elegant without.

In 2012 I also added two new brands to my wardrobe: Victorian Maiden and Juliette & Justine. 



The more time passes, the less I care about the fact if my outfits are matching or not. If the coulours work together, I wear them and that's that. This has made lolita a lot more fun to me.

This unicorn print dress is made by Mimi and has been one of my absolute favourites ever since I've had it. During this year I also started to like nude coloured lace or print stockings the most, often choosing them over the white ones I had worn a lot during the previous year. I hate the attention I get while wearing lolita, and I somehow feel more "invisible" with nude stockings.

During winter, I tended to wear dark, solid coloured stockings, to be (or at least feel) less noticiable and also to keep warm.

I was also - and still am - trying to find new, more classical ways of wearing my old sweet dresses.


In 2014, I still prefer dark or nude thights. To be honest, my lolita style is pretty boring during the Winter times - I hate that, but I just want to be warm, and draw as little attention as possible, and also Winter is really dark and uninspiring time in Finland.

Well, what else? This year I wore my latte coloured killer heels. A Lot. I liked to combine them with sweet pastel coulours, to get more mature yet still cute looks.

I learned that these shoes go with everything.

I also tried to find new ways to wear my beloved Marie Antoinette OP. It's very hard to coordinate, but here I tried a little bit more modern approach and liked the outcome a lot.

I also like to coordinate a little bit of black into my outfits - it makes them seem more elegant and fresh.

And of course I added yet another (indie) brand to my wardrobe, when I finally bought this beautiful dress from Finnish Cloudberry Lady.

When it comes to accessorizing, I have always preferred to use offbrand, second hand, vintage and regular store finds also to get a more unique style. This is something that has not changed during all these years.


Phew. That took me forever. Hopefully some of you, my dear readers, could make it all the way to the end! If you enjoyed it, even better, if you suffered trough it, well I am sorry but still glad that you made it. :D

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