The Crazy Bunny Lady

Good afternoon, lords and ladies!

Yesterday I visited Lahti for some tea party-ing and scrapping with my frilly girls - it was like a little lolita road trip, as we went all together by car.

Every one is always talking about the crazy cat ladies, but when I'm old, I will be a crazy bunny lady for sure. Maybe I already am, actually. I can't resist anything bunny themed. :')

Mimi has a bunnybear too! Her name is Lareine and she is bigger than my bunnybears. She was so lovely that I'm actually wondering should I have a black bunnybear, too - then I'd have the whole set of them.

My bunny stockings. I also had Minna Parikka's bunny ear bag but I forgot it from the pictures.

{Dress - Innocent World / shoes - Minna Parikka / headbow - second hand / blouse - Seppälä / earrings - Kalevala Jewelry / stockings - Luca}

There was lots of food, of course. We also got to taste Mimi's own tea blend, "Mist Over the Hills". It looked a little bit misty in the cup, like it had a drop of milk in it, and it was delicious!

We also did some scrapping for a notebook that is going to be sent to Misako Aoki when it's complete. I drew this unicorn for the book. It's not that good, I hardly never draw anymore and my skills are rusty (and they were never that good to begin with) but hey, it matches my outfit. :P

And in the end, here's every one! On top row Kata, Hanna and Lauren, on the sofa me and Mimi.

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