Life via Instagram: Easter Holidays

Hello, everyone!

I hope you all had nice Easter holidays? I lost a dear, old fluffy friend on Monday, but apart from that it was a relaxing holiday. I have mourned her in a calm manner; not much tears, remembering the good times we had. Of course I am very sad, but crying won't bring her back and will only make me feel worse, so this is a good way to go about it, I think. Well, anyway, here's some (more happy) pictures from Easter...

1. An Easter surprice for my fiancé. I filled it with his favourite Belgian coconot chocolate pralines and hid it inside my bunnybearbag for him to find.

2. We ate lots and lots of chocolate.

3. I wore this outfit to see the Cinderella movie. I really liked this colour combo.

4. My "official" Easter shoes. I wore these last year's Easter, too, and thought that well, why not.

5. I bought pink tulips again.

6. What would an Easter be without our own Easter bunny? Nothing. ♥

P.S. I changed my nickname in Instagram into maricaranette. I think it suits me better.


Tara 13.2.2003-6.4.2015

 I do not mourn for you, for you were old, and had such a long, good life, and were so much loved. I mourn for us, who must remain behind and miss you. This is the end of an era, and the world won't be quite the same without you. Good bye, dreamer. ♥


Reasons to Travel from 1932

And they are still valid today, I think. I could have almost written this same list myself, I agree so completely.


Lolita Blog Carnival: How Would You Re-Do Your Wardrobe

Hello, everyone!

This week's Lolita Blog Carnival topic can be interpreted many ways. I took this approach; how would I re-do my current wardrobe, or how would I like to do things as a beginner, if I knew then all the things that I know now.

Well then, how would I like to re-do my current wardrobe?

 Re-do is quite a strong, almost chaotic word. I wouldn't want to re-do anything. I'm quite happy with my wardrobe as it is; most items match with each other (or don't match, but still work together nicely, when I don't feel like being all matchy). I have been building this wardrobe many years (about nine, to be exact), and I believe I have already found my own style in lolita. One of my friends described it very fittingly, saying "Your lolita style is very champagne shaded." I wouldn't dramatically change anything, but of course there are always those little things.

I would like to add more non-print dresses to my wardrobe, for example. I especially like old school pieces, or else pieces that have old school feeling to them. Applique, embroidery, ruffles, laces and bows are all lovely details, which you get less in printed garments. To be honest, I've grown a little bit bored with print dresses, or at least I have so many of those that it'd be a nice change to have more dresses without print.

Those just seem to be very hard to find! I would also like to sell some dresses that I don't wear that much anymore (and actually I have sold and swapped some dresses during the least year or so). The biggest single flaw in my wardrobe is the absence of a nice, roomy chocolate brown bag! It's not that I mind mixing different shades of brown, but it just would be a nice thing to own. The problem with this is that I'm very picky, and nothing is quite what I am looking for (not even the bag pictured!).

Okay, what would I like to do differently now compared to what I did nine years ago?

The short and simple answer to this is: nothing.

And here comes the long answer for those who care to read it; I wouldn't do anything differently. I made a lot of mistakes, and I looked quite horrible for the first years in this style. Things were very different back then. There really was no brand, neither new nor second hand, available outside of Japan. Almost none of the brands shipped abroad, and even if they did, I couldn't afford anything from them. There was not many indie brands, either, and certainly not Finnish ones. So we had to make-do with flea market, goth shop and offbrand finds that were even remotely loliable. It does tell something about the passion behind the fashion; people really wanted to wear lolita so badly, even though it was so hard!

I have also tried almost every lolita style there is (such as wa, ero and hime, too). I started as a (wanna-be) gothic lolita, as that was The Thing then. After that, I fell in love with sweet lolita, quite possibly because I wished to forget my "gothic lolita" days. Then, after some years in sweet, I started to crave for more mature, elegant, yet still cute look, and started to change my wardrobe more towards classic and sweet-classic, the state it is now in. In the past nine years, I have re-done my wardrobe three times. I think this is it.

 Me in 2009.

And yet, I'd like to do nothing differently. I can see now that the mistakes I made all thought me something and helped me work towards the goal of being a good lolita. Now I am one, even if I say so myself. And all the style phases I went through felt right at the time. I certainly didn't like classic lolita nine years ago, so why would I want to tell my younger self to buy classic instead of gothic lolita? My younger self, being even more stubborn than I am today (having worked on that, too) would simply tell me to shut up and let her wear what she really wants to wear.

The most important thing; even if I  - and many of my friends, who still are here after all these years! - were not very good lolitas, we were still having fun. Even though we did everything wrong and didn't realize it, we had fun. I would never change that fun, those moments with my precious frilly girls, for anything. What's happened is in the past, in the memories, and I'll let it stay there. Now I'm mature enough to smile at my mistakes, too. And the sense of style developed eventually, too.

What would you, dear readers, like to change about your wardrobe, current or past? Feel free to discuss in the comments!  

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Courtly Dreams For Burgher

P.P.S. Happy Easter holidays, everyone! ♥


Hearts of Our House

Good evening, lords and ladies!

Just a quick update this time. My fiancé gave me Kalevala Jewelry's Heart of the House necklace in silver yesterday, and now I have a set of this series in both bronze and silver. I really love this series, and hope to add more of it to my jewelry collection in the future. But this is a nice start indeed. ♥



Hello, lords and ladies!

Sanni visited me last Saturday. We both happened to be wearing Innocent World's flower print dresses by coinsidence.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am already dreaming of Spring. The last few days had been quite sunny, too, so I wanted to wear something colourful and flowery.

I had made rice chocolates for the day, and Sanni brought mint, raspberry and hazelnut flavoured macarons, which were so delicious! These treats tasted especially good with the fine white tea from India. All in all, it was a lovely day spent swith a lovely friend. ♥


Life via Instagram

Good afternoon, everyone!

My life has been really hectic lately, and so I'm a little bit behind the schedule when it comes to blogging. The good news are I'm just on schedule on my studies, though! It's been a while since I bloggeg about personal matters (and not of those regarding the fashion show I'm organizing with Mimi for Hellocon 2015), and I decided to share glimpes of my Instagram account - and incidently, glimpses of my life recently - with you. Instagram is a pretty convenient diary of what's happening around me, as it's so quick and easy to use. So, here we go...

1. Last Saturday Sanni dear visited me. We both happened to wear Innocent World's flower prints! There will be a proper blog post about this day later on, so stay tuned. ;)

2. I bought some new clothes, including this cardi dress. It is very warm and cozy - one of those clothes that feel like you are wearing a night gown all the time, but luckily don't look like it.

3. A detail shot. The dress has cute little bows on the sleeves and golden threads alongside the grey colour, giving it a little bit of sparkle.

4. I bought a scrapping album for our travel photos and a super cute makeup pouch, both with the Eiffel Tower theme.

5. I finally found a perfect place and purpose for this lovely photo frame that Mimi gave me years ago. It now holds our engament picture, standing next to a matching jewelry box which has been in use all along.

6. Me penpal sent me this cute unicorn card, which looks so lovely on the pink frame.

7. I bought us a huge bouquet of pink tulips. The colour is just wonderful and makes me dream of Spring. *-*

8. Besided scrapping photo albums, I have also done some other craft projects. Flower theme is persistent, as I am looking forward to Spring very eagerly (please, come here already!).

9. Odessa is as lovely, cute and darling as ever.

10. Right now I'm taking care of these two lovely girls, Nelda and Tara, while their owner is in Japan. It's been wonderful to take long walks together in the sunshine.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone! ♥