Easy Recipe: Home Made Ice Tea

Hello, everyone! One of my readers asked if I could do a tutorial about making ice tea yourself, and since I made ice tea anyway today, I thought that why not? I hope you'll like it! This recipe is super easy, yet the result is very tasty and refreshing on hot Summer days.

For home made ice tea, you will need:

♥ A jug (preferably with a lid)
♥ Good quality tea of your choice
♥  A brewing pouch (paper or cloth)
♥ Ice cold water
♥ (Honey, sugar and/or lime/lemon juice/slices, ice cubes)

How to:

Put the tea in the pouch, and the pouch in the jug. Pour as cold water on top of the pouch as you can possibly get. Put a lid on the jug, and put it in the freezer for 1,5-2 hours. After that, take the tea pouch away and stir the ice tea with a spoon. If you like, you can add some sugar, honey, lemon or lime juice or slices into it. You may also add some ice cubes. Now all that's left to do is to enjoy it!

Other tips:

I personally like green tea as ice tea the most, however this is of course a matter of taste. In my opinion, green tea tastes the most fresh. Green teas spiced with flowers, berries, lemon or lime are my favourites, although coconut ice tea is surprisingly delicious too. I have also made "ice tea" with red grapefruit roiibos, though of course roiibos is not tea and it was technically not ice tea, but rather ice infusion. There are no limits to what teas you can make ice tea from; you'll find your own favourites by trying.


The House-elf Dress

I playfully call this dress "The house-elf dress", because it looks like a dish towel and house-elfs wear those in Harry Potter books. Despite the not-so-glamorous nickname, I still like this dress a lot and have been almost living in it during the hot days. It's super comfy and cool.

{Purse, dress - H&M / Shoes - Ellos / Jewelry - Kalevala Jewelry}


Ice Tea, Witches, Violets and a Bird

Hello, lords and ladies!

Yesterday I visited The Ounce. Tiia was kind enough to accompany me. If no one would have wanted to go with me, I'd taken a good book with me and gone anyway. :D

 {Headbow, dress - Innocent World / blouse - Ellos / shoes, purse - second hand}

It's been very hot and humid since Sunday. We were supposed to get thunderstorms but so far they have not come. I wish it would rain and thunder very, very much and after that we'd get rid of this awful humidness. But, as the weather is what it is, I drank ice tea. I make ice tea at home all the time also, it helps a little bit. This weather better be done with before I get back to work. The thunderstorm could actually come then! I'd love to watch the planes in the pouring rain...

I've also been reading a lot lately. Right now I'm reading three different books at the same time. One of them is about the witch hunts of the Reneissance time, a subject that's long fascinated me and now I decided it's time to educate myself on the matter. Tiia was ever so lovely and gave this book to me! It's also about witch hunts, in Finland particularly, and I just can't wait to get to read it! I'm trying to keep my paws off it until I finish my three other books, but I don't know if I can resist the temptation that long! Four books at one go, weeell, that's not too much, is it...?

Violets have gone quite wild. They are the flowers of the early Summer, but I won't let bf tell them that, and thus they don't know and flourish still. I love them, they are like a little meadow on our balcony. ♥

My awesome bf got me this Kalevala necklace as a anniversary gift. I adore it, of course. It's my name bird.

Besides working, that's pretty much what I've been up to lately. 


A Little Bit Something New

Good afternoon, everyone!

It's been ages since Creme de la Garderobe (held in Lahti this time), but here's what I purchased there. Cloudberry Lady's Adella, Arista and Aquata JSK. I've been admiring this collection for a long time and couldn't resist it...

The print is gorgeous. It's nice to see a little bit more realistic (mer)people on a lolita dress. I don't always like the manga-like prints that are seen more often.

This purse I got from my little sister, as a thank you for taking care of her dog Hilma during their trip. It's very cute and goes both with my regular and lolita style - I like my accessories fitting all of my styles so this is very good gift for me. :3


It Was Supposed to Rain

... so of course it didn't. I wore my weather proof shoes and took my umbrella and it was sunny all day long. I could have worn some other shoes for a change. Some that wouldn't kill my feet, maybe. Pfft.

Anyway, I visited Tiia yesterday and wore this.

{Dress - Innocent World / flowers, blouse - H&M / shoes - from London / purse, earrings, ring - Accessorize / trench coat - second hand}

And we have a tea duck now. We still want another one in the yellow colourway, so me and bf can both have tea with ducks in it. :3

The other day I lost the other half of my favourite silver earrings at work (or so I thought). I was quite crestfallen since I'd had a rough day anyway, so wonderful bf surprised me with Kalevala's earrings in silver. Later the lost earring was discovered in our washing machine (???) and thus I have now two lovely pairs of earrings. :D


Teabook #2

Hello, lords and ladies!

My first Teabook lasted about four months and then I ran out of pages. It's time to take Teabook number two into use! I got this notebook from my Mother years ago. It's handmade, though I don't know by whom (Mom found it from a some kind of fair). I always thought the notebook was so beautiful that I didn't know what to use it for, but now it has a special purpose enough. :D

I can also tie my previous Teabook together with the new one, should I happen to need them both with me when going to The Ounce or visiting friends for tea. Now that's handy!


Latte Blue

Good evening, lords and ladies!

Today I met Sanni for some tea at The Ounce. The weather forecast said it might rain, so I wore my latte coloured shoes - they are fake leather and can take any weather. It didn't rain, after all, but I still liked my outfit. Also these shoes are very versatile, as is that purse. They seem to match almost anything! Right now I'm tempted to coordinate these accessories with some light blue also, inspired by Tiia's lovely outfit in Hellocon. Maybe I will...!

Tried a new hairstyle also, inspired by Reneissance. I like the idea, but this one still needs some working on. Next time I'll tie more of my hair to braids and hopefully it will keep the hairdo together more securely. This one looks a little bit messy (naturally curly fluffy hair, I love you).

{Dress - Juliette et Justine / Roses - H&M / Blouse - Ellos / Shoes - some shop in London / purse - Accessorize}

This time I tried a green tea flavoured with mint called Mojito. It was lovely and fresh.

What else? Well, our Odessa has been trying to befriend dogs.

I'm now taking care of my sisters dog Hilma for a couple of weeks, and Odessa just won't leave her alone, she is so curious about Hilma! Hilma doesn't know what to think of this strange bunny that isn't running away from her, but rather towards, but takes it all in a very relaxed manner. Hilma is always so relaxed. x)