Easter Holidays


Happy Easter, Ostara or whatever it is you are celebrating! I'm mainly celebrating the fact that I don't have school on Monday. :}



I painted this stool's legs white some time ago, but only now got around to taking some pictures. I'm not that handy when it comes to painting furniture (or My Little Ponies), but I like it anyway.

Also - I would like to let you know, that this blog might be going through a minor hiatus during this Spring. I'm going to both study and work in a demanding job, and I rather fear I'll be awfully busy as a result. But I'll try to update here if I have time to do anything worth updating for, and it will be easier in the Summer when I'm only working. So, see you (hopefully very) soon, my lords and ladies! :}


Heart of the House

A gift, nay, the gift from my boyfriend. And it's even one of my all time favourites from Kalevala Jewelry, so I'm very happy. He said he thought this was the most beautiful piece of Kalevala Jewelry and he also thought it would suit me very well - and I totally agree. ♥


1 & 2

# 1 For Ballet

Went to see The Beauty and The Beast ballet. It was wonderful. Magical. Fantastic. To put it short, I loved it. *-*

{Earrings - Accessorize, dress - H&M, shoes - can't remember}

# 2 For Tea 

I'm stuck with these brown shoes, it seems. You may call me paranoid if you wish to, but I don't think it's safe to wear light colored shoes just yet. One does not simply wear designer shoes in Finland.

{Dress - Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, blouse - Seppälä, headbow - Innocent World, shoes - same old}


Earth Tones*

*A nice way of saying brown. (What on earth are you wearing? A Michipedia of Fashion by Michi Girl)

Hello, everyone! Today I visited The Ounce with Hanna-Katariina. I wore classic lolita, suffered from a very bad hair day and it feels like I'm getting a flu, but other than that it was a fun day. :D

{Dress, headbow - Innocent World, blouse - H&M, shoes - Ellos, stockings - Stockmann}

I couldn't attend Kata's housewarming party, because I was sick on that day also. So I visited her place yesterday and gave her this selfmade card. I can't draw cats but it seems I can cut them out of funny paper allright.


Lolita Blog Carnival: Historical Inspired Coordinates

Good evening, lords and ladies!

I decided to participate in this week's Lolita Blog Carnival by introducing some of my previous, more ore less historically inspired coordinates because I'm too lazy to do any new ones right now. I've always loved the historical influence lolita has, the OTT sweet was never quite my thing.

My favourite era to draw inspiration from is Rococo - how could it not be with its ridiculous opulence and luxury? Baby's Marie Antoinette OP is of course in itself very Rococo-esque. It's a dress one simply can not wear casually, and therefore I don't get to wear it that often. But when I do, I feel really special, like I just started wearing lolita and it feels all new, fresh and ecxiting. There's a love at first sight feeling to this dress that's yet to fade. It's one of my dreamdresses. ♥


The French Revolution isn't really my thing, as I'm a royalist by heart, but I have to admit I really like their colours. I wore this outfit to Mimi's bachlorette party, which had a French Revolution theme. Of course the chemise type dress seen here (and handmade by Mimi), also worn by the revolutionists, was originally made fashionable by none other than Marie Antoinette, the Queen of France. I've always loved the irony in that.

Deary me, this one is so old! But this Angelic Pretty's dress also has some Rococo influence on the upper part, and that's why I purchased it. I really like this dress but don't wear it that often, because it's quite uncomfortable to be in. Shame, really.

For this outfit, I wanted to get Vintage-like feeling with the hat and the classical pumps. The dress (handmade by Mimi) also has historical inspirations; the unicorn print is from a Medieval tapestry, and the fabric choises and the golden embroidery on the shoulder straps were inspired by British Renaissance.

This Victorian Maiden's OP clearly has some Victorian vibes. The laceup boots add to it.

So, those were some examples of how I like to bring historical inspiration to my outfits. What is your favourite era to draw inspiration from? Or are you not that interested in history at all? Do share your thoughts in the comments!

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