Hello everyone, and happy December!

My friend Mimi came up with a brilliant idea:


Her idea was to create a sort of Christmas calendar with lolita coordinations on Instagram. I fell in love with this concept right away and wanted to participate, so we came up with the hashtag and decided to share this with you - it would be lovely if someone else would like to take part in this, as well! So if you like the idea, please feel free to participate! I'll be sure to check out any coordination under the hashtag. :)

The "rules": 

1. Pick a theme - it doesn't have to be Christmas related. It could be anything: your favourite season, colour, pattern, animal, place, food...
2. Create a coordination around that theme from 1st to 24th of December.
3. Take a picture of your coordinate (either worn, on a dummy or simply laid out) and post it to Instagram.
4. Remember to tag all your coordinations with #LolitaChristmasChallenge.
5. Be creative & have fun!

My theme for the challenge: bunnies

It wasn't that hard to decide what my theme would be! I will try to create 24 different coordinations ranging from just slightly neurotic to full on crazy bunny lady mode.

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Follow our coordinations on Instagram

If you wish to, you can follow my coordinates @caranette.
Mimi's theme is tartan (one of her favourite patterns) and you'll find her creations @mimiparapluie.

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