What's inside my (loli) purse

I should be packing away my stuff, but instead I'm taking pictures of the rather pink insides of my loli purse - though this is pretty much what my purse has always eaten, be it lolipurse or non (even my notes for work are written on a notebook with roses and angels on the cover!). Today I imagined, just for fun, what kind of loli coordinations I would like to wear for a week end trip to Paris - and got a sudden urge to do something loli related and since I have no time to actually wear loli right now (should be packing, packing, packing away), I decided to take this photo.

So, inside is: Bambi makeup bouch, cupcake decorated little purse for my buss card and Visa Electron, travel size bottle of water (very handy!), a book that I happen to be reading at the time (I read a lot and often carry books with my to read in the subway etc.), a hand lotion, cell phone (which sadly is not pink), a calendar, a Hello Kitty shaped box (I keep my throath and head ache pills there for first aid, should I happen to get unwell), a fan, a lipstick shaped pen (yes, it actually is pen! My penpal just send it to me, it's adorable!), and lastly hankerchiefs that says "Boys are stupid, stinky, smelly, dumb" (a humorous gift from my dear friend). It's hilarious that my boyfriend actually looks a little bit like the guy in the hankerchiefs - they both have blue eyes, haha.

You can still leave me random (or even loli related!) questions on the previous post. I think I shall answer those next week. You all know by now how busy I am - and I apologise for that. :3

EDIT: Noticed just now, that all the pictures from my blog have vanished. I'm seriously hoping that this is only Blogger having some temporary problem, or then it's on my internet connection... This is nightmarish. I'm going to go away and hope that tomorrow my pictures will be normal. If not, then I'm in trouble. x_x


Thank you for 300 readers! ♥

I have now 302 readers! Thank you very much for all of you! ♥ 

(Picture: We♥it

  In order to celebrate this, let's have a traditional "Ask me anything!". You may ask me anything you wish to know or have been wondering.

You can ask in English or in Finnish, and naturally I will also answer the English questions in English and Finnish ones in Finnish. (It goes without saying that I do not answer questions that are inapropriate or too personal.)

I will do a post with all the questions and answers after a week or so, or when I happen to have time. Once again I'm living busy times. :3

Lovely week for all of you! ♥


Once Upon a Spring Time

Me and Hanna took some pictures today, as it was such a beautiful Spring day. I really love this forest near our home, I've made trips there since I was a little girl.


Dress is Angelic Pretty's Lady Rose, shoes are Minna Parikka, parasol is Baby, the Stars Shine Bright and everything else offbrand.


Not So Dark Shadows

I am a curious creature. Yesterday my heart was set on wearing something dark, a little bit vampire-like, because tomorrow I would go see the new Dark Shadows movie with my girls.

Well, today we did go see that movie and it was as awesome as I thought it'd be. I mean, when you have Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton compined, the outcome can't be anything but epic.

But as you can see, my outfit was not so dark after all, and defintely I look more like grand mother's old curtains than anything vampire-like. The weather is very grey and dull today, and on dark, rainy days I can not wear dark outfits. That would be depressing. So pink flowers it is! For some odd reason there was sunny while this picture was taken, but believe me, later on it was raining.

Dress, purse and parasol (or more like an umbrella for today) are Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, headbow is Innocent World and everything else is offbrand, though gloves are my beloved vintage ones (my favourites!).

I just noticed that I'm only a couple of readers away from reaching the magical point of 300 readers! Wow, that is amazing. I feel so thankful that this many people want to follow my blog, it means a lot to me. What would be nice way to celebrate the 300 readers coal, when I finally reach it? Please give me your opinions and suggestions! :)


Painting the Town Pink

I painted a little jewelry box, just for fun. This is how it looked before, just a plain boring wooden box:

And here it is after:

I wanted the box to look rustic and romantic, and thus I made a pale pink color for it. From the inside, how ever, I painted it with a brighter shade of pink.

I do like the outcome, I think it's more cute now.



Yesterday we had our traditional "Winterkilling" party (Talventappajaiset in Finnish). There were lots of chocolate (and other yummy food, too). The invitation said "you can bring your own drinks", so I took my Darjeeling tea with me. It tasted so good with all the sweet desserts!

And there was ever so charming little miss Pom.

My outfit for the day was Innocent World's Rose Embroidery dress with vintage and offbrand accessories. Our theme for the party was "Titanic and luxury", so I tried to get a little bit of vintage feeling to my outfit. And yes, you've already quessed it - we watched the famous Titanic movie also. And for the first time I didn't cry while watching it, because I was too busy laughing. :D

It's finally warm enough to wear my Baby's trench coat also, yey! By the time we took these pictures it actually was sunny, but we had to take the pics in shadow or sunlight would have eaten all the details. Later in the evening it started to rain a little. Luckily Baby's parasol is pretty good umbrella also.

Does anyone else here find Mondays a little bit depressing? Where did that lovely week end go...?!


Evil Enchantress

The stress with my school work is over now, I will soon graduate and almost everything is done, yey! And as usual, no school work equals inspiration.

This one is quite different to what I usually paint or draw, but I do like it! It's a birthday present for my dear friend, who wished "something that has purple in it". I hope she will like this. ♥

P.S. Changed my header just now! I think it suits me and this blog well, as I'm wearing one of my most loved dresses there. And it's more of pastel color, so it's perfect for Spring & Summer time. Once again I must thank Sanni for doing fantastic job, she made the new header for me (as she did the old one, too)! ♥ What do you think of this new header?


Another picture from Mari Antoinette

Sanni resently finished this one. I like this shoot very much, Baby's Marie Antoinette OP is one of my long time dream dresses. :3

(Do NOT copy or use this picture anywhere, it's copyright Sanni.)