Yesterday we had our traditional "Winterkilling" party (Talventappajaiset in Finnish). There were lots of chocolate (and other yummy food, too). The invitation said "you can bring your own drinks", so I took my Darjeeling tea with me. It tasted so good with all the sweet desserts!

And there was ever so charming little miss Pom.

My outfit for the day was Innocent World's Rose Embroidery dress with vintage and offbrand accessories. Our theme for the party was "Titanic and luxury", so I tried to get a little bit of vintage feeling to my outfit. And yes, you've already quessed it - we watched the famous Titanic movie also. And for the first time I didn't cry while watching it, because I was too busy laughing. :D

It's finally warm enough to wear my Baby's trench coat also, yey! By the time we took these pictures it actually was sunny, but we had to take the pics in shadow or sunlight would have eaten all the details. Later in the evening it started to rain a little. Luckily Baby's parasol is pretty good umbrella also.

Does anyone else here find Mondays a little bit depressing? Where did that lovely week end go...?!

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