Lazy Lacy

Here's my outfit from today. I did some serious home decor shopping, and wanted to wear something really comfortable. But then again, most days I wear something comfy anyway. I'm lazy like that. For example, I've noticed that I mostly wear shades of white, brown, grey, dark blue and black. I have more colorful clothes but I just end up being comfy and, well, boring. :P

This is a new cardigan, by the way. I really like it, it goes with lolita as well!

Here's the outfit without the cardi. I've altered the sleeves on this dress, originally they had really unflattering and ugly ruffles on them.

And a closeup of jewellery, it goes so well with the buttons of this dress. 

Cardigan - Seppälä
Dress - Ems Excite
Shoes - Wonders
Jewellery - gifts from my friends


Crown of Roses

Today I went to Lahti to celebrate Mimi's birthday. We went to a quite nice Italian restaurant, the food was really good there.

I was in a hurry this morning (actually missed my bus) so my outfit isn't quite perfect. On later thoughts I should have worn dark brown socks, because of course it rained in Lahti and now these ones are ruined. By the way my boots are chocolate brown, it was really dark day so the pictures are not that good.

My nails, gold base and dark brown graffiti nail polish. 

And closeup of my hairdo. I really like how it turned out! I'll definitely wear it again in the Summer.

And I got this G3 Wind Drifter as a belated birthday gift from Kata! The pose is ankward but the pony itself is absolutely darling. I love those colors and 3D symbol. ♥

My outfit details:
Blouse (it's actually a dress) - Monki (bought second hand)
Flowers - H&M, Accessorize, gifts
Pearl necklaces - vintage, second hand, selfmade
Dress - Innocent World
Purse - Accessorize
Boots - Wonders

P.S. I'm trying this new way of listing my outfit details at the end of my posts, and I'm trying to be more careful, listing at least most items. I know I have been lazy with this. :P


Self Made Letter Sets

It's literally inpossible to find pretty letter papers from Finland anymore. However, there are some very cute, pastel and pearl colored envelopes available. To me it remains a mystery why would anyone want to send a pretty envelope filled with boring white letter sheets, but that's not the point of this post.

The point is, since the pretty letter sheets have suffered an extinction, I decided to make my own. I bought a set of stamps featuring cute birds and old fashioned bird cages, and while my stamping tehcnique needs some working on, I'm pretty happy with these first sets I made. 

Click the picture to enlarge!

That's all for now, just wanted to share this little crafts project of mine with you. :D


Pearls and Diamonds

Sanni invited me and Mimi to her birthday teaparty today. Her new appartment is small but darn it is also too cute! I simply love her decor. *-* I was a little bit flattered to find my own pictures framed on Sanni's wall, but of course they are taken by Sanni, and are very good shots indeed - she is so talented, it never stops amazing me.

By the way I slept really badly last night (meaning I hardly slept at all) and you can see that from my derpy face. Let us ignore it. :D

Sanni decided that this time our theme would be "pearls and bling bling", so naturally I wore my 'new' pearl necklace with fake diamonds on it ('new', as in 'I found it from the second hand market'). It's really nice to come up with different themes for our outfits; it gives me inspiration and ideas what to wear.

Here's the group shot! "Speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil." Even the bunny pillow is silenced by Sanni's elbow.

And lastly, some food pictures. Sanni does not only make food that tastes delicious, she also makes food that looks beautiful. I am jealous. The only thing I can make in the kitchen is a mess.

My outfit:
Dress, headbow - Innocent World
Blouse - Paola Suhonen by Seppälä
Necklace - a second hand find
Shoes - Wonders


Minty Birthday For Me

Today is my birthday! To celebrate that, I decided to dress up and wear something Rococo inspired.

Here's a second picture that my boyfriend took after deciding that "Maybe it's better if I kneel down". And yes, now my legs don't look ridiculoysly short anymore! :D

A closeup of makeup, hairdo and choker. I have a littlebit of pink, glittering eyeshadow and lots of blush on my cheeks, but it doesn't show that well because we had to use flash. It's so dark. 

And a closeup of my shoes. 

And some food! My closest friends are coming here tonight for a little teaparty. ♥

OP: Angelic Pretty (it's made of velvet!)
Headbow: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Choker: Self made
Shoes: Self customized


Evening with the Fossils

I went to the Museum of Natural History today with my friend Mirva. There was a exhibition about bats, it was really sympathic. We also wondered trought some other exhibitions there, and found this fellow. I really liked the pastel colored light in that show room.

Here's my outfit. I'm really trying to get more active about posting my daily wear also, but it's a difficult task indeed. First of all I feel a bit silly asking my friends or boyfriend to take pictures of me looking just regular (meaning no loli), and secondly it's (almost) always dark here and the pictures don't look too good. But here it is anyway.

I've been wearing this particular dress a lot lately. I really love it. There's something about white lace dresses. I've been looking for The Perfect White Lace dress for years, and bought 5 different dresses in my search for The One. This dress here is pretty close to being just right. Maybe the sixth will be it...?

Also, those dark brown ankle boots are new, I wore them the first time today. They are already really comfy, and I believe they will be even more comfortable when the leather softens a little bit in the use.

A closeup of the pearl collar.

Dress and collar: H&M
Boots: Wonders
Bag: Accessorize
Cardigan: second hand


Lace Flowers

I just got this dress, it's from Angelic Pretty. It's a shame it's pink (I have too much pink in my wardrobe as it is), but I couldn't resist buying it!

All the lace is mint green, it was a nice surprise. I thought the laces would be white, but it's way better that they aren't. Because of mint colored lace this dress is really fresh, like an ice cream on a Summer day (and a Summer dress it actually is). Also the hem is very full and quite long for AP.

The best part in this dress are the flowers on the bodice. They even have pearls on them. These flowers were the reason I had to purchase this dress, the idea is so lovely and unique.

In the Summer I'm going to wear this dress with lots of rose corsages on my hair. See, the Autumn is over, so naturally I start to dream of Spring and Summer. Too bad there's a long, dark, wet, cold, windy Finnish winter in between me and those bright Summer days.


Comfy Outfit for Another Rainy Day

Yes, today it was once again raining cats, dogs and old ladies. The weather was awful. So for shopping & later tea at our place, with Mimi and Kata, I wanted something simple and comfortable. So lace cape time it was!

Dress is from Innocent World, everything else is offbrand.

I really adore this lace cape. Here's a closeup of it! It's actually really soft tulle embroidered with flower pattern, no plastic lace at all. It's so comfortable and even warm when worn over a long sleeved blouse. I may only hope that during summer it will be cool. It is made of cotton so my hopes are not completely vain.

It's a real shame we didn't have anyone to take our group photo, because we all happened to be wearing red today! We matched accidentally, but quite nicely. x)

P.S. When I'm, let's say, 70 years old, I will still be wearing this lace cape over a pink dress, and by then I'll change this blog's name to "New Vogue Grannys". Stay with me until then, my lovely readers! ;D


Pink and White

Just a quick outfit snap from today. This outfit is rather boring, now that I think of it, and I even had a bad hairday. Oh well. :P

Dress and purse: Angelic Pretty
Headbow: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Blouse: Dear Celine
Shoes: Minna Parikka

P.S. Now it's official.  I seriously need to get a new camera, because this old one sucks. >:(