Pearls and Diamonds

Sanni invited me and Mimi to her birthday teaparty today. Her new appartment is small but darn it is also too cute! I simply love her decor. *-* I was a little bit flattered to find my own pictures framed on Sanni's wall, but of course they are taken by Sanni, and are very good shots indeed - she is so talented, it never stops amazing me.

By the way I slept really badly last night (meaning I hardly slept at all) and you can see that from my derpy face. Let us ignore it. :D

Sanni decided that this time our theme would be "pearls and bling bling", so naturally I wore my 'new' pearl necklace with fake diamonds on it ('new', as in 'I found it from the second hand market'). It's really nice to come up with different themes for our outfits; it gives me inspiration and ideas what to wear.

Here's the group shot! "Speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil." Even the bunny pillow is silenced by Sanni's elbow.

And lastly, some food pictures. Sanni does not only make food that tastes delicious, she also makes food that looks beautiful. I am jealous. The only thing I can make in the kitchen is a mess.

My outfit:
Dress, headbow - Innocent World
Blouse - Paola Suhonen by Seppälä
Necklace - a second hand find
Shoes - Wonders

14 kommenttia:

  1. Vastaukset
    1. Kiitoksia kovasti! :)

      P.S. Helsinkiin on ensivuoden puolella tulossa lolien oma tapahtuma, jos sinulla on yhä hinkua päästä pitämään työpajaa pitsihelmaisille, niin lue täältä lisää: http://www.enfantterrible.fi/index.php?topic=1721.msg72656#msg72656

  2. Beautiful as always :) and those food pictures look delicious!

    1. Thank you! Especially the cupcakes were delicious. *-*

  3. everything looks so yummi, and you look beautiful, it seems like Sanni it is a very talented girl :)

  4. beautiful photos! and I love the print on your dress:D

  5. Such wonderful pictures! You all look so pretty and your tea party themes are always well find!

  6. You look gorgeous!! *o*
    And the food looks so yummy!

  7. Lovely girls and pictures!
    I like black x pink a lot! It breaks the sweetness a bit ^^

    1. Thank you! Though my tighs and boots are dark brown, not black. Somehow all my brown shoes end up looking almost black in the pictures. o.o