Cherry Blossoms

Good afternoon, lords and ladies!

As I said earlier, I missed hanami due to having a flu. I still have it, but today we visited the Roihuvuori Japanese style garden anyway, because I really wanted to see the cherry blossoms before they're gone. There were far less people now than during the hanami (of course), so it was really nice to walk there in peace and quiet, listening to birds' sing (and they sang a lot!). It was a really lovely date, a little bit different to what we usually have.

Besides cherry trees, there are other types of gardens in this park, too. All the other gardens have Finnish plants, flowers and trees, which is really nice. I especially loved this path among the mossy rocks. Moss is something that most Finns just want to get rid of in their gardens - which I can not understand, as moss is really beautiful - so it's a nice change to see it appreciated as a part of Finnish nature and garden. The atmosphere in this part of the garden was very fairytale-like. If you ever happen to visit Helsinki, and want to see something that's not so typical tourist attraction, I can warmly recommend Roihuvuori garden for you.

My shoes for the day. I'm still feeling rather anti-fabulous because of my flu, and didn't bother to put on any makeup. But one can always wear nice shoes so easily. These shoes are extremely comfortable and easy to walk with. They have been with me to London, Barcelona and Praque already, and soon they'll travel to Rome.

Besides cherry blossoms and flu, my life consists mainly of studying right now. I'm so busy and stressed out because of my studies. One more week to go, and then it's off to Rome! A much needed and very deserved holiday indeed. This spring has been crazy, and I'm looking forward to summer when I can fully concentrate on my work.

Have a lovely week end, all of you! ♥


Lolita Blog Carnival: Create A Flower Themed Coordinate

Hello, everyone!

Yesterday there was a hanami celebration in our local Japanese style garden. I would have loved to go, but came down with a flu, and therefore couldn't. Just my typical luck... I had planned to wear something like this for the hanami, and since it fits the Lolita Blog Carnival theme for today, I decided to post it like this anyway. (The original plan was to post it worn, but since I'm feeling rather anti-fabulous at the moment, this will have to do.)

You've already guessed it; my chosen flower for this coordinate is rose, one of my favourite flowers. Not very original, but I happen to own many rose print dresses, so it was an obvious choise. I wanted to make the coordinate very sweet and pastel coloured, fit for a spring stroll  or a summer picnic. The dress is Angelic Pretty's Lady Rose JSK, one of my dream dresses. The Minna Parikka bunny ear shoes I chose not only because they match the colours, but also because they are very comfy and easy to walk with in a park.

To emphasize the rose theme, I would wear lots of roses in my hair, and a self-made rose bracelet on the wrist. For legwear I would have chosen airy lace thigts in nude or white.

P.S. If you want to, please feel free to share your favourite flower(s) in the comments! I'm curious, if any of you have the same favourites as I. I actually have a new favourite flower in addition to my age old addiction to roses; tulips! Unfortunately I don't own any tulip themed dresses or accessories, and those might be really heard to find indeed. But still, they are so lovely to have in ones home, when it's not quite spring yet, and you'd wish it was.

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Life Via Instagram: Hellocon 2015

Hello, everyone!

So, Hellocon is now over and - a little inside joke, if you don't mind - I survived it! I didn't take that much pictures, because I wanted to concentrate on enjoying the event itself. I used only my phonecamera, because it fitted so cozily into the pocket of my Angelic Pretty dress and was therefore easy to whip out when needed. I will share photos of my outfits and our fashion show later on, but here's some pictures for you already.

1. Ancelic Pretty's dress form with a beautiful outfit.

2. Sweet and Tiny's table. I loved all these, they were so real-looking! It's too bad I don't wear cake jewelry that much anymore...

3. They had really put a lot of effort to decorating the venue this year. There were balloons and banners, which were really pretty. Then there were these adorable little cups of popcorn which the guests could enjoy free of charge. What a wonderful idea!

4. Here's what I got at the event; a book mark, an awesome bunny fascinator (I already forgot whom I bought it from), a bunny brooch and bow by Charming Girls, a super adorable pegasus phonesharm by Illves, Makis's and Asuka's message to Hellocon guests and of course their autographs.

5. A closeup of the phonecharm. Her name is Stella (each Illves charachter has a name) and she looks really lovely with my Baby purse. I already regret not buying more of these cuties, I could have one for each of my purses... *-*

 The event was really great. The programs I organized went quite smoothly, and the other programs that I had time to see were really good, too. I did miss out quite a lot because of my own programs, so I'm considering the opportunity that next time I would go there as a guest only and not organize anything. At least right now it seems like a very good idea indeed.

How many of you, dear readers, were at Hellocon? Did you have fun? Please share your experiences and thoughts in the comments!


She Is Eating Waffles

Hello, everyone!

Today I visited my friend Lauren's place for a waffle party. We had waffles with different toppings: fresh strawberries, banana, Nutella, whipped cream, tomatoes, basil and mozzarella. For once I actually forgot to photograph my food, but here's my outfit from today! I was finally able to wear my newest dress, Baby's She Is Sleeping JSK (which I totally adore) and my brand new Minna Parikka bunnyear shoes.

I really love the details on this dress; embroidery, applique and - perhaps best of all - bling blings!

P.S. The waffles were so delicious that I almost regretted wearing a dress without shirring. But just almost, because I really liked this outfit and my dress didn't even rip. :D