Life Via Instagram: Hellocon 2015

Hello, everyone!

So, Hellocon is now over and - a little inside joke, if you don't mind - I survived it! I didn't take that much pictures, because I wanted to concentrate on enjoying the event itself. I used only my phonecamera, because it fitted so cozily into the pocket of my Angelic Pretty dress and was therefore easy to whip out when needed. I will share photos of my outfits and our fashion show later on, but here's some pictures for you already.

1. Ancelic Pretty's dress form with a beautiful outfit.

2. Sweet and Tiny's table. I loved all these, they were so real-looking! It's too bad I don't wear cake jewelry that much anymore...

3. They had really put a lot of effort to decorating the venue this year. There were balloons and banners, which were really pretty. Then there were these adorable little cups of popcorn which the guests could enjoy free of charge. What a wonderful idea!

4. Here's what I got at the event; a book mark, an awesome bunny fascinator (I already forgot whom I bought it from), a bunny brooch and bow by Charming Girls, a super adorable pegasus phonesharm by Illves, Makis's and Asuka's message to Hellocon guests and of course their autographs.

5. A closeup of the phonecharm. Her name is Stella (each Illves charachter has a name) and she looks really lovely with my Baby purse. I already regret not buying more of these cuties, I could have one for each of my purses... *-*

 The event was really great. The programs I organized went quite smoothly, and the other programs that I had time to see were really good, too. I did miss out quite a lot because of my own programs, so I'm considering the opportunity that next time I would go there as a guest only and not organize anything. At least right now it seems like a very good idea indeed.

How many of you, dear readers, were at Hellocon? Did you have fun? Please share your experiences and thoughts in the comments!

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  1. I was there for the first time. :3 It was so nice seeing lots of beautifully dressed people! Now considering going to Sweden's and Russia's cons as well.

    1. I agree, admiring at others' outfits is part of the fun! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the event. Have fun in the other cons as well! ^^