Cherry Blossoms

Good afternoon, lords and ladies!

As I said earlier, I missed hanami due to having a flu. I still have it, but today we visited the Roihuvuori Japanese style garden anyway, because I really wanted to see the cherry blossoms before they're gone. There were far less people now than during the hanami (of course), so it was really nice to walk there in peace and quiet, listening to birds' sing (and they sang a lot!). It was a really lovely date, a little bit different to what we usually have.

Besides cherry trees, there are other types of gardens in this park, too. All the other gardens have Finnish plants, flowers and trees, which is really nice. I especially loved this path among the mossy rocks. Moss is something that most Finns just want to get rid of in their gardens - which I can not understand, as moss is really beautiful - so it's a nice change to see it appreciated as a part of Finnish nature and garden. The atmosphere in this part of the garden was very fairytale-like. If you ever happen to visit Helsinki, and want to see something that's not so typical tourist attraction, I can warmly recommend Roihuvuori garden for you.

My shoes for the day. I'm still feeling rather anti-fabulous because of my flu, and didn't bother to put on any makeup. But one can always wear nice shoes so easily. These shoes are extremely comfortable and easy to walk with. They have been with me to London, Barcelona and Praque already, and soon they'll travel to Rome.

Besides cherry blossoms and flu, my life consists mainly of studying right now. I'm so busy and stressed out because of my studies. One more week to go, and then it's off to Rome! A much needed and very deserved holiday indeed. This spring has been crazy, and I'm looking forward to summer when I can fully concentrate on my work.

Have a lovely week end, all of you! ♥

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