Party Soft

Hello, lords and ladies!

Today I hosted an ice cream party at our place. Everyone brought some icecream with them (and in the end we had so much we couldn't eat all of it, hah). I had made ice tea and some salty snacks to balance all the sweetness.

To honour the icecream theme I wore something very sweet. Bambi in candy colors!

And lots of picture spam because I seriously adore these bambi antlers, they are so cute.

A closeup of the flowers on the dress. 

A group shot where Mimi clearly didn't want to be. I guess we were too goofy for Mimi's sensitive eyes. XD

Me, Kata and Sari accidentally matched! We all wore pink and mint. ♥

On to the food pictures! These are the snacks I made. Very simple, but very tasty also. The herbs I used for these are growing on our balcony. ♥

Of course some ice cream pictures are in order.

My outfit:
Deer antlers - Essin maailma
Roses - H&M
Dress - Angelic Pretty
Tights - Lindex
Shoes - Minna Parikka


Pastel Yellow

Good evening, my lords and ladies!

Here's my outfit from yesterday. Now when I think of it I should have chosen different shoes, but we were leaving in a hurry and I just needed something comfortable to walk in. I really love this dress though, I should wear it more often.

It would be so cool to say that I tried a new hair style on purpose, but no, I didn't. This is the only way my bangs agreed to be. They simply refused to get straightened. But for once I really liked the outcome! I wish I could do this hairdo again, but of course I can't. If I actually tried to get my bangs like this, it would never work. :'D

Outfit details:
Dress - cct
Shoes - Minna Parikka



 Hello, everybunny!

Just a casual outfit today. I'm not happy with this one. Maybe it would have looked better with another blouse, or maybe without blouse at all, and even my hair is a big mess... But, as my bf said, "not every outfit needs to be perfect." So here's some imperfection istead. :D

Outfit details:
Headbow, dress - Innocent World
Blouse - Ellos
Shoes - can't remember


Bambie Boom

Good evening, lords and ladies!

So yesterday I visited quite quickly at a swap meetup organised by the lovely Ilona, and after that we made an almost as quick visit to the summer cottage of my boyfriend's parents.

Here's my outfit from yesterday. I finally had the opportunity to wear my unique "Bambie Boom" -deer antlers made by the talented artista, Essi.

Not the greatest shot but you can see the antlers and the hairdo a little better from this one. :3

Outfit details:
Deer antlers - Essin maailma
Blouse - Seppälä
Roses - H&M
Dress - Juliette & Justine
Shoes - a souvenir from London.


At the meetup, I swapped dresses with Mimi. I got this gorgeous Innocent World OP in return of a Baby, the Star Shine Bright JSK. It reminds me of Wednesday Addams which is of course awesome.

The dress has lovely lace all over it. *-* My camera had some problems with this dress though, or maybe I was having some problems with the camera, but either way I couldn't get very good pictures of it. The collar ir really a beautiful shade of ivory, not pure white.

Some pictures of the meetup. I was surprised how much there was to be swapped or bought away! Luckily I also got to sell some items I didn't need anymore.

And there was food. Lot's of it. 

These cupcakes were also made by Essi, I'm so jealous she can bake something this pretty and yummy! My cupcakes never look this good.

Here's a couple of pictures from the cottage. The view of the lake - I swam in it, it was so cold, it felt a little bit like I had an iron band around my chest.

We also spotted this hedgehog! He was so chubby and cute! ♥ And I also saw a little deer, but couldn't get a picture of it.

Okay, that's the end of this massive picture spam. Thank you everyone who was patient enough to read through this! :D


A Bit of This and That...

Good afternoon, lords and ladies!

I've been playing with my camera's makro feature. I'm by no means a talented, or even a very good photographer, but I think that closeup's look kinda cool. I'm still amazed how much better my current camera is than my old one was... even though I purchased this new one in December already. x)

Well anyhow, here's some random pictures I've snapped during the last months - mostly of food. 

That's all for now. I'll probably post next time after Midsummer, as we are planning a little escape to our summer cottage. So happy Midsummer everybody! :)


Second Hand Shopping

Hello, lords and ladies! 

Today me and Hanna went to a huge second hand market that was in Helsinki Mass Centre. This was my outfit for the day:

Outfit details:
Roses - H&M
Blouse - Ellos
Dress - Innocent World
On to the shoppings. First, this black dress wich has a very wide hem, it can easily fit my lolita petticoats.

A cute, girly trench coat, also with quite a large hem. I'm thinking of purchasing long leather gloves to go with this.

And here's the rest.  A cardigan that reaches just my waist (perfect with dresses and even lolita outfits), a vintage fur stole, vintage freshwater pearls and a scarf made of linen.

A closeup of the pearls. I'm pondering weather to keep them the way they are, or to re-make them into something a little bit different... what do you think?


My Resent Purchases & a Casual Look

Good afternoon, lords and ladies!

This time I'm going to show you some of my new purchases and one casual look from yesterday.

Let's start with my Innocent World halterneck jumperskit. I like it very much indeed. I've been searching for a basic black dress that can be worn in many different ways, and now I think I've found it.

Close up of the collar. The pearls are detachable. 

And these just arrived today! Deer antlers from Essin maailma. Essi custom made them for me, because I didn't want mine to have fluffy deer ears. I simply can't keep my hair loose and I though I'd look silly with both my real ears and the deer ears showing. x)

With the antlers came this adorable thank you -note from Essi. 

One more umbrella to my collection. This time it's a see trough umbrella with a pretty lace print.


And finally here's my look from yesterday. Sorry about the crappy mirror shot, but bf was not at home. x)

Outfit details:
Blouse - second hand
Skirt - F21
Stockings - H&M
Shoes - can't remember


Hypecon 2013 Lolita Fashion Show

Hello hello, everybunny!

I helped Hanna to organize a little fashion show for Hypecon. First we were afraid that no one would be interested in modeling, but in the end we had 12 models in total, which is just fine. Hanna had this idea that we would show the audience some current trends in lolita fashion, and as classic is definitely on the rise, I went for OTT classic look.

I borrowed the bonnet from Hanna, and now I have a terrible bonnet fever myself... now I really want to purchase a bonnet. *-*

Outfit details:
Bonnet - Innocent World (borrowed from Hanna)
Dress - Victorian Maiden
Parasol - Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Shoes - second hand

And here's the video of the show! I'm so proud of everyone, they performed so well! ♥


Fairly Sweet

Good evening, lords and ladies!

Summer has got me graving for sweet pastel colours. Also this Baby's dress has a text "Fairly Sweet" written all over it. I think they made a mistake and meant to say "Fairy Sweet" (which doesn't make any sense either), but I've always loved this dress because of that typo. "Fairly Sweet" does indeed describe this dress - and my look - very well. It is officially the best typo ever. x)

The shoes and the purse are actually dark brown, which you can see from this picture here.

Today Hanna visited our place, and we had home made ice tea and strawberry-rhubarb pie. All the pictures of the pie looked ugly, and the pie was ugly indeed, but it tasted good. :D But anyway, have a picture of pretty candy instead.

Outfit details:
Dress, headbow - Baby, The Stars Shine Bright
Bolero - Angelic Pretty
Shoes, purse - second hand