Bambie Boom

Good evening, lords and ladies!

So yesterday I visited quite quickly at a swap meetup organised by the lovely Ilona, and after that we made an almost as quick visit to the summer cottage of my boyfriend's parents.

Here's my outfit from yesterday. I finally had the opportunity to wear my unique "Bambie Boom" -deer antlers made by the talented artista, Essi.

Not the greatest shot but you can see the antlers and the hairdo a little better from this one. :3

Outfit details:
Deer antlers - Essin maailma
Blouse - Seppälä
Roses - H&M
Dress - Juliette & Justine
Shoes - a souvenir from London.


At the meetup, I swapped dresses with Mimi. I got this gorgeous Innocent World OP in return of a Baby, the Star Shine Bright JSK. It reminds me of Wednesday Addams which is of course awesome.

The dress has lovely lace all over it. *-* My camera had some problems with this dress though, or maybe I was having some problems with the camera, but either way I couldn't get very good pictures of it. The collar ir really a beautiful shade of ivory, not pure white.

Some pictures of the meetup. I was surprised how much there was to be swapped or bought away! Luckily I also got to sell some items I didn't need anymore.

And there was food. Lot's of it. 

These cupcakes were also made by Essi, I'm so jealous she can bake something this pretty and yummy! My cupcakes never look this good.

Here's a couple of pictures from the cottage. The view of the lake - I swam in it, it was so cold, it felt a little bit like I had an iron band around my chest.

We also spotted this hedgehog! He was so chubby and cute! ♥ And I also saw a little deer, but couldn't get a picture of it.

Okay, that's the end of this massive picture spam. Thank you everyone who was patient enough to read through this! :D

10 kommenttia:

  1. The black dress is gorgeous. And the hedgehog so cute!

  2. Ohh your black dress is absolutely perfect and it suits you so well!

    1. Thank you! Recently I've been drawn into darker colours, especially dark blue. I really wih I could find a dark blue lolita dress... *-* But 'till I do, black is also fine. x)

  3. I just want those cupcakes. Period. Those must have tasted goooood! I also loooove your bambie-look! <3

    1. They tasted even better than they looked, so yes, they were delicious! And thank you! <3

  4. I love that Wednesday Adams dress. Swapping is one of my favourite hobbies and I swap online and go to swapping events every week. I need never buy clothes again thanks to the swaps :P

    1. Thank you! Swapping is a really great way to update one's wardrobe. Too bad there's not that many swapping opportunities here in Finland.

    2. See if there is a swap site online you can sign up to or organise a swap yourself. I'm very lucky that in England its so popular and mainstream now

    3. Thank you for the tip! I'm not sure about online swap, though (it's nicer to be able to see and try the clothes on irl), and as for organizing a swap meetup myself... I'm afraid our home would be too small for that. Othervice I would be glad to do it. x)