Second Hand Shopping

Hello, lords and ladies! 

Today me and Hanna went to a huge second hand market that was in Helsinki Mass Centre. This was my outfit for the day:

Outfit details:
Roses - H&M
Blouse - Ellos
Dress - Innocent World
On to the shoppings. First, this black dress wich has a very wide hem, it can easily fit my lolita petticoats.

A cute, girly trench coat, also with quite a large hem. I'm thinking of purchasing long leather gloves to go with this.

And here's the rest.  A cardigan that reaches just my waist (perfect with dresses and even lolita outfits), a vintage fur stole, vintage freshwater pearls and a scarf made of linen.

A closeup of the pearls. I'm pondering weather to keep them the way they are, or to re-make them into something a little bit different... what do you think?

6 kommenttia:

  1. Your purchases are super cute as always! I am so in love with the trench, it's quite rare to see one large enough for lolita dresses shapes!

    1. Thank you! I love the trench too, I've wanted one like it for ages already. :D

  2. Really nice finds! And your look is so simple and pretty!

  3. Ohh how pretty! Nice finds indeed! :D I like the trenchcoat especially! It looks like it has tiny ruffles at the sleeves?

    As for the necklace, I could imagine it with a different kind of "charm" in the middle... Maybe if you find a cameo or rose or something like that, it would be a beautiful eye catcher! But I think it's also very pretty the way it is, I love these double (or in this case triple) pearl chains :)

    1. Thank you! Yes, it has little ruffles on sleeves and collar.

      I'm definitely keeping the pearl lock, it's so pretty and I want to maintain the "spirit" of this vintage jewel, if you understand what I mean. x) But I wonder if I should remake this into a shorter, choker type necklace, or maybe a bracelet. I'm not sure yet.