Hello, everyone!

Yesterday I made a great second hand find that I want to share with you: a super cute pelerine with huuuge tassels. I simply cannot resist tassels. I love tassels. In my opinion they are among the cutest details ever invented.

I think this pelerine will work nicely with both my lolita and my everyday clothes. It will add a little bit of mori girl feeling - and a lot of warmness, softness and cozyness - to any outfit. I can wear it as an extra layer during Winter, and instead of a coat during late Spring and early Autumn. It will be perfect for cool Summer evenings, too. I also like to wear it at home; it's like walking around wearing a blanket, but looking a lot more cuter! Considering its low price (just 2 euros!) I might say that this was a good bargain indeed.

I have big plans for tomorrow; me, my fiancé and a couple of friends will visit the Forsman Tea Store and buy a whole lotta tea. Then we'll drink a whole lotta tea and eat home made rice chocolates. Fun times ahead! ^^

I hope you all will have a lovely weekend, too! ♥


Lolita Blog Carnival: Your Favourite Commissioned Handmade Piece

Hello, everyone!

Today's Lolita Blog Carnival theme is to tell something about your favourite commissioned handmade piece. It was quite hard to make a decision between this unicorn print dress by Mimi and my Winter coat made by her also. Finally I chose the dress because even though I wear the coat much more (half of the year, every year, seeing that the Winter in Finland is cold, dark and wet) the dress is more interesting coordination-wise. You can't really see anything other than the hat and the shoes from under a long coat, but with dress you can have more variation. And of course as I wear the dress less, wearing it feels more special.

So, the dress in question was inspired by the Reneissaince fashion of England, as well as the medieval times. The print features "The Unicorn is in Captivity and No Longer Dead" unicorn from the tapestry series called "The Hunt of The Unicorn" made between 1495 and 1505. As you can see, this dress has plenty of historical inspiration, which I love dearly in lolita fashion, but at the same time it's very modern and in touch with today's lolita trends. The Reneissance inspiration can be seen in the upper part of the dress, namely the rich materials (dark blue velvet and gold embroidery).

Unicorn is one of my favourite motifs of all time - I have been fascinated by them since I was a kid. Being able to finally have a unicorn themed dress meant (and means) so much for me. There are unicorn themed brand dresses, of course, but I have always felt that they do not capture the spirit of this animal properly. They tend to be sugary, cute and fluffy, when I always imagined unicorns to be noble, beautiful, fierce, and powerful - creatures that can't be tamed. I wouldn't want to wear tamed unicorns, because it's just wrong.

I was also glad to be involved in the designing process. The fact that this dress was especially made to my measures and fits me perfectly makes it even more special. Somehow this dress has so much more soul than brand name dresses (which I also love, of course). This dress was made just for me with love and care by my dear friend. How can a dress be more special than that?

I could go on and on about this dress, as it is one of my absolute favourites! Well, one more thing I like about it is its versatility. It can be worn in countless different ways. It looks equally lovely with just one petticoat and more casual accessories, as well as with three petticoats and a more festive coordinating. I never imagined a dress with this huge hem would look good in more relaxed looks too, but it truly does. It also works with all of my lolita wardrobe basic colours, black, brown and white, which is also awesome.

And one more thing; Mimi has this dress, too, so we can twin. I have always felt that lolita is more fun when worn with ones dear friends, and sometimes twinning or even matching with your friend can be very special. ♥

A bonus picture; this is the Winter coat I mentioned in the beginning of this post. It deserves a lot of love, too. ♥ Right now me and Mimi are working on our next "project", and I have a feeling that this new dress will also become one of my favourites. Mimi's sewing is flawless and she has an excellent eye for materials, as well as timeless design, so commissioning dresses from her is always wonderful.

The other LBC participants this week:


Peach Pink & Browns

Good evening, everyone!

Today I met with my friends Sanni, Kata and Iira. We went to The Ounce to have some tea. This time my outfit turned out to be something between otome and casual lolita. I don't know which and I don't care, either. This was one of my "I just want to be warm and comfy" -days. I'm having those days almost all the time, now - Winter is so un-inspiring.

 {Dress - Innocent World / hat - vintage / purse - Primark / cardi - Seppälä / boots - second hand / jewelry - Kalevala Jewelry, H&M}

Yep, what did I just say about the phone pictures...? Sorry, but not sorry! ;)

A bonus picture; I have always thought that bunnies and Rococo go well together, as at least my own dear bunny is such a royal diva. And from this thought I had this idea. This is the version 2.0, and even though it is better than 1.0, it's far from perfect. I'm considering about turning this idea into a small water colour painting to decorate our bedroom wall in a small, pink frame...

Buy a New Camera - Check!

Yep, now it's done! We have a new camera (Sony a 5000) and naturally neither one of us knows how to use it. But hey, it's a start! I'm hopeful that there will be a little bit better pictures in this blog, if not from now on, then sometime in the future for sure.

On the other hand, now that I'm used to taking lots of snaps with my phone camera, I doubt you can avoid seeing them altogether. It's just too handy. :D


Some Outfits

Hello, everone!

Here's some recent outfits from newest to oldest. The first one's from yesterday, when I visited my friend Lauren.

 {Dress - handmade by Mimi / hat, necklace - vintage / blouse - H&M / boots - second hand}

And a closeup of my vintage fresh water pearls necklace. I have been thinking (for the longest time) about turning this necklace into a bracelet, or maybe a choker. But I felt hesitant cutting up a necklace that's in such a beautiful, pristine condition. So I decided to give it a go, and now I think this necklace looks pretty good with this kind of blouse. So maybe I'll just let it be and wear it like so. What do you think, my dear readers?

The next outfits are more casual. This one I wore to my friend's birthday party. I tried to get some vintage-y feeling to it, but I'm not completely happy with how it turned out.

{Skirt - KappAhl / headbow - Innocent World / shoes, blouse - second hand}

The last outfit I wore when I took my fiancé out for a belated birthday dinner. By the way, if you have been wondering why I look so weird in the mirror shots, that is because this mirror makes people look fatter and everything else it makes look wonky. I noticed it too late but I still love the frame so I'm keeping this funhouse mirror anyway.

{Cardigan - Seppälä / skirt - H&M / hat - handmade by a old lady / shoes - second hand}

Since the weather's been less wet lately, I have dared to wear my Minna Parikka bunny boots also. Actually I've worn them quite a lot, but it's usually too dark to take mirror shots when I get home from school. I have noticed that when I wear these, people stare at my feet a lot. Maybe they are not used to shoes that are this quirky. :D

Lastly - my fiancé gave me this rose on Friday. There is no particular occasion, he just wanted to give me a rose since he knows how much I like them. I think that's so adorable. ♥

All in all, there are good sides and there are bad sides in not having a proper camera. The good side is that now that I have a better phone, I've been much more active in taking outfit photos of my casual outfits also. It's just so easy with a phone. The bad side is that of course the quality is not as good as it would be with a real camera.

P.S. If you want to get more regular updates, you should check out my Instagram account. I'll post more pictures there, as it's much easier and quicker than blogging. Of course I'm not giving up on blogging, either. I also find that Instagram is a more suitable forum for lifestyle things; some of my readers have been asking for more lifestyle things here in my blog, so you can now find that on Instagram now. ;)

P.P.S. My blog just had its 6th birthday yesterday! What would be a good way of celebrating yet another year of blogging? Any suggestions, my lords and ladies?