Hello, everyone!

Yesterday I made a great second hand find that I want to share with you: a super cute pelerine with huuuge tassels. I simply cannot resist tassels. I love tassels. In my opinion they are among the cutest details ever invented.

I think this pelerine will work nicely with both my lolita and my everyday clothes. It will add a little bit of mori girl feeling - and a lot of warmness, softness and cozyness - to any outfit. I can wear it as an extra layer during Winter, and instead of a coat during late Spring and early Autumn. It will be perfect for cool Summer evenings, too. I also like to wear it at home; it's like walking around wearing a blanket, but looking a lot more cuter! Considering its low price (just 2 euros!) I might say that this was a good bargain indeed.

I have big plans for tomorrow; me, my fiancé and a couple of friends will visit the Forsman Tea Store and buy a whole lotta tea. Then we'll drink a whole lotta tea and eat home made rice chocolates. Fun times ahead! ^^

I hope you all will have a lovely weekend, too! ♥

4 kommenttia:

  1. Great find! I love second hand shops, because clothes there usually are way more special as in general fashion stores.
    And your find seems to be an allrounder for the whole year as you described it :D

    1. Thank you! I agree with you completely, second hand finds are a great way to add some unique touches to ones wardrobe. ^^

  2. Tassels: the more, the better.
    I wish we had more second-hand shops here </3

    1. Agreed! Tassels are simply adorable. ^^ And I, too, wish we had more proper, honest, oldfashioned fleamarkets.