Hearts of Our House

Good evening, lords and ladies!

Just a quick update this time. My fiancé gave me Kalevala Jewelry's Heart of the House necklace in silver yesterday, and now I have a set of this series in both bronze and silver. I really love this series, and hope to add more of it to my jewelry collection in the future. But this is a nice start indeed. ♥



Hello, lords and ladies!

Sanni visited me last Saturday. We both happened to be wearing Innocent World's flower print dresses by coinsidence.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am already dreaming of Spring. The last few days had been quite sunny, too, so I wanted to wear something colourful and flowery.

I had made rice chocolates for the day, and Sanni brought mint, raspberry and hazelnut flavoured macarons, which were so delicious! These treats tasted especially good with the fine white tea from India. All in all, it was a lovely day spent swith a lovely friend. ♥


Life via Instagram

Good afternoon, everyone!

My life has been really hectic lately, and so I'm a little bit behind the schedule when it comes to blogging. The good news are I'm just on schedule on my studies, though! It's been a while since I bloggeg about personal matters (and not of those regarding the fashion show I'm organizing with Mimi for Hellocon 2015), and I decided to share glimpes of my Instagram account - and incidently, glimpses of my life recently - with you. Instagram is a pretty convenient diary of what's happening around me, as it's so quick and easy to use. So, here we go...

1. Last Saturday Sanni dear visited me. We both happened to wear Innocent World's flower prints! There will be a proper blog post about this day later on, so stay tuned. ;)

2. I bought some new clothes, including this cardi dress. It is very warm and cozy - one of those clothes that feel like you are wearing a night gown all the time, but luckily don't look like it.

3. A detail shot. The dress has cute little bows on the sleeves and golden threads alongside the grey colour, giving it a little bit of sparkle.

4. I bought a scrapping album for our travel photos and a super cute makeup pouch, both with the Eiffel Tower theme.

5. I finally found a perfect place and purpose for this lovely photo frame that Mimi gave me years ago. It now holds our engament picture, standing next to a matching jewelry box which has been in use all along.

6. Me penpal sent me this cute unicorn card, which looks so lovely on the pink frame.

7. I bought us a huge bouquet of pink tulips. The colour is just wonderful and makes me dream of Spring. *-*

8. Besided scrapping photo albums, I have also done some other craft projects. Flower theme is persistent, as I am looking forward to Spring very eagerly (please, come here already!).

9. Odessa is as lovely, cute and darling as ever.

10. Right now I'm taking care of these two lovely girls, Nelda and Tara, while their owner is in Japan. It's been wonderful to take long walks together in the sunshine.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone! ♥


Last reminder!

Hei kaikille!

Viimeinen muistutus; The Carnival of Decadence -muotinäytöksen mallihaku sulkeutuu tämän viikon sunnuntaina, 15.3. Vielä ehtii hakea! Tarkemmat ohjeet löytyvät edelleen täältä.

~ Mari & Mimi


Hello, everyone!

Last reminder; The Carnival of Decadence fashion show's model search will close on this week's Sunday, 15.3. There's still time to apply! Instructions for applying are here (English translation is at the bottom).

~ Mari & Mimi


Hellocon 2015 Fashion Show Model Search; One Week To Deadline!

Hei kaikki!

Pikainen muistutus siitä, että The Carnival of Dedacence -muotinäytöksen mallihaku sulkeutuu tasan viikon päästä, 15.3. Vielä ehtii siis hakea! Muistutamme myös, että mallihaun sulkeutumisen jälkeen lähetettyjä hakemuksia ei huomioida ollenkaan. Ohjeet hakemiseen täällä.

Parhain terveisin muotinäytöksen järjestäjät,

Mari & Mimi


Hello, everyone!

Just a quick reminder that search for models to The Carnival Of Decadence fashion show (in Hellocon 9.5.2015) will still be open for a week. The deadline for applying is 15.3., so there's still time to send in your application! We would also like to remind that applications that are sent after the deadline date will not be considered. The instructions for applying are here (the English translation is at the bottom).

With best regards the organizers,

Mari & Mimi


Lolita Blog Carnival: Favourite Lolita Hairstyles

Hello, lords and ladies!

This weeks Lolita Blog Carnival topic is to talk about one's favourite hairstyles in lolita. As my flu took a turn to worse after yesterday's day at school (my voice was relatively ok from 8 pm to 2 pm - then it completely gave out) and I'm forced to stay inside for the weekend, I might as well blog.

Without further delays, let's get started! My favourite hairstyles with lolita (and with my everyday style, as well, though of course I don't have time to do very intricate hairdos during the school/work weeks) are...

Hair Buns

Well, obviously. I do love hair buns most of all the hairstyles there are. The reason is not only aesthetic, though; it's practical as well.  I have learned a long time ago that my hair is impossible. It is naturally curly, thick and long, and yet it is fine and silky. As a result, my hair has none of that lovely volume some most naturally curly haired girls have. Now that I've grown my natural colour back, my hair is in such a great condition, too, that it does not stay curled, nor does it stay straightened. If I leave my hair free, it has no volume whatsoever, no matter how much I try. Therefore hair buns are the best solution. When done right, they can not get flat. They are the only secure hairstyle which, once I have completed the hairdo, will stay there.

I like Rococo-inspired hair buns a lot, but as they require a lot of work and I am a lazy person when it comes to hair, I rarely do them.

I also like more sleek hair buns. The bigger, the better, of course.

Hair buns on the back of the head? Yep, fine by me!

Curly hair buns (with my natural curls, of course) in different sizes? Been there, done that, too,

Hair buns on the side? Why, of course! Especially lovely with berettes.

Low Pigtails

This is another hairstyle I like a lot. It requires a bit more effort on my behalf, and lovely though it is after I finish my hairdo, I rarely stays good looking for long for the reasons mentioned in the beginning. I'm not willing to give it up, though, as it looks really cute with sweet-classic style.

High bigtails are not my thing, as my style has evolved into a more mature, elegant direction. Even when I still wore them, I always felt they didn't suit me that well, but rather made me look like a cocker spaniel. I do like to admire this hairstyle on others, though!

Side Ponytails

This is another hairdo that I adore. It looks very lovely with all kinds of dresses, no matter the style. But once again doing these seems like a total waste of time for me, as those curls tend to get flattened the moment I leave my home.

Hair Flowing Free in Perfect Curls

Ah, to be able to really pull off this hairstyle! I love long, flowing, perfect curls - and I do have the hair for that - but it never really works for me. So once again, I'll have to keep admiring this hairdo on other lolitas, trying it every onve in a while, only to discover that nope, still not working.


 Braids are super easy to do, and still look adorable, especially with hats! My problem is, of course, how to get some volume in them, as I have none.

A Wild Card; a Bobcut!

This is obviously something I can't do myself. I have tried a fake bobcut hairstyle, and it didn't work out in my difficult hair (no surprise there). I sometimes wonder if I should cut a shorter hair, myself, but whenever I try, I always end up missing my long hair. But all of this doesn't stop me from admiring it on other lolitas! The bobcut is a surpricingly versatile hairstyle. It looks good both straight and curled, and works well with all lolita styles. Mimi and Sanni are great examples of ladies that really rock this hairstyle!

Too Long; Didn't Read

I might actually sum this post up into a few sentences, which would be...
1) I really love perfect curls and volume (but have neither)
2) My most favourite hairdos are different kind of hair buns
3) I am very lazy and therefore my favourite hairstyles are all quite easy to make. The easier and quicker it is, the better.

Yep, that's it. What hairstyles are your favourites, my dear readers? Do you have some common favourites with me, or do you like something else entirely? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

P.S. Don't forget to check out the other LBC participats this week


An Outfit from Weekend

Good afternoon, dear lords and ladies!

Phew, last week was crazy for me! I had a job interview, loads of school work and exams, and on Saturday we went to the the Forsman tea store. After that I somehow ended up in a bar with my best friend, and I almost never go to bars, so that was weird in itself. And now I have, of course and how else, a terrible flu and no time to rest, as I simply must drag myself to school tomorrow (as I did today, because I had an exam and one does not simply miss out an exam). But what do I care of all that, because... I got the job! And not just any job, but my dream job. It's so amazing, and I'm super exited! I'll start working there part time in a couple of weeks time, and after I've finished my studies, I'll continue working full time. It's almost too good to be true. *-* Of course this means I'll be very busy during the Spring, and I might not have much time, energy or opportunities to wear lolita or blog about anything. But hey, I'm not complaining, because I got the job! I got it! Whee!

Okay, okay, let's move on to the subject I was actually supposed to post about, and that is my outfit from Saturday's visit to the tea store. I wanted to wear something comfy and warm (no surprise there!). The pelerine looks quite nice with a lolita dress (even if I say so myself), as I thought it would. I had a bad hairday, but otherwice I do like this outfit.

I wore one of my "normal" coats to tone the outfit down some more. My official lolita coat is so elegant that it looks very festive, even when worn without petticoats, so this coat is a better choise for casual looks.

{Dress - Juliette & Justine / blouse, roses - H&M / shoes, pelerine - second hand / coat - New Yorker / jewelry - Kalevala Jewelry}

What else? Well, we spent over 40 euros for tea at the tea store, but I have no regrets. We're good to go for a while and we have an impressive amount of different ginger teas - ginger and honey are good for fighting flus.


We're still looking for models to Hellocon 2015 fashion show!

Hei kaikki!

Kaipaamme edelleen hakemuksia The Carnival of Decadence -muotinäytökseemme, joka pidetään Helloconissa 9.5.2015. Pulaa on etenkin karnevaalivieraiden asuista, joten ennen kaikkea toivomme näitä hakemuksia. Ohjeet malliksi hakemiseen löydät täältä. Mallihaun deadline on 15.3.

Olemme saaneet palautetta, että on hieman epäselvää, mitä tarkoitamme karnevaalivieraan asulla. Selvennämme asiaa tämän verran; karnevaalivieraan asu on siis asu, jonka voisit kuvitella laittavasi yllesi eeppisiin lolita-naamiaisiin. Kaikkien asujen tulee olla mahdollisimman näyttäviä, sillä kyseessä on muotinäytös. Asu ja naamio voivat ilmentää jotakin teemaa (aivan, kuten naamiaisasut yleensä). Tämä teema voisi olla vaikkapa teekuppi, jolloin mallin hiuskoristeessa, mekon kuvioinnissa, naamiossa ja mahdollisissa propeissa (joita voisivat olla vaikkapa teekannu ja kuppi) käy ilmi tämä sama teema. Toivottavasti tämä selvensi asiaa. Korostamme myös, että muotinäytöksessä jokainen malli ja asu on yhtä tärkeä. Kaikki saavat viettää aikaa valokeilassa, eikä kukaan joudu toimimaan näytöksessä vain taustakoristeena.

Jos malliksi haluavilla on jotain kysyttävää, niin minulta ja Mimiltä saa kysyä vapaasti! Tyhmiä kysymyksiä ei olekaan, vastaamme ja annamme vinkkejä erittäin mielellämme. Yksittäisiin asuihin liittyvät kysymykset tulee lähettää sähköpostiviestillä osoitteeseen newvoguechildren [at] outlook [piste] com. Näytökseen, mallaamiseen ja hakemiseen liittyvät yleiset kysymykset voi jättää kommentoimalla tähän postaukseen.

Parhain terveisin näytöksen järjestäjät,

Mari & Mimi


Hello, everyone!

We are still looking for models to The Carnival of Decadence -fashion show that will be held in Hellocon 9.5.2015. We especially need more applications to the Carnival audience's outfits. Instructions for applying can be found here; the English translation is at the bottom. The deadline for applying is 15.3.

We have recieved feedback that it's not clear enough what we mean by the Carnival audience's outfits. So, a Carnival audience themed outift is an outfit that you might wear to an epic lolita masquarade party. All outfits should be as extravagant as possible, as this is a fashion show we're talking about. An outfit and a mask can have a theme (like any masquarade outfit/costume). This theme could be, for example, teacups. In this case the model's headdress, mask, outfit and possible props (e.g. a teapot and a teacup) should represent this same theme. We hope that this made things a little more clear. We would also like to point out that all models and outfits are equally important. Everyone will have their time in the limelights and nobody has to act as a background.

If you would like to apply for modeling, but you are still unsure about something, please feel free to ask me or Mimi. There is no such thing as a silly question. We are happy to help and give tips for you! If you have a question regarding your fashion show outfit, please send it to newvoguechildren [at] outlook [dot] com. If you have general questions about the fashion show, modeling or applying, you may leave a comment to this post.

With best wishes us organizers,

Mari & Mimi