An Outfit from Weekend

Good afternoon, dear lords and ladies!

Phew, last week was crazy for me! I had a job interview, loads of school work and exams, and on Saturday we went to the the Forsman tea store. After that I somehow ended up in a bar with my best friend, and I almost never go to bars, so that was weird in itself. And now I have, of course and how else, a terrible flu and no time to rest, as I simply must drag myself to school tomorrow (as I did today, because I had an exam and one does not simply miss out an exam). But what do I care of all that, because... I got the job! And not just any job, but my dream job. It's so amazing, and I'm super exited! I'll start working there part time in a couple of weeks time, and after I've finished my studies, I'll continue working full time. It's almost too good to be true. *-* Of course this means I'll be very busy during the Spring, and I might not have much time, energy or opportunities to wear lolita or blog about anything. But hey, I'm not complaining, because I got the job! I got it! Whee!

Okay, okay, let's move on to the subject I was actually supposed to post about, and that is my outfit from Saturday's visit to the tea store. I wanted to wear something comfy and warm (no surprise there!). The pelerine looks quite nice with a lolita dress (even if I say so myself), as I thought it would. I had a bad hairday, but otherwice I do like this outfit.

I wore one of my "normal" coats to tone the outfit down some more. My official lolita coat is so elegant that it looks very festive, even when worn without petticoats, so this coat is a better choise for casual looks.

{Dress - Juliette & Justine / blouse, roses - H&M / shoes, pelerine - second hand / coat - New Yorker / jewelry - Kalevala Jewelry}

What else? Well, we spent over 40 euros for tea at the tea store, but I have no regrets. We're good to go for a while and we have an impressive amount of different ginger teas - ginger and honey are good for fighting flus.

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  1. You look so cute in this ooutfit. The pelerine is just perfect.

  2. Saako udella että minkä tyyppinen tämä unelma työsi on? :) Ja onnittelut vielä!!

    1. Pääsen pienen firman markkinointiassistentiksi. Opiskelen oikeastaan mainontaa ja yritysviestintää, ja näistä yritysviestintä on enemmän se "mun juttu". Tuolla firmalla on hyvin sisältöpainoitteinen ote markkinointiin, joten pääsen tekemään juurikin sitä viestintää. Tämä työ vastaa aika tismalleen tätä minun nykyistä koulutusta, ja kyllähän se on kai jokaisen opiskelijan unelma työllistyä jo ennen valmistumistaan omalle alalle. Kiitoksia! :)

  3. Vastaukset
    1. Thank you! I'll be a marketing assistant in a small firm, and the job seems exactly what I was hoping to do after I graduate from my current school. ^^

    2. Very glad for you, it's not easy to get a good job now

    3. Thank you for your kind words! That is very true, sadly.

  4. Congratulations for getting the job!!! :)