Lolita Blog Carnival: Favourite Lolita Hairstyles

Hello, lords and ladies!

This weeks Lolita Blog Carnival topic is to talk about one's favourite hairstyles in lolita. As my flu took a turn to worse after yesterday's day at school (my voice was relatively ok from 8 pm to 2 pm - then it completely gave out) and I'm forced to stay inside for the weekend, I might as well blog.

Without further delays, let's get started! My favourite hairstyles with lolita (and with my everyday style, as well, though of course I don't have time to do very intricate hairdos during the school/work weeks) are...

Hair Buns

Well, obviously. I do love hair buns most of all the hairstyles there are. The reason is not only aesthetic, though; it's practical as well.  I have learned a long time ago that my hair is impossible. It is naturally curly, thick and long, and yet it is fine and silky. As a result, my hair has none of that lovely volume some most naturally curly haired girls have. Now that I've grown my natural colour back, my hair is in such a great condition, too, that it does not stay curled, nor does it stay straightened. If I leave my hair free, it has no volume whatsoever, no matter how much I try. Therefore hair buns are the best solution. When done right, they can not get flat. They are the only secure hairstyle which, once I have completed the hairdo, will stay there.

I like Rococo-inspired hair buns a lot, but as they require a lot of work and I am a lazy person when it comes to hair, I rarely do them.

I also like more sleek hair buns. The bigger, the better, of course.

Hair buns on the back of the head? Yep, fine by me!

Curly hair buns (with my natural curls, of course) in different sizes? Been there, done that, too,

Hair buns on the side? Why, of course! Especially lovely with berettes.

Low Pigtails

This is another hairstyle I like a lot. It requires a bit more effort on my behalf, and lovely though it is after I finish my hairdo, I rarely stays good looking for long for the reasons mentioned in the beginning. I'm not willing to give it up, though, as it looks really cute with sweet-classic style.

High bigtails are not my thing, as my style has evolved into a more mature, elegant direction. Even when I still wore them, I always felt they didn't suit me that well, but rather made me look like a cocker spaniel. I do like to admire this hairstyle on others, though!

Side Ponytails

This is another hairdo that I adore. It looks very lovely with all kinds of dresses, no matter the style. But once again doing these seems like a total waste of time for me, as those curls tend to get flattened the moment I leave my home.

Hair Flowing Free in Perfect Curls

Ah, to be able to really pull off this hairstyle! I love long, flowing, perfect curls - and I do have the hair for that - but it never really works for me. So once again, I'll have to keep admiring this hairdo on other lolitas, trying it every onve in a while, only to discover that nope, still not working.


 Braids are super easy to do, and still look adorable, especially with hats! My problem is, of course, how to get some volume in them, as I have none.

A Wild Card; a Bobcut!

This is obviously something I can't do myself. I have tried a fake bobcut hairstyle, and it didn't work out in my difficult hair (no surprise there). I sometimes wonder if I should cut a shorter hair, myself, but whenever I try, I always end up missing my long hair. But all of this doesn't stop me from admiring it on other lolitas! The bobcut is a surpricingly versatile hairstyle. It looks good both straight and curled, and works well with all lolita styles. Mimi and Sanni are great examples of ladies that really rock this hairstyle!

Too Long; Didn't Read

I might actually sum this post up into a few sentences, which would be...
1) I really love perfect curls and volume (but have neither)
2) My most favourite hairdos are different kind of hair buns
3) I am very lazy and therefore my favourite hairstyles are all quite easy to make. The easier and quicker it is, the better.

Yep, that's it. What hairstyles are your favourites, my dear readers? Do you have some common favourites with me, or do you like something else entirely? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

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6 kommenttia:

  1. I love your hair *-* I wish I had only half the volume you have even though you say you have none *admires more* I also really like buns :) Especially the Rococo-inspired one looks so lovely ^^

    1. Thank you very much! ^^ I only meant I have no volume naturally; if I leave my hair open, there's not volume at the roots at all (might be also because my hair is so long and heavy, but it is very silky, too) and even if I try to get some volume there, it doesn't stay for long. That's why I wear hair buns so much, because they are the only way maintain some volume. It's a good thing I really like them aesthetically, too! x)

  2. Woooow your hair looks amazing!! Especially the first and third hairstyle, it looks very difficult to make!

    1. Thank you very much! :) Well, some of them may look complicated, and it's true those two buns take time to do, but they are not hard to do at all! Here's a tutorial to the third one: http://newvoguechildren.blogspot.fi/2013/12/nvc-christmas-calendar-3-hair-tutorial.html

  3. You hair buns are magnificent! Actually, your hair looks perfect all the time! I too love the bob hair cut but fear it doesn't suit and I always miss long hair when I cut it! XD

  4. Thank you for your nice words (though believe me when I say, that my hair doesn't look perfect all the time)! ^^ Oh, so you have had long hair, and you did cut it to a bobcut? That is so brave, I admire you! I'd like to try a shorter hair - not bobcut because my hair is curly, but radically shorter anyway - but I just don't dare to try. How did you find the courage to do so?