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Good afternoon, everyone!

My life has been really hectic lately, and so I'm a little bit behind the schedule when it comes to blogging. The good news are I'm just on schedule on my studies, though! It's been a while since I bloggeg about personal matters (and not of those regarding the fashion show I'm organizing with Mimi for Hellocon 2015), and I decided to share glimpes of my Instagram account - and incidently, glimpses of my life recently - with you. Instagram is a pretty convenient diary of what's happening around me, as it's so quick and easy to use. So, here we go...

1. Last Saturday Sanni dear visited me. We both happened to wear Innocent World's flower prints! There will be a proper blog post about this day later on, so stay tuned. ;)

2. I bought some new clothes, including this cardi dress. It is very warm and cozy - one of those clothes that feel like you are wearing a night gown all the time, but luckily don't look like it.

3. A detail shot. The dress has cute little bows on the sleeves and golden threads alongside the grey colour, giving it a little bit of sparkle.

4. I bought a scrapping album for our travel photos and a super cute makeup pouch, both with the Eiffel Tower theme.

5. I finally found a perfect place and purpose for this lovely photo frame that Mimi gave me years ago. It now holds our engament picture, standing next to a matching jewelry box which has been in use all along.

6. Me penpal sent me this cute unicorn card, which looks so lovely on the pink frame.

7. I bought us a huge bouquet of pink tulips. The colour is just wonderful and makes me dream of Spring. *-*

8. Besided scrapping photo albums, I have also done some other craft projects. Flower theme is persistent, as I am looking forward to Spring very eagerly (please, come here already!).

9. Odessa is as lovely, cute and darling as ever.

10. Right now I'm taking care of these two lovely girls, Nelda and Tara, while their owner is in Japan. It's been wonderful to take long walks together in the sunshine.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone! ♥

4 kommenttia:

  1. So many lovely photos! <3
    I love your engagement photo! So pretty and looks wonderful in the frame where you placed it!
    Omg Odessa is so beautiful! Such a sweet face!
    And PUPPIES! <3

    1. Thank you very much for you kind words! And I couldn't agree more, Odessa is the most beautiful bunny I know (of course I'll say so, as it is ours). ^^

  2. What a lovely post! :) I´d like to read more of these type of posts, made me feeling inspired!

    1. Thank you very much, dear! It's nice to hear you liked it. I'm still trying to find my own style of doing lifestyle posts, and this seems to be a quite good way to do them. :3