Helsinki Lolita Convention: Fashion Show Picks

Good evening, lords and ladies!

Our talented and all around lovely friend Sanni just finished the pictures from Helsinki Lolita Convention.  

In this post I'm going to show you my favorite outfits from the fashion shows held at the Convention.

Let us start with "Ehdotonta eleganssia" ("Absolute Elegance" in English) fashion show, which featured the darker styles.

This outfit has simply lovely colours. White and red look so fresh together, and are more often seen in sweeter styles.

These next to I love because they have lots of dirrerent textures (e.g. lace, taffeta, chiffon...). Textures make the outfits interesting even though they are all black. And of course Sari's purple hair looks amazing with all black clothes!

And here is a reare sight to be seen in Finland: we don't have that many kodonas, I believe.

This one I like because of the multible layers, and of course the awesome walking cane with a massive "diamond".

This outfit is very elegant, but what I like most about it is certainly the crow on the corset! I love almost everything bird themed.

This outfit has also lots of different textures, and it also features a fake owl skull on the headpiece; macaber, yet cute!

The next pictures are from indie brand fashion show. I think these are all from Cloudberry Lady, but I'm not sure.

This outfit I like because of the vintage-y feeling it has.

And this one because of the antiquetad feeling. That dress, words can not describe how awesome it is...!

This one I liked because of the soft colours and the rose theme.

And then there was the "Only Sky Is The Limit" fashion show, which featured more over the top coordinates.

This one was my absolute favorite from this show! I simply adore the colours. 

This one had a chocolate theme. Chocolate is always a good thing.

In this outfit I loved the slightly miss-matching colours. We need to see more outfits like this, it seems so care free but is in fact greatly coordinated.

And the last set of pictures is from the offbrand fashion show.

This rose themed print again! And the colours are sweet like macarons. So pretty!

And more macaron colours, Susanna in lavender!

This one was my last post about Helsinki Lolita Convention. Thank you everyone for making it a great experience! ♥ I can't wait for the next Finnish Lolita Convention.

8 kommenttia:

  1. The white and red creation is wonderful

  2. Todella nättejä asuja olivatkin, itse paikalla olleena voin myös sanoa :) Tuo suklaa teemainen asukokonaisuus jäi etenkin mieleeni

    1. Todella korkeatasoisia näytöksiä olivat kaiken kaikkiaan. Itse kyllä nautin suuresti näiden katsomisesta! :)

  3. yhyyy, ei musta kuvaaa :( olin tosa offbrand näytöksessä...:D

    1. Täytyy muistaa, että nämä blogiini valitsemani asut ovat vain omia, subjektiivisia suosikkejani. Kaikki näytösten asut olivat toki hienoja, mutta nämä jäivät eniten itselle mieleen. En millään voinut läjäyttää kaikkia kuvia tänne ihan postauksen pituuden vuoksi. Ei kannata ottaa mitenkään henkilökohtaisesti. :)