Tea... and Everything That Comes With It

Hello, lords and ladies!

This time I'm going to talk about my tea drinking hobby, and everything that came with it.

You might have noticed already that I (and luckily most of my friends too) love to drink tea and arrange teaparties. For a while drinking good tea was enough. Then I figured out I'd like to enjoy my tea aesthetically too. And so I started to collect all sorts of pretty equipment for making and drinking tea. Now I'm going to show you some of them.

Here's a picture of my Official Tea Cabinet. I keep my favorite teasets, and of course all the teas, in here. 

Then on to the sets. This one I bought from Tiger a little while ago. It was quite cheap, and thus it is not the best set I own when it comes to quality, but the bright colours really cheer me up. Also it's of perfect size for 2-4 people. Usually two means me and my boyfriend, so whenever I make tea for the two of us, I like to use this set.

Here you can see some of my teapots. The yellow one was my first teapot ever, and though I don't use it that much anymore, it holds some dear memories. The flowery and the white one are my favorite teapots. The flowery one is good for 4-6 people, and the white one is 0,5 litres only, so it's perfect for drinking tea alone.

And here you can see my favorite teacups. I have six of these. They are Lomonosov's vintage hand painted porcelain from Soviet Union, made in the 60's or the 70's. They match very well with my favorite teapots.

A sugar pot and a cream jug. I don't like to drink cream or milk with tea, and neither does anyone of my friends, but we have used the cream jug for holding vanilla sauce. :D

And then a couple of sets I don't really use, but have bought them anyway because they were so pretty. I believe that these are meant rather for espresso coffee than tea.

This one has really bright colous, flowers and butterflies. It's simply adorable. I have six of these, and though they are too small for regular teaparties, they could be used in an event for tasting many different teas. One day I want to organize such an event.

This one is made in Japan and has dragons. I have no idea why I ever bought it. It's very beautiful, but not really my style at all. I prefer flowers.

These cups are teeny tiny, and I only have two of them. I bought them because it's very rare to find completely pink cups. I think these might be quite old, but I don't really know. The stamps only say "IMPORT", so I don't even know where these came from.

This Arabia's Little My pot is perfect for selfmade ice tea. I got it from my boyfriend's parents this Christmas. It's adorable! I love Arabia's Moomin dishes.

This one is also a second hand find. I had wanted one of these forever! Our kitchen table is quite small, so this is very handy. I love how British this seems, and would like to organize a traditional British style afternoon tea some day. The treats would of course be placed upon this.

And finally a tea strainer that I also found from a flea market. I don't know how old it is, but atleast it looks pretty old to me. I don't use this one much either. The handle has a tiny engraving of two people having tea.

How do you like to drink your tea? Or do you prefer coffee? Please share your thoughts in the comments! :}

10 kommenttia:

  1. I love to drink tea and your collection is so lovely *w*

  2. I love tea, I'm not a coffee drinker. In the summer I sometimes have an iced coffee with cream but that's about it. I'm not very English in that I hate tea with milk, I drink it black. I like Earl Grey tea, green tea, white tea (my current obsession), fresh lemon tea, fresh mint tea or fresh ginger tea, all with honey. When I get my own place I wish to have a tea set! I love the mint green and purple tea sets the most and the Little My item is so cute

    1. Thank you for your comment! I don't drink coffee at all, either. I also like many of the teas you mentioned. We have lots in common, when it comes to tea. :D I hope you'll find a nice tea set for yourself when the time comes. ^^

  3. tykkään teesttä hirmusesti, mutta teen kardinaalivirheen juomalla sitä kahvikupista :D yritän kuitenkin valita mieluisan kupin ;)

    1. Kukin taaplaa tyylillään! Juon itsekin arkiaamuina teeni yleensä Iittalan jättisuuresta Taikametsä -kupista, joka lienee tarkoitettu enemmänkin kahvikupiksi. Minulla nämä kupit ovat olleet alusta asti vain teekäytössä. :D

  4. that Japanese inspired set is so cute! I really would love to have it myself :D:D

  5. Thank you! I like it very much, too. :)

  6. what a lovely collection of teapots and cups!! i'm also an avid tea drinker - earl grey is my favourite. or anything infused with peach flavour! what's your favourite tea?

    1. Thank you! Heh, I had a feeling that many of my blog's readers might like tea, and it seems I was right!

      Fortnum & Mason's version of Earl Grey is one of my favorites, too! Besides that I like pergamot, citrus, apple and toffee flavoured teas. :)