Barcelona, part 1: La Sagrada Familia

Hello, lords and ladies!

We came back from Barcelona yesterday. I started to sort out the pictures I took, and there are very, very, very, very, very (etc.) many of them. So I decided to split the Barcelona post at least into two parts. We'll see if there will be even more parts, because the amount of pictures is huuuge.

So anyway, first on the list: La Sagrada Familia cathedral. It is even bigger than my amount of pictures, which makes it pretty enormous, really.

This was our first glimpse of La Sagrada Familia. We just came out from metro station and I was looking around in the wrong direction. My boyfriend said: "Turn around 180 degrees." So I did and... the it was! For me, this was the best moment on our trip. My expression was like this: *O*, and I literally gasped aloud. I knew the cathedral would be big, but I could never have imagined it was this huge. It surprised me and took my breath away.

We also went inside. It was marvelous. Everywhere I looked, everything was just bursting with complicated details.

And those windows with painted glass! In all different colours imaginable, everywhere around the cathedral.


The columns spread at the ends, like trees with their branches.

The outside walls, where they were finished, were full of details also.

One more picture. This isn't a great shot, but you can really see how enormous the cathedral is from this one. See how tiny the people look, and how high the ceiling is.

To get inside the cathedral we had to queque about 45 minutes or so, and the visit inside costs 13,50 euros. But if you ever go to Barcelona, I really recommend you go inside the cathedral as well. There is so much to be seen and it's so beautiful. It's totally worth it.

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