Lolita Blog Carnival: 3 Things I Could Never See Myself Wearing In Lolita

Hello, my lords and ladies!

It's finally Lolita Blog Carnival time, after a long pause of not participating! Today's theme was almost too easy, so why not? Three things that I will never, ever wear with lolita, or any other style for that matter.

Un-naturally large split wigs, in pastel colours and with those enormous pigtails

This might very well be the only thing in lolita which I actually detest. Un-natural looking wigs make lolita look too costume-y. Also they tend to cover the beautiful details on the upper part of the dress; why would I wear a luxurious dress only to cover half of it in fake hair? To this day, I have not seen a lolita outfit with this type of split wig that would not look better without it, in my opinion. On the other hand, more natural looking split wigs can look very cute.

Tea party shoes

I don't detest tea party shoes. Actually I think they do look good in some outfits, on some people, but I would never wear them myself. They wouldn't fit my style and I find them to be too infantile looking. And on top of all that, I know these shoes would totally kill my feet. I only wish they would make some more delicate and elegant shoes in as wide colour range, as they do tea parties! I'm a little bit jealous of all those delicious candy colours that I'm missing out.

Big, floppy bonnets

Same thing, as with the tea party shoes; some they fit, some they won't. I personally find stiffer, smaller bonnets to be more elegant and old-fashioned, so I adore those. Big, floppy bonnets I shall leave to Misako, who even manages to look adorable in those.

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  1. I got agree with you about the split wigs. Unless one is ofcourse making a Cruella de Vil themed coordinate, then it's sort of part of the deal.

    1. Totally! Cruella inspired coordination would be quite awesome. Princesses get all the love, villains need some too! XD