It's a Jungle Out There

Today I met Mimi for the first time in ages! She is staying overnight at our place, and tomorrow we will attend a small meet up together.

When I arrived at the Central Railway Station to meet Mimi, I was surprised; there was an urban, "Finnish jungle" there. It's absolutely amazing, I wish that the Station could always look like this!

My outfit for the day was quite sweet (tomorrow I'll be classic!). Angelic Pretty's Powder Rose dress, star purse and blouse with Metamorphose headbow and Minna Parikka shoes. It was awfully windy today, so my hair looks equally awful. :(

On the way back home we met this little fellow. S/he seemed a little bit lost, maybe s/he had just left the nest.

And I bought this cute apron, now I can cook/wash the dishes wearing a lot nicer apron than my previous (hideous) one! Yay.

And lastly, our very healthy afternoon tea.

4 kommenttia:

  1. This station looks so cool! :D

    And you look adorable as always <3~

    Cute poor little bird ;__; I fell terrible when I see lost birds and I can't do anything to help them!

    Strawberries, chantilly and tea, yummy

  2. Thank you! And don't you worry, I believe that this little birdie is going to be just fine. Maybe he was practising flying outside the nest for the first time, and therefore seemed to be rather amazed. :3

  3. Wow, such a cool installation! I wish there was a permanent one too xD And awww cute lil birdie! I always wish I could take them home xD And very cute coord ♥

    ~ Kieli ~

  4. What a beautiful dress! ...and the teacups gah *w*