Casual Cuteness

I found this dress for a very good price on sale. The fabric is quite thick (good for Autumn & Winter!) and really soft. It's a perfect dress for my "everyday wardrobe". This dress also reminds me of Wednesday Addams which is only a good thing, because Wednesday's style is really inspiring. :D

A detail shot. I really adore the cute round collar. ♥

6 kommenttia:

  1. It's a simple dress but I love it a lot! The white collar on the black dress males a nice contrast.

    1. Thank you! Though actually the dress is dark blue, and the collar is cream white. :)

  2. Aivan ihana mekko. Viime viikot Addams Familya tuijotelleena tämä todella vetoaa, Wednesday on suloinen tyttö. :D