International Meetup

Today we had a little meetup here in Helsinki, organized by Laura and Kata, for our international guest; Elena, a lovely lolita from Russian Federation. It was really exiting to meet a foreign loli! Elena seems to be very sweet girl. Laura and Kata gave a Moomin mug to Elena, I think that was just wonderful idea!

Here's a picture of all of us: Laura, Mimi, Elena, Laura, me, Susanna and Kata.

This was my first time to wear my new Innocent World dress. I simply adore this! It's made of charmeuse, and it's really soft and light. And the best part comes here; the wrinkles from this dress actually disappeared during the night it hung on the hengar, no ironing done whatsoever! The purse is Baby, shoes Minna Parikka and the necklace is Chocomint.

This dress has couple of really lovely details, like this bow on the back side and the matching belt.

And here's closeup of my accessories (and face, of course).

P.S. I'm using a bigger picture size now - do you think it's better this way? :3

13 kommenttia:

  1. Bigger pictures are always better!

    ... Except, of course, when they become too big to fit the screen. ;D

    Your outfit is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Me like biiiig pictures XD
    IW:n mekko on syötävän suloinen!
    Helman kuvio on uskomaton!!!

    -Neiti X-

    1. Kiitos! Minäkin tykkään tästä mekosta kovin. *-*

  3. This new dress totally suit your elegant and sweet style at the same time. You all look beautiful girls <3

  4. Abslutely gorgeous (2) Your dress is lovely *u*

  5. you look lovely! And the flowers on your hair gave a super elegant touch!
    Cool that you could organize a meeting for your international loli friend ^^

    1. Thank you! But I didn't organize this meeting; Kata and Laura did! I was merely attending it. ^^

  6. You looked so lovely, love the hairdo, really inspirational!
    The dress is so elegant and it looks great on you!<3

  7. Beautiful coord! I really love how the shape of the dress accentuates feminine curves. :) It looks lovely on you~ I love those shoes too! ♥

    ~ Kieli ~