Home Sweet(er) Home

Good evening, my lords and ladies!

During this Autumn I have purchased a couple of new things for our appartment, and also changed some things.

Some of you may remember from my previous home decor post  that at that time I didn't have a proper work chair. But some months ago I found this chair from Ikea, and I think it fits the bedroom rather nicely! And it's also a lot more comfortable to sit in than the kitchen chair. Also, the mirror is finally on the wall.

The chair has two cute bows to cover the zipper - the lining is removable so if it gets dirty, I can easily wash it.

Since taking those pictures, I have also changed the paintings above the drawer. These photoframes or pictures in them are not new, I just haven't had them on display for a long time, so they seem fresh.

We also have new curtains on the livingroom/kitchen area.

And finally, a new teapot! It's about 1 litre big and I found it really cheap from Tiger. This will look especially beautiful with tea flowers inside.

P.S. My Christmas holiday starts tomorrow, yay! Hopefully I will be able to wear more lolita from now on. Lately I've been so busy (and stressed out!) with school that I haven't got any time or energy to dress up. I'm very glad to have a break. :D

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