La Dance de la Dollhouse

Good evening, everyone!

I've got two outfits to show you this time: one from yesterday and one from today. Sorry about the crappy pictures - it is so dark here all the time, it's like a curse. The picture from today was taken 11 o'clock in the morning, but you'd never guess that.

So, yesterday I wore Angelic Pretty's Dollhouse for tea at The Ounce and then The Hobbit - Desolation of Smaug movie afterwards. I think that Smaug was cute and beautiful in a wild way, whereas Beorn the skin changer was so scary in his bear form. I am weird that way - at least my boyfriend says that Smaug was no cute, nor beautiful. Well anyway, back to the outfit; I aimed for a sweet-classic look, even though this dress itself is quite sweet.

I wore these ribbon earrings that I got from my little sister as a Christmas present.

And here's my outfit from today: La Dance de la Dame JSK by Juliette et Justine.This was for running some errands with Kata...

... and also for some white tea and chocolates afterwards. We got crazy amounts of chocolate as Christmas presents, so it's just good that Kata helped to eat some of it. :D

Outfit details

Outfit 1:
Dress - Angelic Pretty
Blouse - Seppälä
Headbow - Innocent World
Bag - Accessorize
Shoes - bought them in London

Outfit 2:
Dress - Juliette et Justine
Blouse - Bodyline
Headbow - Innocent World
Bag - Second hand
 Shoes - Dinsko

6 kommenttia:

  1. You're so cute. I love your outfits, especially the first one :-)

  2. Kauniita asuja, ensimmäinen on mielestäni erityisen ihana.

    1. Kiitos! Minäkin tykkäsin enemmän ensimmäisestä asusta. Toisena päivänä en viitsinyt oikein laittaa tukkaa, kun tiesin, että joudun tarpomaan sateessa koko päivän, ja se menikin sitten heti pörröiseksi... :P

  3. Both of your outfits are so pretty, I'm always in love with the color sheme you're using all the time!