Lolita Blog Carnival: New Years Resolution for Lolita Fashion 2014

Hello, everyone!

Today's theme for Lolita Blog Carnival is New Years resolutions regarding lolita fashion. So let's see what I will promise...

Promise #1: Try to wear more lolita. 

I suspect this will prove to be quite difficult - I know I will be very busy with my school next year also. But still, I love lolita and would like to wear it more often. Even if I only have time on weekends, at least then I should try and wear lolita.

Promise #2: Try to find more time for your (lolita) friends.

If I succeed in promise #1, then this shouldn't be too hard to accomplish, either! Of course it is more fun to wear lolita with ones darling frilly friends.

Promise #3: Try to improve your lolita style.

And by this I don't mean that I must shop more, oh no. I mean that I should try to make most out of my current wardrobe; find new ways of wearing my old favorite dresses, and try to wear more those dresses, too, that aren't so dear to me. I would also like to play with my style a little; try something new, be miss-matchy, wear lolitadresses in non-lolita coordinations, or wear lolita dresses without petticoats (how radical!).

Promise #4: Have fun with your hair and makeup. 

I should stop being such a lazy ass and try to put more effort into these things. Try something new. Maybe even learn to keep my hair down! :D

Promise #5: Shop less. 

This also links to promise #3. I will try to shop less and when I do shop, I will consider very hard do I really, really need this product. I will also try to purchase only those things that are of high quality. And if I succeed in this one, well, that is a very good thing for my wallet also.


So those are my New Years Resolutions! How about you, my dear readers? Will you make any resolutions this year? Please share them in the comments!

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