NVC Christmas Calendar 3: Hair Tutorial (+ Announcing The Giveaway Winner)

Hello, lords and ladies!

I've been asked many times for some hair tutorials - so here's one, finally! This hairdo is quite easy to make (though it does require some practising to perfect it). It is also very versatile; by changing the size of the hair bun and the hair accessories you wear, you can make it fit lolita, vintage-inspired styles, or just ordinary fashion. You can make it casual or festive, just according to your wishes. As it is Christmas time, you can of course wear this to Christmas parties of all sorts! ;D

I hope you find this tutorial useful - and good luck, everyone, if you try to do this hairdo!

1. You will need:
♥ Lots of poppy pins (20-50 pins, depending on how much you have hair)
♥ Flowers, feathers etc. to decorate the hairdo
♥ 3 bigger hairbands
♥ 2 extra hairbands (to be used during the making process only)
♥ Hairspray and hairbrush, obviously.

2. Brush your hair, if necessary.  Part small sections of hair from the front. Tie with hairbands, so they don't get in the way.

3. Part the remaining hair in three sections and tie with the hairbands. At this point it doesn't matter if they are slightly uneven.

4. Wrap each section of hair around your hand as many times as it goes.

5. Pin each of the three sections with a poppy pin. It still doesn't matter if it's uneven, we will fix that later.

6. Take the hairbands away from the two front sections of the hair.  Twist the section with your fingers, and loosen it a little bit near your face. You can also make the front sections into loose braids, if you wish.

7. Pin the two front sections of the hair to the back of your head with rose corsages (or some other hair accessories you wish to use).

8. Start working with the rest of the hair. Always stick the poppy pins  upwards, hiding them carefully under the rose corsages and locks of hair. Continue to apply poppy pins until you reach the desired shape. This is the point where you want to try and make your hairdo as balanced as possible; here you will correct the earlier unevenness. Remember to apply some hairspray to secure the hairdo, but don't spray too close - at arms length is a good distance.

9. And voilà, you are ready!

All the pictures are taken by Sanni. (Thank you very much for your help, dear!)

Also, the giveaway from previous week closes now. My boyfriend acted as the unbiased assistant and chose the winner randomly:

So the winner is Natsu! Congratulations for the winner, and thank you for everyone who partivipated! Natsu, I will contact you via e-mail. :)

2 kommenttia:

  1. Ohh that's such a pretty hairdo!
    I really wanna try it, but somehow I always feel like I look weird with updos, like my face looks very 'empty', I don't know :'D But maybe I'll try it for Christmas or something :) Thanks for the tutorial!

    1. Thank you!

      Do you usually keep your hair open, then? Because it's the same for me; I usually keep my hair tied up and when it's down, I feel my face looks weird. :D So by all means, try it out! Once you get used to the new style, you might find that it actually suits you.

      You're welcome! :)