NVC Christmas Calendar 5: Christmas Photoshoot

Hello, my lords and ladies!

For the final post in Christmas Calendar series, I want to show you some Christmass-y pictures. We made this photoshoot for the Christmas cards, and though only two pictures made it into actual postcards, the rest of the pictures are quite nice too. The photography and retouching is by Sanni, and the models are me, Kata and Mimi. We also had two assistants for makeup and hair -  a big thank you for them also for making this photoshoot possible! :}

All the pictures are © Sanni S. 2013 - please do NOT use them or repost them without her permission.

♥ Happy Christmas to all of New Vogue Children's lovely readers! ♥

P.S. Now that the Christmas Calendar series ir complete, I would like to hear your thoughts on it. Did you like it? Or do you have some constructive feedback to give? Share it in the comments!

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