Tassels and Tiny Paws

Good afternoon, lords and ladies!

I found these beauties from the flea market yesterday. They cost me only 5 euros and are originally bought from a small shoe shop in Tokyo, or at least so the seller said. Wether that is true or not, I don't know and don't really care, either. :P

Also - this lovely little lady is the newest resident to "Caramea's Dog Daycare". Her name is Royalette's Piece of Diamond, or less formally Hilma, and she's such a little lapdog! I'm taking care of her for the first time ever while my little sister is at a cruise, and so far everything has gone very well. ♥

6 kommenttia:

  1. Looks a bit like the style of Plus by Chausser. But I don't think anyone would sell their booties for 5 euros!

    1. Oh, no! I don't think those are of any particular brand, just cheap shoes. But they are pretty and in good condition, so I bought them anyway. :) Usually I try to buy just real leather shoes because they are more comfy, look better and last longer, but with flea market shopping I'm not so strict. (But can you imagine it, once I did find Minna Parikka's un-worn shoes from the flea market! Miracles can happen! :O)

  2. Wow, such a great bargain! Cheap and beautiful, you are very lucky!