A Doll?

Hello, everybunny!

Today me and bf went to The Ounce for tea, and then to see the Frozen movie, and gosh it was beautiful! Simply wonderful! *-*

rant// But on our way there, a random passer by asked my bf, did he "steal a doll or something". I know it's supposed to be funny (hah, hah), and these people think they are oh so clever for coming up with jokes like these - but sadly it never occurs to them, that maybe someone, nay, like 25 others have come up with the same joke before... it does get tiring, and I really don't like my bf being bothered because of the clothes I happen to be wearing. I do wish people would stop to think a little bit before opening their mouths. //end of rant

Other than that, we had a really lovely time, once again. :3

{Dress - Juliette & Justine, shoes & headbow - second hand, blouse - Dear Celine}

I would also like to introduce you to a new hobby of mine. Or rather, a new approach on a very old hobby. This is my "tea book". It's just an old notebook, but now I'm writing in it details (the name of the tea, the brand/tea shop, ingredients, country of origin, colour, smell, taste, my opinion...) of every tea I taste. I got bored of not remembering if I had tasted some particular sort of tea before, and only after buying it realizing that yes, I had tried it before and nope, I still don't like it.

P.S. If you haven't yet seen Frozen, I really recommend that you do! On advance I thought that I'd dislike the snowman character Olaf, but I liked even him, he really was funny. :D My favourite scene was definitely Elsa's Let It Go song and her creating the ice castle... actually I liked all the scenes that took place in that castle. *-*

P.P.S. I have a new laptop with super sensitive touch pad, and the cursor keeps jumping this way and that. I'm trying to be very careful and triple check my spelling while trying to het used to this, but if there are some really weird typos, it's propably because of this darn thing.

8 kommenttia:

  1. Frozen on aivan ihana! (: Ja niin olet sinäkin, taas kerran!

  2. You look so cute and I love the dress :-) And the tea book is really good idea.
    Time For Tea And Cupcakes

  3. That blouse looks really cute without the bow. And yes. Frozen is wonderful.

  4. I like the idea of a cute physical book to keep track of tea tasting! I've generally used the site Steepster to record my tasting records.

    1. I liked the idea of a physical book more than keeping records on computer, too. It seems more old fashioned and romantic to me. And this way it's easy to carry it with me everywhere in my purse. :)