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Hello, everybunny!

Yesterday I met Tiia for - you guessed it! - some tea at The Ounce. :D Lately I've been really stuck with these same accessories; the sequined headbow, the tassel shoes and the diary purse. I wear them with every outfit... and I'm not even bored. :O

Lumene's Natural Code nail polish, shade 59 Blue Galaxy, didn't quite work out as I would have hoped for... but at least the result's very winter-y. (I have one thin layer of white polish underneath the blue one, so that might be why the blue doesn't look intense enough.)

{Dress - handmade by Mimi, blouse - Bodyline, the rest - second hand}

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  1. The dress is so cute! You are so handy and of course beautiful :-)
    Time For Tea And Cupcakes

    1. Thank you very much! But the dress is made by Mimi, not by me. I couldn't sew anything like that in a million years. :P Though I did help to design this dress! ^^